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jjmcd #topic Roll call 00:01
* jjmcd is here 00:01
* ryanlerch is here 00:01
* rudi is here 00:01
jjmcd Wonder where is ianweller, ke4qqq, danielsmw 00:02
jjmcd #topic Last week's action items 00:03
jjmcd rudi - anything on changing the license info on Publican? 00:03
rudi jjmcd -- yep; we're just about good to go 00:03
rudi And -- best news -- I can confirm that we will have a new brand package shortly 00:04
rudi To support Publican 0.X 00:04
jjmcd outstanding 00:04
jjmcd Do I understand we will do the F12 docs with 0.x and wait for 1.x until next cycle? 00:05:55 <rudi> I think that's the safest assumption for now, although 1.x should be ready by then. 00:05
rudi if so, we'll use that :) 00:06
jjmcd Presumably the document source is mostly compatible? 00:06
rudi Yes! 00:06
rudi All that needs to change is swap the Makefile for a publican.cfg file 00:06
jjmcd Good deal. Does the brand package fix the IE error? 00:06
rudi 1.x has the conversion utility built into it 00:06
rudi Won't fix the IE error as things stand now 00:07
* ianweller is here but really isn't here 00:07
jjmcd Bummer - makes us look like amateurs to 80% of the folks out there - oh well, I guess I'll grok some bach for the RNs 00:08
jjmcd s/bach/bash 00:08
jjmcd OK, last time there was an action item I didn't understand - co-maintainer for 0 00:08
rudi That's about the packaging -- that won't be needed. 00:09
jjmcd excellent 00:09
jjmcd Anything else on action items? 00:09
jjmcd Pay attention for a bit ianweller 00:10
ianweller hi 00:10
jjmcd #topic Status on CMS 00:10
jjmcd #link Zikula#Module_status 00:10
jjmcd Anything to report 00:10
ianweller not from me 00:10
ianweller i haven't been very active in the CMS (or anything) 00:10
* jjmcd is just getting back after a long string of distractions 00:11
jjmcd This may turn out to be a short meeting 00:11
jjmcd #topic Status on CC license rollout 00:12
jjmcd ianweller, seems like you're the only knowledgable one here as well, altho maybe rudi has something to add 00:12
ianweller i did a RFC for the announcements 00:12
ianweller haven't heard of anything else 00:12
rudi Nothing to add -- we're good to go from Red Hat's side 00:13
jjmcd I gather we understand what we have to do in terms of legalese, logos, etc.? It's just a matter of pulling the trigger? 00:13
rudi jjmcd -- yep; all good. 00:14
jjmcd cool beans 00:14
jjmcd Anything else on CC? 00:14
jjmcd #topic Guide needs 00:15
jjmcd Anyone need anything? 00:15
jjmcd boy it's quiet in here - must be something good on TV 00:16
jjmcd #topic New business 00:16
jjmcd Anyone have anything for the good of the order? 00:16
ianweller nope 00:16
rudi I think it's the calm before the storm :) 00:17
jjmcd I've been trying to get the change tables set up for the beats. The rpm_groups are so screwed up it is a major pita 00:17:52 <jjmcd> ryanlerch, did you see what we are planning for F12 or was it just GMTA? 00:18:41 <jjmcd> must not be paying attention - he joined just before the meeting 00:17
ryanlerch jjmcd: i havent seen it, no... 00:19
ryanlerch is there a link? 00:19
rudi I can fill you in afterwards :) 00:19
ryanlerch okies 00:19
jjmcd hmmmm, I don't have it offhand. Basically we intend to capture all changes 00:19
jjmcd However, I cheat :) 00:19
* jjmcd isn't quite the glutton for punishment that ryanlerch is 00:20
jjmcd OK, that brings us to the end of a very short meeting, anything else? 00:21:19 <rudi> jjmcd -- this is what ryanlerch did for RHEL5.4 -- 00:21
jjmcd I saw a planet entry 00:21
jjmcd That's why I asked 00:21
rudi (Which is why he's been scarce in Fedoraspace lately ;) ) 00:21
rudi It's /awesome/ -- :) 00:22:19 <jjmcd> ryanlerch, I have a little C prog that compares the F11 and F12 repos and spits out XML tables 00:23:07 <jjmcd> My main incentive was to reduce translation for all those minor changes but still capture them 00:22
jjmcd OK, I guess that's it 00:23
jjmcd 5 00:23
jjmcd 4 00:23
jjmcd 3 00:23
jjmcd 2 00:23
jjmcd 1 00:23
jjmcd 0 00:24
jjmcd Thanks everyone 00:24
jjmcd #endmeeting 00:24