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quaid hello tezcatl 19:26
* quaid tests 19:26
transbot0 tezcatl> Hi quaid 19:26
transbot0 tezcatl> So, I feel really sorry for not having achieved anything about edusol send 19:27
tezcatl oh! is really working this! :) 19:28
transbot0 tezcatl> quaid: but, it's just go ahead and try to learn from mistakes 19:29
transbot0 tezcatl> then, in brief, this is the idea of Fedora School: 19:30
transbot0 tezcatl> space (possibly as a Moodle LMS) that hosts not only the course materials 19:30
transbot0 tezcatl> because we already have in the wiki and the guidelines 19:31
transbot0 tezcatl> but above all provide the support to new partners 19:31
transbot0 tezcatl> to be successful and go forward, rather than "meet the requirements" that we currently have 19:32
transbot0 tezcatl> and educate people starting new software absolutely free, or perhaps computer 19:32
transbot0 tezcatl> through dedicated mentors Fedora 19:33
transbot0 tezcatl> immediately introducing the collaboration and of course how great it is Fedora 19:33
transbot0 tezcatl> Quaid what do you think? 19:33
quaid One question: what would we be teaching in the school? 19:34
quaid what courses, topics, etc. 19:35
quaid oh, and who are the students? People who use Fedora as a desktop or a server system or ... ? 19:36
transbot0 tezcatl> for new employees: how to write with DocBook, for example, or such as secretaries at a meeting of Fedora 19:36
transbot0 tezcatl> is, courses can start with "loose" on specific skills 19:36
quaid so, teaching Fedora contributors how to do things within the Fedora Project. 19:37
transbot0 tezcatl> and be designed "paths" to enter successfully as partners Fedora subprojects 19:37
transbot0 tezcatl> so, as the route of Ambassadors which is already very clear, but then one wonders what now? 19:38
transbot0 tezcatl> is to go beyond what it says Mel Chua page for Websites 19:38
transbot0 tezcatl> That is a huge part, but there is another 19:38
transbot0 tezcatl> softwarelibre basic courses: for example, has provided fantastic mizmar 19:39
quaid If we provide the framework (Moodle) and write up how to put a course in the system, then people will use it. 19:39
quaid one hard part is finding people who can work as part of Fedora Infrastructure to be system administrators of Moodle. 19:39
transbot0 tezcatl> so, we can reach even the most basic level possible: Gnome teach people who barely know Linux or any computer 19:40
transbot0 tezcatl> yes, so at the last meeting of asia fedora, raised igorps we started with more classes in # fedora-classroom 19:40
transbot0 tezcatl> but I think it is important to begin to define the project better and maybe start a pilot course in a month and a half or two 19:41
* quaid is glad he is checking the translations - it made "latam" in to "asia"! 19:42
quaid wow, /me comments are not translated 19:43
quaid I am glad I am checking the translations - it made "latam" in to "asia"! 19:43
tezcatl yes, i'm checking too 19:43
quaid can you ask around, such as write blog posts, looking for system administration help? 19:44
quaid a Moodle instance would be a good place for us to try multi-lingual system administration :) 19:45
transbot0 tezcatl> yes, so I started the blog, while I prepare a couple of possible agendas 19:45
transbot0 tezcatl> although I have been busier with translations, and normal school (which is not Fedora: D) 19:46
quaid good, we'll look in to getting zodbot or another logging bot in these channels so we can log the meeting in both languages. 19:46
quaid and when you have an agenda, we can work on finding a meeting time ... then we can announce a meeting 19:47
transbot0 tezcatl> Therefore, it is quite useful for future sessions of # fedora-classroom 19:47
quaid agreed 19:47
quaid I agree :) 19:47
transbot0 tezcatl> Then, we propose two basic agreements, in what is within my reach: 19:48
transbot0 tezcatl> one. submitted no later than the weekend a digital literacy guide agenda in draft ... 19:49
transbot0 tezcatl> well as some possible courses for partners and users, for which I think we have material for such courses ... 19:50
transbot0 tezcatl> on the wiki and blogs that I know of Fedoreanos. 19:50
transbot0 tezcatl> two. propose you a publicly documented mentoring on how to write with DocBook guides Fedora 19:50
transbot0 quaid> yeah, yeah 19:51
transbot0 tezcatl> with which later facilitate the translation of course materials 19:51
transbot0 quaid> good 19:52
transbot0 tezcatl> What to invite opinarías Guillermo Gomez of Venezuela also join as a mentor? "And invite other interested in learning DocBook? 19:53
transbot0 tezcatl> well, you have all the work of mentoring on you, not only questions for me:) 19:54
tezcatl ouch, that last sentence is really bad translated :D 19:54
tezcatl i really wanted to say: what about not you as unique mentor, and not me as unique student of writing with DocBook for Fedora 19:55
quaid yes, good idea 19:57
quaid we can use transbot in #fedora-classroom-{en,es} :) 19:58
transbot0 tezcatl> hmm 19:59
transbot0 tezcatl> that's good for synchronous sessions 19:59
transbot0 tezcatl> but, for example, Moodle is because it is sometimes difficult to coordinate schedules 19:59
transbot0 tezcatl> for example if we are all Americans, the difference is 3 hours 20:00
transbot0 tezcatl> but if it includes such people from Spain, there are more than 6 hours 20:00
transbot0 tezcatl> then at least we need a mailing list and a category in the wiki maybe 20:01
transbot0 tezcatl> to go meet all the logs of meetings, projects, developments, etc. 20:01
tezcatl of course, we can use a mailing list existent, in example, docs@lists.fp.o 20:03
quaid yes, I was hoping that we could use a combination of transbot + meetbot to get things going where a mailing list and translation/language barrier there might not work as well. 20:14
quaid that would get us to the point where we have a Moodle, for example. 20:15
quaid there will be people from the Infrastructure team who have questions, so if we schedule some meetings with them using transbot + meetbot, that will help us to move forward on the agenda topics. 20:15
transbot0 tezcatl> ok! 20:16
transbot0 tezcatl> I think a vast majority of current Fedora contributors, at least as I read English 20:17
transbot0 tezcatl> and would then be only a matter of being aware, for meetings with people uncomfortable with English, to make sure they understand the discussion 100% 20:18
transbot0 tezcatl> then, in addition to the IRC, where we can begin to publicly document * the * processes 20:19
transbot0 tezcatl> Or are two branches of the same process? One about the infrastructure and equipment that would be responsible for Moodle (admins, teachers) ... 20:20
transbot0 tezcatl> ... and a pilot course of DocBook (not Moodle, lists, IRC, and wiki) 20:20
transbot0 tezcatl> So, beginning this week for writing to the lists of potential stakeholders? Or once you would also convene a meeting ("next week?) 20:28
quaid well, we need a single wiki page that explains the idea; setting a meeting for next week might be too soon, but we can try it. 20:30
quaid so, with a wiki page, we can hear from the stakeholders what they think, and who else we need to talk to. 20:30
transbot0 tezcatl> ok then tomorrow I can then create the wiki in Spanish, and you review the English part quietly, while we are writing to more potential bidders 20:36
transbot0 tezcatl> "/ Me" questions whether it is good idea to also place logs, one after another (English-Spanish) as a public test of transbot 20:40
quaid we could do that. I have my logs of these sessions and could run them through irclog2html 20:51
transbot0 tezcatl> oh well, ha, because I do not understand how to save the log to KVIrc, I would have been easier with Emacs: D 20:55
transbot0 tezcatl> and the machine kept where my sessions with screen / irssi is disabled at this time: ( 20:56
transbot0 tezcatl> then, do you send me the logs to add to the wiki? 20:56
transbot0 tezcatl> I summarize what we talked: 20:56
transbot0 tezcatl> Wiki to be defining the project publicly 20:57
quaid ok, when you are done summarizing, I'll convert the logs and put them on the wiki 20:57
transbot0 tezcatl> mail outlining digital literacy (and collaborators we have material) 20:58
transbot0 tezcatl> and invite Gomix Mentor and interested parties, short of DocBook for Writers of Fedora 20:59
transbot0 tezcatl> Am I missing something? Guillermo Gomez What type with you (if you accept the invitation) to define the agenda and the Hound? 21:00
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transbot0 tezcatl> Well, then, if not need anything else, but I have to thank you for your interest 21:13
transbot0 tezcatl> and please extend my thanks please DeKoenigsberg by the great book of Teaching Open Source Way 21:15

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