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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:00
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Sparks #topic Roll Call 00:00
* Sparks 00:00
* stickster auditing 00:00
Sparks stickster: auditing? 00:01
stickster you know, like a college course for no credit 00:01
Sparks stickster: ha 00:02
* Sparks thinks this is going to be a short meeting 00:04
* jjmcd is here, you want me to make some trouble? 00:05
stickster Now you're talking ;-) 00:05
Sparks Yikes 00:06
Sparks Okay, let's get started 00:06
* jjmcd is in a pretty good mood today, tho, just picked up my new roller skate 00:06
Sparks #topic Beta Release Announcement 00:06
Sparks So this got done. Should we start working on the GA Release Announcement? 00:06
stickster adamw and mether did a great job pulling the bulk of that text together 00:06
Sparks +1 00:07
stickster I just wanted to make sure they got a big pat on the back 00:07
jjmcd yeah they did 00:07
stickster #info adamw and mether kudos for work on the Beta release announcement 00:07
Sparks stickster: Thanks 00:07
adamw thanks 00:07
jjmcd Of course every time they got it right that stickster guy would go in and mess it up 00:07
adamw i'll try and find time to poke at the final release announcement text, but things are kinda hectic around here atm :) 00:07
adamw who is that 'frields' clown anyway? 00:07
stickster jjmcd: That's why I have a manager job 00:07
stickster PHB on the loose 00:07
jjmcd LOL 00:08
* Sparks goes to lock out managers from the wiki 00:08
stickster I wanted to point out that adamw and I had a very good side conversation about tying the announcement more closely to the press releases that Red Hat does around our test and final releases. 00:08
jjmcd I saw some noise on the list around a UK press release 00:08
stickster I'll pull that stuff together into a proposal for what we can do with the GA shortly. It won't be a huge game changer from the POV of actually getting the announcement done, although we will want to complete it by about a week or so prior to the release. 00:09
adamw right, i think we more or less agreed on some fairly small changes that should address the issues 00:09
Sparks stickster: What day should we have the final announcement ready? 00:10
stickster From the perspective of the Docs team, it's still really about creating a good GA announcement. 00:10
stickster I would say you want it available by November 10. 00:10
* danielsmw sneaks in 00:10
* Sparks notes danielsmw was tardy and will volunteer him for something later 00:10
* danielsmw raises an eyebrow 00:11
Sparks #action GA Announcement to be ready by November 10 00:11
stickster That's a week ahead of the release, which means plenty of time for Red Hat to tweak it for a press release. 00:11
stickster We might end up fine-tuning that date a bit, but I feel like that's a good place to start. 00:11
stickster More will be on the list shortly. 00:11
Sparks stickster: I just asked for volunteers on the list. Maybe you can respond to that message with additional info? 00:12
stickster Sparks: sure thing 00:13
Sparks Okay, anything else? 00:13
* stickster will try to get that out by tomorrow. 00:13
stickster FAD travelers start arriving in town tomorrow evening so I'll be tied up through Sunday. 00:13
Sparks #topic f-r-n.rpm 00:13
Sparks jjmcd: How are the FRN doing? 00:14
jjmcd We need to get updated pots to L10N shortly 00:14
jjmcd Otherwise, latest drafts on docs.fp.o 00:14
Sparks jjmcd: Okay. Did you become an owner of the RPM so you can update it yourself? 00:14
jjmcd Not yet, working on that 00:15
jjmcd Got some help on a reviewe request 00:15
jjmcd but not complete yet 00:15
jjmcd 529387 00:15
Sparks jjmcd: Okay. If you need help with getting the package in the CVS, built, and in bodhi just let me know 00:15
Sparks .bug 529387 00:15
buggbot Bug medium, medium, ---, nobody, NEW, Review Request: rcrpanel - Create a front panel for an electronics device 00:15
zodbot Sparks: Bug 529387 Review Request: rcrpanel - Create a front panel for an electronics device - 00:16
buggbot Bug 529387: medium, medium, ---, nobody, NEW, Review Request: rcrpanel - Create a front panel for an electronics device 00:16
jjmcd Got advice from several people but not approved yet 00:16
Sparks Ya... looks like my first package. HI HI 00:16
jjmcd Gotta do what we gotta do 00:17
Sparks jjmcd: Are the RNs on schedule, still? Do you see any problems with getting all the work done? 00:17
jjmcd Really, no 00:17
jjmcd I think I will have more updates than I would like 00:17
jjmcd but not a terrible lot 00:17
Sparks Ok 00:18
jjmcd This business of doing it at a higher level really eases the burden on everyone 00:18
jjmcd Not just L10N 00:18
Sparks Need anything? 00:18
jjmcd Not right now, will in a couple weeks 00:18
jjmcd When I need to push the rpm 00:18
Sparks Okay, anything else on the RNs? 00:18
jjmcd not from here 00:19
Sparks Okay, moving on. 00:19
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) 00:19
Sparks #link Zikula#Module_status 00:19
Sparks Any updated on Zikula? 00:19
Sparks Well, both Polls and Advanced Polls were approved. Advanced Polls got into the CVS and have been pushed to stable. 00:21
Sparks I'm still waiting for Polls to get room in CVS and then I'll push those to Bodhi too. 00:21
Sparks I got a notice that crpTag and MultiHook packages were being deleted from the F-12 branch for some reason so I need to investigate that further. 00:22
danielsmw I'm still waiting on approval for Xinha. 00:22
Sparks danielsmw: See if nb can help you with that. He did both of my packages in record time. 00:23
nb  ? 00:24
danielsmw I think ke4qqq is working on it. 00:24
nb reviews needed? 00:24
danielsmw nb: not yet, but I might let you know depending on whether or not ke4qqq can find the time 00:24
Sparks nb: danielsmw has a package that he's been working on. Not sure if ke4qqq has had time to review. 00:24
danielsmw I know he's busy 00:24
nb oh 00:24
nb danielsmw, whats the url? 00:25
nb or bug #? 00:25
danielsmw 528003 00:25
nb .bug 528003 00:25
buggbot Bug medium, low, ---, david, ASSIGNED, Review Request: Xinha - Javascript library for making textarea's WYSIWYG 00:25
zodbot nb: Bug 528003 Review Request: Xinha - Javascript library for making textarea's WYSIWYG - 00:25
buggbot Bug 528003: medium, low, ---, david, ASSIGNED, Review Request: Xinha - Javascript library for making textarea's WYSIWYG 00:25
Sparks Okay, I'll let you two work on this post meeting. 00:26
nb ok 00:26
Sparks Anything else on Zikula? Will we be ready to deploy after F12? 00:26
* stickster pretty sure that ke4qqq is still digging himself out at $DAYJOB and blocking on him may not move things forward as fast as desired. 00:26
stickster sorry, catching up to buffer 00:27
stickster Cool, looks like nb is on it 00:27
stickster <eof/> 00:27
Sparks stickster: no problem 00:28
Sparks Okay, anything else? 00:28
Sparks #topic Status on CC license rollout. 00:28
Sparks #link License_changeover_schedule 00:28
Sparks Okay, I haven't heard anything back from guide owners about updating their guides. 00:29
rudi f11 and f12 guides all updated and re-uploaded 00:29
Sparks rudi: All of them? 00:29
rudi Yes. 00:29
rudi Well, almost 00:29
Sparks rudi: You did this? 00:29
rudi Yes. 00:29
Sparks rudi: Don't you have a job?  :) 00:30
Sparks rudi++ 00:30
rudi I only left out about a zillion incomplete translations of the F11 Release Notes 00:30
* Sparks needs to figure out what to do with fedora-security-guide...rpm 00:30
jjmcd Yeah, you go rudi. Also saw various repairs 00:30
* danielsmw has done much less than he'd hoped on the UG at this point 00:30
rudi Ah yes, and I didn't touch the security guide or SELinux guid 00:30
rudi danielsmw -- since we missed the L10N deadline on the UG, I think we have to be thinking in terms of F13 00:31
Sparks rudi: What the heck?  :) I need to get up with radsy on the SG 00:31
danielsmw rudi: that works 00:31
Sparks #action Sparks to follow up with ianweller to check on wiki license update status 00:33
Sparks #action Sparks to follow up with quaid to check on courtesy note to previous contributors 00:34
Sparks Should we make our license change coorespond to the F12 release? 00:34
rudi Sparks -- might be better not to 00:35
rudi Otherwise the announcement might get lost in the rest of the fanfare 00:35
rudi This way, you get two lots of publicity :) 00:35
Sparks true 00:35
Sparks So before or after? 00:36
Sparks Well... I'd like to be ready to go by next week... if that's possible. I think most of the hard work has been completed. 00:37
rudi I think the sooner the better 00:38
Sparks +1 00:38
Sparks Okay, anything else on this topic? 00:38
Sparks #topic Shared open-source style guide 00:38
Sparks #link 00:39
Sparks Any update on this? 00:39
rudi Nothing this week 00:39
Sparks Okay. Do we need to keep this on the agenda each week? 00:39
rudi Maybe not till we get some traction on it 00:40
rudi I'll make sure that anything that happens gets mentioned at the soonest meeting 00:40
Sparks Ya. Okay, just remind me when the wheels grab the ground. 00:40
Sparks cool 00:40
rudi Yeppa 00:40
stickster Sparks: rudi: Is there something a new person could do to help move that item? 00:40
rudi Not unless they're internal to Red Hat :) 00:41
stickster Wait, wasn't that a cross-distro external project that came up at WOSCon? 00:41
Sparks I think rudi was working on getting the RH guide released... I don't know if Fedora's guide is even compiled well enough to release 00:41
rudi Sparks -- that's correct 00:41
stickster Oh, oh, I see -- rudi's talking about the specific task of getting that guide out 00:41
Sparks yes 00:41
stickster I'm talking more broadly about engaging with the folks who are working on this externally 00:42
stickster In other communities. 00:42
stickster If our answer is "at some point Red Hat will get this done," they do have the ability to simply move on without us. 00:42
jjmcd yeah, I'm not even sure we have someone on point for this 00:42
Sparks Well, we've been real slack on this for a while. I think ke4qqq was going to champion it but then life happened. 00:42
jjmcd ahhh, yes. RL can be such a pain 00:42
rudi I don't think we're a blocker for them, but will check upstream. 00:43
stickster Sure, I'm not expecting any of the few people here in this meeting to suddenly say, "I want to do it! Me!" :-) 00:43
stickster rudi: Yeah, that's my point. 00:43
Sparks I heard stickster say he wanted to do it. 00:43
stickster Sparks: Funny, but that's not my point 00:43
Sparks I think we need to get our style guide put together before we can offer it to anyone else. 00:44
stickster My point is, can we identify something that a new Docs contributor can do to engage with these other upstreams in the absence of some Red Hat material which we don't know will emerge or when? 00:44
stickster Sparks: We have some of it on our wiki. 00:44
stickster Has anyone offered that? 00:44
stickster If not, would that be a task that a new Docs person could work on? 00:44
rudi Absolutely 00:44
Sparks I think it could/would be 00:44
rudi AIUI, things are at a very embryonic stage 00:44
rudi I don't think even a format for the project has been decided yet 00:45
Sparks rudi: I haven't heard anything from the original requestors lately 00:45
Sparks Okay, anything else? 00:47
stickster So, as with other groups in Fedora, it's a good idea to figure out what we could interest lurkers or new volunteers in doing 00:47
stickster esp. with things that haven't taken off like we'd hoped... sometimes those are the best things to involve a new enthusiast 00:47
stickster <eof/> 00:47
Sparks stickster: Good poing 00:48
Sparks s/poing/point 00:48
Sparks Okay, moving on 00:49
Sparks #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets 00:49
Sparks #link 00:50
Sparks We have accumulated a bunch of tickets that have not been accepted. Many of them I think are being looked at. 00:50
Sparks When you get a ticket please go ahead and assign it to yourself so the person that sent the ticket will know that someone is actually looking at it and that the ticket isn't just sitting there. 00:51
Sparks I know it's a bad feeling, to me, to take the time to file a ticket and then have it just sit there seemingly not getting any attention. 00:51
rudi Many thanks to ke4qqq for jumping in and grabbing some IG tickets 00:52
Sparks Any comments before we move on? 00:53
Sparks_ Okay... not sure what happened there. 00:59
Sparks TAP TAP TAP, is this thing still on? 01:00
Sparks #topic Other business 01:00
radsy yes 01:00
jjmcd nope 01:00
Sparks Okay, anything else? 01:00
Sparks Okay, thanks everyone for coming tonight. 01:01
jjmcd take care 01:01
Sparks I'll have the meeting minutes and next week's agenda posted later tonight. 01:01
Sparks #endmeeting 01:01