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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG - init process Jan 08 09:30
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nirik who all is around for an IRC support sig meeting? Jan 08 09:30
*thomasj waves Jan 08 09:31
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*nirik will wait a few for folks to arrive. Jan 08 09:31
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ivazquez Oh. Huh. Guess I should be here... Jan 08 09:33
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nirik well, not too many folks around. Guess I can wait a bit more... Jan 08 09:34
*nirik has to head to the airport in not too long. Jan 08 09:34
nirik well, I guess I can go over a few things real quick. Jan 08 09:38
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG - Bot Jan 08 09:38
nirik we now have a bot in #fedora... fedbot. Currently, it's doing flood control and can be used for kickbans and bans. The nice thing about using it for those is that it has a timeout, so it can autoremove them after the timeout. Jan 08 09:39
nirik I'm going to write up some info about how to use it and send it to the ops folks. Jan 08 09:40
thomasj thanks Jan 08 09:40
nirik I think down the road we can also look at using it for a KB... put links and other faq stuff in it. Jan 08 09:40
_drj2 topN most frequently used links would be outstanding. (30-day rotating or whatever's convenient ) Jan 08 09:41
nirik Also, if its looking stable we can see about moving it to the noc1 machine in infrastructure. Jan 08 09:41
nirik yeah, in the current package the db support doesn't work for the fedora package. ;( The next one will have it working. Jan 08 09:41
nirik I might package up a svn snapshot to play with that stuff. Jan 08 09:41
nirik anyhow, if anyone wants to help or has questions about it, let me know. Jan 08 09:42
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG - Fudcon Jan 08 09:42
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nirik fudcon is coming up. Hopefully some of us will be there and can meet up... otherwise hopefully we have enough people to keep the channel going along. ;) Jan 08 09:43
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG - Open floor Jan 08 09:43
nirik any other topics folks would like to bring up? Jan 08 09:43
*Sonar_Guy is here Jan 08 09:43
Sonar_Guy nirik: can we have the bot do the stuff zcats script is currently doing such as the command not found stuff? Jan 08 09:45
nirik I was looking into that... their used to be a module called 'Observer' that would do that, but it's depreciated... and I haven't gotten it to work yet. ;) Jan 08 09:45
nirik but yeah, it would be nice to get that working. Jan 08 09:45
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Sonar_Guy I wish I could go to fudcon, however the schedule is bad with work. Jan 08 09:46
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nirik  :( sorry to hear it. Jan 08 09:46
fedfan is this the meeting room for the marketing chat at 1700 GMT Jan 08 09:46
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Sonar_Guy nirik: is there a way to allow fedbot ban people that have left the channel? Jan 08 09:48
nirik fedfan: yes, I think so. Jan 08 09:48
Sonar_Guy not a kban just a ban Jan 08 09:48
nirik Sonar_Guy: yes. You can use 'chanban' for that... or the aliases 'ban1d' 'ban1w' etc Jan 08 09:48
Sonar_Guy cool Jan 08 09:49
nirik confusingly, 'ban' to it is just having the bot not talk to that nick. Jan 08 09:49
Sonar_Guy ok Jan 08 09:49
nirik ok, I need to finish packing up here... so I will go ahead and close out the meeting in 60 sec unless someone has something else they would like to bring up. Jan 08 09:50
Sonar_Guy not me. Jan 08 09:50
thomasj nirik, have a good time @ fudcon Jan 08 09:51
nirik thanks. ;) Jan 08 09:51

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