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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Init process. Feb 05 09:30
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nirik FESCo has a special session coming up, so lets make this a short meeting. Feb 05 09:30
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nirik who all is here for the meeting? Feb 05 09:31
-->mj0vy (n=mj0vy@ has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:31
*zcat is kalarm'd Feb 05 09:31
Sonar_Guy I am here Feb 05 09:31
-->heftig ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:31
*nirik will wait a few more for folks to arrive. Feb 05 09:32
-->Nirmal (n=npathak@nat/redhat-in/x-5734c8be4471ce5e) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:32
mj0vy Is there any discussion on the INIT process? Feb 05 09:32
nirik mj0vy: :) There has been tons over the years. ;) Feb 05 09:32
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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Classroom sessions. Feb 05 09:33
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nirik ok, I'd like to remind everyone we are doing some classes this weekend... and still need teachers. See me if you would like to teach or have questions. Feb 05 09:34
rsc nirik: looks like nobody is here? ;) Feb 05 09:34
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nirik rsc: there's a few... perhaps we don't have enough for meeting today. Feb 05 09:35
-->themayor ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:35
nirik anyhow, I didn't have much aside from the classroom reminder... Feb 05 09:36
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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor Feb 05 09:36
-->vwbusguy (n=scott@fedora/vwbusguy) has joined #Fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:37
nirik anyone have anything they would like to bring up? Feb 05 09:37
zcat yeah. can we waterboard ozzichat? Feb 05 09:37
vwbusguy Fedora 11 Feb 05 09:37
vwbusguy nothing that probably even needs said Feb 05 09:37
vwbusguy but we need to direct people to #Fedora-QA Feb 05 09:37
vwbusguy and encourage as many capable testers as possible Feb 05 09:37
vwbusguy zcat, ++ Feb 05 09:37
-->kylem ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:38
nirik ah yes, agreed. The live media should be a nice way for people to try things out. Feb 05 09:38
nirik zcat: sorry, there is luckily no DCC waterboard support in most clients. Feb 05 09:38
vwbusguy nirik, I think there's a python function for it sys.wboard Feb 05 09:39
nirik anyone have anything else they would like to bring up? Feb 05 09:40
-->mxcarron (n=maxime@fedora/Pingoomax) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:40
vwbusguy nirik, live media is nice, I think we should encourage as many native installs of rawhide too. I think part of the hardware specific problems are because so many run rawhide in a VM Feb 05 09:40
wwoods Crotch Whistler Feb 05 09:40
wwoods whoa Feb 05 09:40
wwoods ahem. ignore that. Feb 05 09:40
nirik could be. It requires more commitment than many people have though... we could ask them for sure. Feb 05 09:41
nirik wwoods: better change that password. ;) Feb 05 09:41
mj0vy Is fedbot an answering bot? Feb 05 09:41
wwoods so long to a good bit of Shocking Nonsense Feb 05 09:41
nirik mj0vy: fedbot doesn't answer much of anything right now. It does flood control and keeps track of bans... thats it. Feb 05 09:42
-->mitr ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:42
mj0vy nirik: ok! Feb 05 09:43
nirik mj0vy: we are looking at possibly adding some knowledge base stuff to it down the road tho Feb 05 09:43
*nirik is waiting on the next supybot release for that. Feb 05 09:43
-->j-rod (n=jarod@nat/redhat/x-0e4f9fb4ba3270fa) has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 05 09:43
nirik ok, anything else anyone has? or shall we just wrap up for today? Feb 05 09:45
Sonar_Guy wrap it up!! ;) Feb 05 09:45
*vwbusguy needs lunch Feb 05 09:45
vwbusguy let's go party Feb 05 09:45
bpepple nirik: you want to run today's FESCo meeting? Feb 05 09:45
nirik thanks for coming everyone! Feb 05 09:46

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