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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - init process Feb 19 09:30
nirik who all is around for the IRC Support SIG meeting? Feb 19 09:30
*thomasj Feb 19 09:31
*zcat Feb 19 09:31
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-->ggruener ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:31
EvilBob Feb 19 09:32
-->init3 ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:32
*nirik will wait a few more for folks to arrive. Feb 19 09:32
EvilBob Southern can't make it Feb 19 09:34
nirik well, not many people here, but then I don't have much on the agenda. Feb 19 09:34
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - State of the channel Feb 19 09:34
nirik so, how are we doing over the last week? any ideas on how we can improve? Feb 19 09:35
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*zcat pulls a number out... and it says the state is 89% Feb 19 09:35
-->fenrus02 ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:35
nirik it's seemed like a pretty quiet week to me... not too much excitement. Feb 19 09:35
thomasj yep Feb 19 09:36
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nirik is anyone running pisg regularly? I guess I can make another run here... Feb 19 09:37
nirik sometimes nice stats to see who is at least typing the most. ;) Feb 19 09:37
-->jari_h ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:38
thomasj Maybe thats what Sonar_Guy uses. Feb 19 09:38
thomasj nirik, Feb 19 09:38
nirik yeah... is that running regularly? Feb 19 09:38
thomasj yep Feb 19 09:39
*fenrus02 checks Feb 19 09:39
*nirik waits for it to load, since tons of people are hitting it at once. ;) Feb 19 09:39
thomasj lol Feb 19 09:40
fenrus02 it looks down :/ Feb 19 09:40
thomasj ugh.. yeah, well i have a copy open in my browser a few hours old. Feb 19 09:40
nirik well, no worries, just thought it might be interesting. Feb 19 09:41
thomasj it gets updated every 30-60 mins Feb 19 09:41
thomasj Sonar_Guy, ping Feb 19 09:42
<--mdomsch has quit ("Leaving") Feb 19 09:42
nirik I'll throw in a plug for the next classroom sessions... still looking for teachers or students: Classroom Feb 19 09:42
nirik and thats pretty much all I had. ;) Feb 19 09:42
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor Feb 19 09:42
nirik anyone have any other comments/concerns/thoughts to bring up? Feb 19 09:44
Sonar_Guy nirik: I am runnign pisg Feb 19 09:45
thomasj Sonar_Guy, ah there you are, your server is down (it looks like) Feb 19 09:46
nirik cool. On the full log? or weekly/daily? Feb 19 09:46
Sonar_Guy full log Feb 19 09:46
nirik ok. We might want to run it weekly and mention it here at the meetings... not sure how usefull it would be Feb 19 09:47
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Sonar_Guy nirik: for what channel? Feb 19 09:47
nirik fedora Feb 19 09:47
nirik just to see who has been most active, how many kicks, etc. Feb 19 09:48
Sonar_Guy Hmm, so your looking to pull out weekly stats? Feb 19 09:48
nirik yeah, it was a thought. Feb 19 09:48
fenrus02 how many times 'balsac' has joined and been /kicked? Feb 19 09:48
-->bpepple (n=bpepple| has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:48
nirik indeed. Feb 19 09:48
Sonar_Guy I think I can modify that, I will have to check Feb 19 09:48
nirik is my current run, FWIW Feb 19 09:48
Sonar_Guy and see if I can do both Feb 19 09:49
nirik ok, just a thought. I am not sure how useful the stats would be, but they might tell us something about week to week trends. Feb 19 09:50
Sonar_Guy let me see what I can do Feb 19 09:51
nirik ok, that would be great. Feb 19 09:51
nirik Also, I will really see about writing up fedbot docs on the wiki somewhere... Feb 19 09:51
Sonar_Guy I may just setup a second account that does that logging Feb 19 09:51
nirik ok, anything else? or shall we call it a short meeting? Feb 19 09:52
-->ChitleshGoorah ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:52
Sonar_Guy works for me Feb 19 09:52
thomasj +1 Feb 19 09:52
EvilBob If the channel is being logged a note should be in the topic Feb 19 09:52
fenrus02 "the only good meeting is a short meeting" Feb 19 09:52
EvilBob IMO anyhow Feb 19 09:52
fenrus02 EvilBob, why? Feb 19 09:52
nirik EvilBob: agreed if it's official... I have been logging here for years in xchat... Feb 19 09:53
fenrus02 EvilBob, isnt that basically understood if you're using irc in the first place? Feb 19 09:53
EvilBob fenrus02: no Feb 19 09:53
nirik see the bottom here: Feb 19 09:53
EvilBob if logs are knowing being published there should be a note Feb 19 09:53
nirik I don't think we should publish any logs. Feb 19 09:53
-->fab ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:54
EvilBob in a way the log stats that Sonar_Guy is doing is publishing info Feb 19 09:54
nirik EvilBob: pisg isn't publishing the logs, just stats based on them. Feb 19 09:54
fenrus02 just pisg isnt the same as publishing Feb 19 09:54
EvilBob Some may not want it published that their nick was in the channel Feb 19 09:55
nirik I would like to see more stats/less quotes in the output I want... not sure pisg can do that or perhaps there is a better tool. Feb 19 09:55
Sonar_Guy nirik: it can handle that Feb 19 09:55
-->iarlyy ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 09:55
Sonar_Guy just gotta tweak the config file Feb 19 09:55
EvilBob it would be better to have the note than to not have the note IMO Feb 19 09:55
Sonar_Guy EvilBob: then maybe those people should stay off irc Feb 19 09:56
EvilBob "This channel may be logged" should not be a big deal to add to the topic Feb 19 09:56
fenrus02 nirik, agreed. i see very little value in the quotes Feb 19 09:56
zcat yawn... attack of the fineprint needles Feb 19 09:56
nirik EvilBob: well, the topic is already pretty long... Feb 19 09:57
EvilBob Hell the nut jobs freaked out when it came to the hardware tool... Feb 19 09:57
nirik Perhaps we could add it to the join message? how long is that now? just the disclaimer? Feb 19 09:58
EvilBob nirik: that should be acceptable IMO Feb 19 09:58
EvilBob "This channel may be logged and published" should be more than enough, just in case someone wants to publish old logs in the future Feb 19 09:59
EvilBob there are plenty #fedora logs out there already Feb 19 10:00
nirik man, chanserv help is pretty bad. ;) Anyone know how to see the current one? I guess just joining the channel would it. Feb 19 10:01
Sonar_Guy mine never get published Feb 19 10:01
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nirik oh well, how about we look at where we could add it, and discuss next week... Feb 19 10:05
-->mcepl ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 10:05
nirik and we can decide what stats to gather or if any of them make sense. Feb 19 10:07
nirik so, anyone have anything else? or shall I close the meeting out? Feb 19 10:07
*nirik will close the meeting in a few here. Feb 19 10:07
-->petreu| ( has joined #fedora-meeting Feb 19 10:10
---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule Feb 19 10:10
nirik thanks for coming everyone! Feb 19 10:10

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