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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Init process. Mar 12 09:30
nirik who all is here for the irc support sig meeting? Mar 12 09:31
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*Sonar_Guy is here Mar 12 09:31
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*nirik will wait for a bit for folks to wander in. Mar 12 09:32
*zcat Mar 12 09:32
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*ivazquez|laptop shows up Mar 12 09:33
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nirik ok, I suppose we can start in... I don't have too much today anyhow. ;) Mar 12 09:35
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Stats Mar 12 09:35
nirik Mar 12 09:35
nirik nice we have a ad spammer in the top links. ;( Mar 12 09:36
Sonar_Guy nirik: who? Mar 12 09:36
zcat mib_4325pbwl mibbit spammer Mar 12 09:37
nirik second one down... a mibbit user I bet Mar 12 09:37
zcat how 'bout a mib_* ban for a week? :) Mar 12 09:37
zcat can at least change nick. Mar 12 09:37
Sonar_Guy nirik: yup Mar 12 09:37
nirik yeah, we may want to consider that. Mar 12 09:37
Sonar_Guy I say that would work Mar 12 09:37
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nirik zcat: they get mib_ by default but can change it? Mar 12 09:38
*nirik has never used it... Mar 12 09:38
zcat ivazquez|laptop has Mar 12 09:38
Sonar_Guy zcat: so have I Mar 12 09:38
nirik we seem to get a lot of abuse from there tho. The question is would we be blocking out legit users.... Mar 12 09:38
ivazquez|laptop Block by username. Mar 12 09:38
kc8hfi you can type in your nick before you click go from mibbit Mar 12 09:39
nirik not sure that will help... the spammers can start doing that too... and the users who are looking for help won't know to. Mar 12 09:39
ivazquez|laptop The username mibbit reports is the IP address of the user. Mar 12 09:40
nirik I did report a mibbit spammer the other day... they were quite responsive. Mar 12 09:40
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nirik perhaps we should try this next week to report any we get to and see if that slows them down? Mar 12 09:41
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nirik ok, so any consensus? Mar 12 09:43
Sonar_Guy nirik: sounds good to me Mar 12 09:43
maxamillion not sure my opinion matters as i'm more of a visitor, but i think that'd be a solid course of action Mar 12 09:43
nirik FYI, I got a reply in about 35min from mibbit... but might have been a fluke. ;) Mar 12 09:43
zcat nirik, just a quicky email? Mar 12 09:44
nirik yeah, I just say 'abuse on #fedora on freenode' and pasted the ad spew they had with their hostmask... Mar 12 09:44
nirik and I guess to ban these people we need to do a /whois on them and nuke their ip, which is their username? Mar 12 09:45
zcat sure. i don't think irc spammers use botnets... yet Mar 12 09:45
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mib_mofcex ok, so this is nirik... Mar 12 09:46
---[mib_mofcex] (i=4c782a16@gateway/web/ajax/ : Mar 12 09:47
---[mib_mofcex] #fedora-meeting Mar 12 09:47
---[mib_mofcex] : Mar 12 09:47
---[mib_mofcex] End of WHOIS list. Mar 12 09:47
nirik and it comes up with my comcast ip in whois... Mar 12 09:47
nirik so I think that we can use that to ban... Mar 12 09:47
zcat [mib_mofcex] (i=4c782a16@gateway/web/ajax/ Mar 12 09:47
nirik yep. Mar 12 09:47
ivazquez|laptop *!?=4c782a16@gateway/* Mar 12 09:48
*nirik needs to look at a fedbot alias for just getting that from a hostmask or doing the whois and parsing it or something. Mar 12 09:48
nirik ivazquez|laptop: that won't work tho will it? or is that hash always the same per ip? Mar 12 09:48
ivazquez|laptop That's not a hash. Mar 12 09:48
ivazquez|laptop That's the IP address encoded in hex. Mar 12 09:48
nirik ah ha. Mar 12 09:48
nirik would it still be better to get the IP so they can't then come on direct? Mar 12 09:49
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ivazquez|laptop If you want. But that won't block mibbit. Mar 12 09:49
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---stickster is now known as stickster_food Mar 12 09:50
kc8hfi if their ip is blocked, then they can't come in no matter what, right? Mar 12 09:50
nirik kc8hfi: yeah, they could via mibbit. ;) Mar 12 09:50
nirik ok, so ideal is the above from ivazquez|laptop Mar 12 09:50
nirik whats the string at the end there? x-9fb7c8ce5f324d6e ? Mar 12 09:50
nirik internal mibbit stuff? Mar 12 09:51
ivazquez|laptop Internal Freenode stuff. Mar 12 09:51
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nirik ok. Mar 12 09:51
nirik so, anything else on stats? thomasj and fenrus02 continue to rock. Mar 12 09:52
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nirik ok, will move on if there is nothing else on those. Mar 12 09:53
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Shortcuts Mar 12 09:54
nirik perhaps someone would be interested in taking vilegents xchat shortcuts and adding on to them and distributing them to anyone interested? Also, irssi and other clients ones would be nice to have... Mar 12 09:55
nirik per our last meeting I think we can add in some polite context for them that would help new users... Mar 12 09:55
Sonar_Guy nirik: I have my own list that is different from vilegents Mar 12 09:55
kc8hfi I'd like to figure out how to add scripts and stuff to konversation Mar 12 09:56
Sonar_Guy kc8hfi: they are just user commands Mar 12 09:56
nirik kc8hfi: yes, that would be nice too... ;) I bet it has a way... Mar 12 09:56
ivazquez|laptop pidgin does only simple replacements, not full macros. Mar 12 09:56
nirik Sonar_Guy: perhaps stick them up somewhere for folks to look at if you dont mind? Mar 12 09:56
zcat nirik, you've found supybot's factoid plugin lacking too? Mar 12 09:56
Sonar_Guy nirik: sure Mar 12 09:57
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nirik zcat: I found it not functioning. ;) It needs an ancient version of pysqlite that no longer exists outside of muesums. ;) Mar 12 09:57
nirik zcat: however, they have redone all the plugins with db to use sqlalchemy... they just haven't done a release yet. Mar 12 09:57
*zcat will continue use the occasional !foo fedorasolved trigger Mar 12 09:57
*ivazquez|laptop was just going to mention SA... Mar 12 09:57
nirik I might spin up a svn checkout version to see if factiods would help us. Mar 12 09:58
Sonar_Guy nirik: Mar 12 09:58
nirik Sonar_Guy: cool. thanks. Mar 12 09:59
Sonar_Guy np Mar 12 09:59
nirik if anyone wants to test a svn supybot, feel free and let me know how it looks. ;) Mar 12 09:59
zcat nirik, i'll drop by #fedbot (if that's still the channel) when ready Mar 12 09:59
nirik zcat: sure, I don't think I am there or have fedbot there, but feel free to use that for testing. Mar 12 10:00
nirik huh... supybot switched to git... does sf do git? Mar 12 10:00
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nirik ok, if anyone would like to work on consolidating shortcuts or get a consistent set working on many of the common irc clients that would be great... Mar 12 10:01
ivazquez|laptop sf barely does software these days. Mar 12 10:01
kc8hfi Sonar_Guy, nirik I found the location in konversation Mar 12 10:01
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor Mar 12 10:01
nirik I have no other issues here... anyone else have anything that they would like to bring up or mention? Mar 12 10:02
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nirik ivazquez|laptop: yeah, they just announced bzr support the other day, but I'm sure it's as bad as the svn and cvs support. Mar 12 10:02
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nirik maxamillion: did you have something? Mar 12 10:03
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maxamillion yes, i'm sorry Mar 12 10:04
maxamillion was trying to mulit task Mar 12 10:04
nirik no worries. ;) Mar 12 10:04
maxamillion now I want to lead a concern of mine with a couple statements and observations Mar 12 10:04
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maxamillion I have been told that in the past there were issues with people not being too friendly to people in the irc channels, i've also been told that this has greatly been solved due to the efforts of the group in attendance here (along with others) Mar 12 10:05
nirik well, we hope so, but things still happen... :( Mar 12 10:06
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maxamillion now, with that being said ... I did encounter someone in #fedora earlier this week who was border line trolling me when i was trying to ask an honest question, and when i got frustrated and called him a name, i got scolded for using bad language Mar 12 10:06
maxamillion i will admit whole heartedly that i am in the wrong for not watching my language and i appologize for that Mar 12 10:06
-->mejla ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 12 10:06
maxamillion but i would like to see that people who are rude are atleast requested not to be so, I am constantly advocating fedora to anyone i can find with a computer and i consider irc a big factor in finding help and i would hate to have that be a place that discourages new users Mar 12 10:07
Southern_Gentlem maxamillion, irc has a /ignore function Mar 12 10:08
maxamillion Southern_Gentlem: i understand that, but someone who is brand new to fedora and brand new to irc probably isn't aware Mar 12 10:08
Southern_Gentlem personality clashes will happen Mar 12 10:08
nirik maxamillion: sorry to hear it. ;( I know I have triggers on "bad words", so even if I am not active I might see someone curse and drop in and mention it to them... but not notice the context of the conversation. Mar 12 10:08
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maxamillion nirik: well, the op who scolded me was active in the conversation ... which was slightly offputting, but i would also like to mention that i've been watching #fedora more closely since this happened and i have noticed that the irc channel has been very civil, very helpful, and the op who was involved has been a standing ovation to what i think an op should be for an irc channel belonging to a project like fedora, so i don't find the Mar 12 10:10
Southern_Gentlem maxamillion, can you post a log of the event to please Mar 12 10:10
nirik I would like to see us try and get people to be less confrontational and anoying... but sometimes thats hard to do without getting everyone upset Mar 12 10:10
maxamillion Southern_Gentlem: i unfortunately don't have one Mar 12 10:10
maxamillion nirik: right, and i understan Mar 12 10:10
maxamillion understand* Mar 12 10:10
nirik maxamillion: I have logs... I can probibly find it if you tell me when it was. ;) Mar 12 10:10
nirik maxamillion: yeah, sounds like they were tired and should have stepped away from the mic. Mar 12 10:11
maxamillion nirik: pretty sure it was tuesday evening around midnight (UTC-6) Mar 12 10:11
Southern_Gentlem maxamillion, i really suggest you log the channel if nothing else when you have problems you have the logs to go back on for the solutions Mar 12 10:11
maxamillion i really just wanted to mention it, i'm a fedora faithful and i'm not going anywhere but i can see how a situation like that would bother a number of users who are new Mar 12 10:12
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nirik maxamillion: thanks for mentioning it... :) Mar 12 10:13
nirik looks like X was involved. Mar 12 10:13
maxamillion nirik: anytime Mar 12 10:14
nirik would someone be interested in talking to X and asking them to tone down the sarcasm/unhelpfull helpfull advice? Mar 12 10:14
maxamillion nirik: thank you Mar 12 10:15
*nirik can try, but he usually ignores me when I try and talk to him. Mar 12 10:15
zcat 3rd time's the charm? i don't think you can take the bitter out of X :) Mar 12 10:15
Sonar_Guy nirik: I have tried in the past Mar 12 10:15
Sonar_Guy nirik: I have tried in the past Mar 12 10:16
Sonar_Guy even just the other day Mar 12 10:16
nirik zcat: only 3 times? :) Mar 12 10:16
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maxamillion oh, has he caused problems in the past? Mar 12 10:16
Sonar_Guy lol Mar 12 10:16
nirik maxamillion: yes. But he is usually carefull to not cross the line... Mar 12 10:16
Sonar_Guy nirik: I have thought about moving the line with him. Mar 12 10:17
maxamillion nirik: and i didn't entirely think he crossed a line ... but it was a little off putting an discouraging Mar 12 10:17
nirik Sonar_Guy: me too. Mar 12 10:17
nirik maxamillion: yes. He does help a few people with his tough love tactics, but it annoys many more than it helps. Mar 12 10:17
maxamillion nirik: makes sense Mar 12 10:18
maxamillion nirik: does he do any packaging, developing, ambassador work, etc. ? Mar 12 10:18
Sonar_Guy lol Mar 12 10:18
nirik some people only respond to that, but the problem is you have no way of knowing who will and who will be offended. Mar 12 10:18
nirik ok, anyone have anything else? Mar 12 10:18
nirik was someone working on a perl/python/whatever xchat plugin for dynamic highlighting? I seem to recall someone mentioning that... Mar 12 10:19
ivazquez|laptop Which dynamic highlighting? Mar 12 10:21
nirik ok, I will end the meeting in a few here unless someone comes up with something more. Mar 12 10:21
nirik ivazquez|laptop: so it can only highlight in specific channels or at specific times... Mar 12 10:21
nirik ivazquez|laptop: xchat has all or nothing. Mar 12 10:21
ivazquez|laptop Ah, okay. Mar 12 10:21
nirik I don't want to care about curse words in other channels for example. Mar 12 10:21
nirik sometimes social just beeps a lot here. ;) Mar 12 10:22
Sonar_Guy hahaha Mar 12 10:22
Sonar_Guy nirik: no thanks to me ;) Mar 12 10:22
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nirik ok, thanks for coming everyone! keep up the good work. Mar 12 10:22
---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule Mar 12 10:23
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