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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Init process Mar 26 09:29
nirik who all is here? looks like we have a number of folks today. ;) Mar 26 09:29
vwbusguy- present Mar 26 09:29
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*linuxguru is present Mar 26 09:30
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*vwbusguy- may have to leave ~noon, so he requests we move op nomination to top of list. Mar 26 09:30
*icarus-c is new, can someone explain what is a SIG meeting? Mar 26 09:30
linuxguru Special Interest group Mar 26 09:30
icarus-c i see Mar 26 09:31
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linuxguru you can look into i think that's the link? Mar 26 09:31
icarus-c i've read that page before Mar 26 09:31
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Op nominations Mar 26 09:31
linuxguru wow ops nomination , sounds nice Mar 26 09:31
Southern_Gentlem and this SIG relates the the running of the #fedora channel Mar 26 09:31
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nirik icarus-c: yeah, basically we are the folks trying to make the #fedora channel a nice place for end user fedora support. Mar 26 09:31
nirik so, first off... we have some nominations for channel operators... before we discuss those, lets discuss in general how we want to handle them. Mar 26 09:32
EvilBob s/nice\ place/hippy\ commune Mar 26 09:32
icarus-c i have to say you all have did a very great job and i've learnt i lot. so i think i would try to contribute too Mar 26 09:32
*EvilBob ducks Mar 26 09:32
*vwbusguy- is ok with that Mar 26 09:32
nirik icarus-c: excellent. More helpers are always welcome. ;) Mar 26 09:32
nirik so, the way we handle packager sponsor and now provenpackager requests is to send out the request on the internal sponsors list and get feedback. Mar 26 09:33
*Southern_Gentlem motions that all nominations from now on have a secret ballot Mar 26 09:33
nirik then after a week, we vote in a meeting on it. Mar 26 09:33
linuxguru icarus-c, welcome on board Mar 26 09:33
vwbusguy- Southern_Gentlem, +1 Mar 26 09:33
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EvilBob I have a suggestion Mar 26 09:34
nirik I can see not wanting to offend anyone or drag out personal issues. I think those should be in private. Mar 26 09:34
nirik EvilBob: go ahead. Mar 26 09:34
roguedaemon Southern_Gentlem: +1 :) Mar 26 09:34
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EvilBob Set up a web poll with a secret URL an also allow comments or questions to be posted anonymously Mar 26 09:34
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vwbusguy- EvilBob, good idea, raises concerns about multiple votes and who gets access Mar 26 09:35
roguedaemon EvilBob: is there such a thing already in existence? Mar 26 09:35
nirik EvilBob: not a bad idea... but I would want it to be done with free software/within fedora... not some random site. Mar 26 09:35
Southern_Gentlem EvilBob, i would rather just send the vote to one person Mar 26 09:35
zcat nirik, but i was paid for my vote... and the lurker needs to see it to verify it :) Mar 26 09:35
nirik I think the new CMS might have some kind of poll thing. I can inquire. Mar 26 09:35
EvilBob vwbusguy-: it should be able to be done based on FAS account Mar 26 09:35
*vwbusguy- trusts nirik with that Mar 26 09:35
nirik there is a fedora voting system as well... used for release names and fesco/board elections. Mar 26 09:36
EvilBob Southern_Gentlem: but that is not anonymous and does not allow for annonymous discussion Mar 26 09:36
roguedaemon but does nirik really want to know who voted for who Mar 26 09:36
vwbusguy- Either we can do it through email through the FAS list that way or PM nirik over the time span of a week Mar 26 09:36
nirik it's just the names tho, no way to do comments. Mar 26 09:36
*vwbusguy- apologizes to nirik for volunteering him. Mar 26 09:36
roguedaemon is spot the only one who can add ops? Mar 26 09:36
Southern_Gentlem no Mar 26 09:37
roguedaemon ok Mar 26 09:37
nirik I have no problem collecting votes... if thats the way we want to do it... Mar 26 09:37
Southern_Gentlem me and nirik can as well Mar 26 09:37
EvilBob Some may not be willing to open themselves up to inspection because they said something to question one of your friends Mar 26 09:37
roguedaemon nirik is honest and neutral, our fearless leader :) Mar 26 09:37
EvilBob Oh what are the requirements for someone to be voted in as an OP? Mar 26 09:38
vwbusguy- don't know about everyone else, but I feel I can be honest with the other ops about my opinions about bringing a new guy in. Mar 26 09:38
nirik personally, I think on the list is fine. I have no problem with people bringing up issues... but I don't feel strongly on it. Mar 26 09:38
Southern_Gentlem the 2 nominies i think should be acted on this week if possible and all future nominations be handled as we have stated Mar 26 09:38
vwbusguy- In the context of emails is better than in here Mar 26 09:38
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vwbusguy- Southern_Gentlem, two? fenris02 and who else? Mar 26 09:38
roguedaemon vwbusguy-: sure, we should all feel that way, but it still intruduces unknowns when its all in the open Mar 26 09:38
EvilBob nirik: bringing up "issues" with names attached with a permenant record is the exact thing I brought up last week or the week before Mar 26 09:39
nirik vwbusguy-: linuxguru was nominated as well. Mar 26 09:39
vwbusguy- roguedaemon, yeah, speaking purely for myself, I don't see it as a hindrance Mar 26 09:39
nirik EvilBob: on the private alias for the group of ops. Not public. Mar 26 09:39
EvilBob So what are the requirements for someone to be voted in as an OP? Mar 26 09:40
nirik one other thing we try and do with packager sponsors is make sure to give a week for feedback... we might want to consider that as well. Mar 26 09:40
vwbusguy- sorry caps Mar 26 09:40
roguedaemon vwbusguy-: its just how smart people do business, and since the number of ops has grown considerably, now is probably a good time to change it Mar 26 09:40
*nirik covers his ears at vwbusguy- Mar 26 09:40
vwbusguy- roguedaemon, good point Mar 26 09:40
roguedaemon i felt pretty strange when you guys were voting on me while i was in the channel :) Mar 26 09:41
Southern_Gentlem roguedaemon, and it has been 32 weeks since we had any changes to the ops list Mar 26 09:41
roguedaemon even though i'm sure it was already diiscussed Mar 26 09:41
nirik yes, I think we said majority vote of current ops. Mar 26 09:41
vwbusguy- nirik, I'd say give _at least_ a week for feedback through email, -ops, etc. Mar 26 09:41
roguedaemon vwbusguy-: yeah that way we can get close to quorum Mar 26 09:42
roguedaemon or a reasonable target Mar 26 09:42
EvilBob so if a nominee can not get 12 + votes they are denied Mar 26 09:42
EvilBob when can they be nominated again? Mar 26 09:42
Southern_Gentlem active ops Mar 26 09:42
Southern_Gentlem yes Mar 26 09:42
EvilBob Oh so now there is another qualifier Mar 26 09:42
roguedaemon but not all ops know all candidates, so it might not be realistic to shoot for a % of ops Mar 26 09:42
nirik EvilBob: thats what we have said in the past. We have had no rules on re-nominations or anything like that. Perhaps we want to formalize the procedure now? Mar 26 09:42
EvilBob nirik: I think it would be a good idea before "feelings" get hurt Mar 26 09:43
vwbusguy- so 10 ops is half in that case, so 11 would be majority Mar 26 09:43
vwbusguy- right? Mar 26 09:43
*nirik notes that we are not a country... lets come up with rules that make sense, are fair and are not too complicated. Mar 26 09:43
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EvilBob vwbusguy-: there are 23 OPs, that makes 12 a majority Mar 26 09:43
roguedaemon  % of actual votes? Mar 26 09:43
vwbusguy- EvilBob, <Southern_Gentlem> active ops Mar 26 09:44
roguedaemon but do they all know the candidate? Mar 26 09:44
nirik active makes it more complicated... who is active? Mar 26 09:44
roguedaemon that might be difficult Mar 26 09:44
EvilBob vwbusguy-: and I say why doesn't everyone get to vote? Mar 26 09:44
Southern_Gentlem and i count 8 emergency ops in that list Mar 26 09:44
roguedaemon then theres time crossover Mar 26 09:44
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*nirik sees freenode is having problems today. Mar 26 09:44
fenris02 should it not be just existing ops voting? Mar 26 09:44
vwbusguy- EvilBob, everyone in #Fedora? Mar 26 09:44
Southern_Gentlem 23-8=15 so 8 or more Mar 26 09:44
EvilBob vwbusguy-: everyone in the ops list Mar 26 09:45
roguedaemon fenris02: but not everyone can vote. basically ops who dont know the candidate should not vote Mar 26 09:45
EvilBob vwbusguy-: active or not they have had a vote of confidence in the past Mar 26 09:45
zcat nirik, imo, new ops should 1) have stuck around #fedora for 1 or more release periods, with low burnout probability; 2) have slightly above average CLUE. 3) get a simple majority of active op votes, with a "good enough" fudge factor Mar 26 09:45
vwbusguy- EvilBob, I wasn't arguing against that, just repeating what has already been said Mar 26 09:45
roguedaemon zcat: +1 Mar 26 09:45
fenris02 roguedaemon, is it an objections list, or a confirmation list? (positive based, or negative based) Mar 26 09:46
*vwbusguy- doesn't want to play devil's advocate on this one Mar 26 09:46
nirik zcat: sounds fine, but 2 is subjectiive. ;) Mar 26 09:46
roguedaemon fenris02: positive probably Mar 26 09:46
vwbusguy- nirik, 3 is subjective Mar 26 09:46
zcat nirik, "im rm -rf'd everything last nite. lawl" Mar 26 09:46
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roguedaemon fenris02: the problem i see is that the negatives are never heard in open forum Mar 26 09:46
Southern_Gentlem nirik, and that comes in with a existing op nominating them Mar 26 09:46
Khaytsus erm, got busy Mar 26 09:46
Khaytsus What did I miss Mar 26 09:46
*vwbusguy- thinks labelling "active" and "inactive" ops could become tricky business, as seen with Amabssadors. Mar 26 09:47
*nirik doesn't like the idea of 'active ops'... it's too hard to quantify. Mar 26 09:47
icarus-c what about if we split the ops seat into 2 groups, 1 for current op and 1 for public? Mar 26 09:47
roguedaemon yep Mar 26 09:47
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vwbusguy- those labels can become counter-productive Mar 26 09:47
EvilBob active vs inactive is only going to bring it's own nightmares Mar 26 09:47
*Khaytsus puts away the labelmaker Mar 26 09:47
Khaytsus Can we also try to sync up the ops list with -social ? Mar 26 09:47
roguedaemon  % of actual votes Mar 26 09:47
Southern_Gentlem **shakes head** let me know when you nned me to vote Mar 26 09:48
Khaytsus I say ops go with a NPA. Net promoter score. Mar 26 09:48
roguedaemon Khaytsus: yeah so i can kick myself! Mar 26 09:48
*zcat is with Southern_Gentlem Mar 26 09:48
EvilBob roguedaemon: 70% of those that Vote I would think should be enough "fudge factor" Mar 26 09:48
Khaytsus You take the Positive votes, subtract the Negative votes, ignore the inpartial or non-votes. Mar 26 09:48
vwbusguy- do we need to vote on how we are going to vote? Mar 26 09:48
Khaytsus vwbusguy-: I vote no on that. Mar 26 09:48
vwbusguy- lol Mar 26 09:48
Khaytsus So we've voted to vote to vote Mar 26 09:48
nirik indeed. Mar 26 09:48
Khaytsus Wait, or not to Mar 26 09:48
Khaytsus 2B  !2b Mar 26 09:49
zcat vwbusguy-, i think we need first need to vote on forming a committee on voting on the vote Mar 26 09:49
Khaytsus zcat: Let's schedule a meeting on that Mar 26 09:49
vwbusguy- zcat, we haven't set up our by-laws yet!! Mar 26 09:49
nirik well, first, how about we decide if we should require a 1 week min on nominations? Mar 26 09:49
vwbusguy- nirik, +1 Mar 26 09:49
roguedaemon i used to know roberts rules of order in another lifetime... Mar 26 09:49
vwbusguy- as in +1 on at least a week of buffer time Mar 26 09:49
Khaytsus What's important is that new ops understand they provide the bacon for hte first month Mar 26 09:49
nirik ie, nominations should always be pending for a meeting to meeting period to give time for feedback? Mar 26 09:49
roguedaemon nirik: yes Mar 26 09:50
vwbusguy- Khaytsus, and beer Mar 26 09:50
Khaytsus vwbusguy-: too right Mar 26 09:50
roguedaemon fair warning to those that dont know the candidate Mar 26 09:50
linuxguru lol Mar 26 09:50
roguedaemon it worked well for me this time Mar 26 09:50
nirik so, we decide on these next week, then? Mar 26 09:50
roguedaemon oh Mar 26 09:50
Khaytsus Okay I'v egot some time during lunch, I need to run some tests on this live nv CD now if I'm going to. Mar 26 09:50
roguedaemon do we need to this time? Mar 26 09:50
vwbusguy- nirik, I at least feel confident fenris02 has been thoroughly vetter through -ops and email Mar 26 09:50
vwbusguy- nirik, also considering all the votes on him already through those means Mar 26 09:51
vwbusguy- *vetted Mar 26 09:51
-->drago01 ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 26 09:51
*vwbusguy- motions that unless someone else wants an extension we could finalize the position on fenris02 today Mar 26 09:52
roguedaemon lets just try the msg vote now and see what happens Mar 26 09:52
nirik I guess... confusing to try and count all the votes. ;) Mar 26 09:52
vwbusguy- roguedaemon, right now? Mar 26 09:52
roguedaemon nirik: count the tabs :) Mar 26 09:52
nirik we didn't decide if it's majority or not tho Mar 26 09:52
roguedaemon hrm yeah... Mar 26 09:53
nirik 33%? majority voting? Mar 26 09:53
roguedaemon 70% positive Mar 26 09:53
roguedaemon 33? Mar 26 09:53
vwbusguy- I'll suggest > 50%, including all ops Mar 26 09:53
roguedaemon 66% positive? Mar 26 09:53
nirik of all ops. Just a random number I picked. ;) Mar 26 09:53
vwbusguy- hasn't this been the standard in the past Mar 26 09:53
roguedaemon 2/3 vote Mar 26 09:53
vwbusguy- I believe it was when Khaytsus and I were voted on Mar 26 09:54
roguedaemon it was +5 Mar 26 09:54
nirik vwbusguy-: the problem with that is we have a number of ops that are not very involved anymore, so they don't usually vote. Mar 26 09:54
roguedaemon 2/3 of actual vote Mar 26 09:54
Khaytsus vwbusguy-: It seems they're rethinking that strategy Mar 26 09:55
nirik I could bug some of them and get them to vote, but they would be like 'ok, who is this? sure, if everyone else likes them.' Mar 26 09:55
Khaytsus vwbusguy-: It's your fault. Mar 26 09:55
roguedaemon so if 3 people vote and one is negative, theyre in Mar 26 09:55
vwbusguy- Khaytsus, damn Mar 26 09:55
nirik roguedaemon: ok, I would be fine with that... Mar 26 09:55
fenris02 should it not be 51% ? Mar 26 09:55
Khaytsus fenris02: worried? Mar 26 09:55
Khaytsus  :D Mar 26 09:55
vwbusguy- lol Mar 26 09:55
roguedaemon heh Mar 26 09:56
fenris02 Khaytsus, sweating buckets! (no, not for me. just generally.) Mar 26 09:56
nirik I'm ok with a 2/3rds... if 49% don't agree I think they are probibly not a good idea. Mar 26 09:56
EvilBob I don't think a simple majority should be enough Mar 26 09:56
Khaytsus Okay, I gotta run or I won't get to test this. Mar 26 09:56
-->openpercept (n=openperc@unaffiliated/openpercept) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 26 09:56
Khaytsus I'll bbiab Mar 26 09:56
fenris02 2/3rs is fine too, but 100% is a bit odd Mar 26 09:56
nirik in fact I was considering saying if anyone is -1 they are denined, but thats harsh and might get into personal things. Mar 26 09:56
vwbusguy- 2/3 of total ops on the list? Mar 26 09:56
vwbusguy- or 2/3 of responders Mar 26 09:57
roguedaemon 2/3 of actual votes Mar 26 09:57
nirik vwbusguy-: no. 2/3 who vote. Mar 26 09:57
vwbusguy- In general I motion that within a period of a week, ops can vote and those votes are counted Mar 26 09:57
EvilBob nirik: I think that should be fair Mar 26 09:57
nirik is that acceptable to everyone? Mar 26 09:57
vwbusguy- that way if someone misses the meeting or drops out early, etc they can still vote Mar 26 09:57
roguedaemon vwbusguy-: yes we need a longer term vote process to get them all Mar 26 09:57
*EvilBob bolts to get the Boy on the bus Mar 26 09:57
nirik vwbusguy-: yes. Mar 26 09:57
roguedaemon which is where the web thingy would be nice Mar 26 09:57
nirik well, you are never going to get everyone. ;) Mar 26 09:58
nirik I think a week is a fair time for people to consider and vote. Mar 26 09:58
fenris02 is there an email list that you could send out and give everyone days rather than minutes to vote? Mar 26 09:58
vwbusguy- if we give a time span for voting it kind of eliminates the problem of "inactive vs active" Mar 26 09:58
roguedaemon yep, fair warning to watch and vote Mar 26 09:58
nirik fenris02: yes, there is a irc-operators group in fedora account system with an alias Mar 26 09:58
roguedaemon fenris02: thats what we have to figure out Mar 26 09:58
vwbusguy- nirik, so if it can be tied to a FAS group, so only ops can get in and only get one vote, that would work well Mar 26 09:59
nirik vwbusguy-: I can ask if the CMS thng can do that... Mar 26 09:59
roguedaemon votes need to be non-public, and given enough time. those are the only real issues i see Mar 26 09:59
nirik in the mean time, I have the votes via email. Anyone who did not vote via email who wants to vote now, msg me. Mar 26 10:00
roguedaemon i think we have had enough time to vote on today's candidates Mar 26 10:00
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vwbusguy- Khaytsus, Southern_Gentlem - vote now by /msg nirik if you haven't voted by email already Mar 26 10:00
roguedaemon if there is anyone left to vote... Mar 26 10:00
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roguedaemon nirik: who are we voting for now Mar 26 10:01
nirik roguedaemon: well, fenris02 was proposed early this week, but linuxguru was proposed yesterday night/this morning, so I would prefer to wait until next week on him if it's ok with everyone? Mar 26 10:01
vwbusguy- nirik, works for me Mar 26 10:01
roguedaemon but he's been around forever, i just thought most would already know Mar 26 10:01
nirik roguedaemon: yeah, but having it go to the list and give time for people to comment is polite IMHO. Mar 26 10:02
vwbusguy- nirik, +1 Mar 26 10:02
roguedaemon ok Mar 26 10:02
roguedaemon it is in line with the proposed changes Mar 26 10:02
*vwbusguy- too Mar 26 10:02
nirik ok, so if my tally is right, I have 9 votes via mailing list/msg... let me recount to make sure. Mar 26 10:03
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vwbusguy- 9 votes total? Mar 26 10:03
Khaytsus Bleh, bad burn. Won't boot :( Mar 26 10:04
vwbusguy- nirik, I expressed my vote through both mediums, so make sure not to count me twice :-) Mar 26 10:04
-->Jeff_S ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 26 10:04
nirik yeah, I know. ;) Mar 26 10:05
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Southern_Gentlem vwbusguy-, i had already voted Mar 26 10:06
nirik yeah, we do need to do this differently... it gets confusing. ;) ok, so I see 9 votes (I think) saying +1, so fenris02 is approved as far as I can see. Mar 26 10:06
vwbusguy- 9 votes, all +1 ? Mar 26 10:07
roguedaemon as expected Mar 26 10:07
nirik ok, can someone mail the list about linuxguru. ;) Then we can vote next week on it. Mar 26 10:07
nirik vwbusguy-: yeah. Mar 26 10:08
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*vwbusguy- welcomes fenris02 heartily Mar 26 10:08
fenris02 thanks! Mar 26 10:08
roguedaemon not bad for a new guy Mar 26 10:08
nirik ok, any more on this? or shall we move on... Mar 26 10:08
Southern_Gentlem move on Mar 26 10:08
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roguedaemon doh! Mar 26 10:08
EvilBob so if "ALL" ops were counted as the pool it would have been a vote of non-confidence Mar 26 10:08
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Classes Mar 26 10:09
nirik EvilBob: correct. Mar 26 10:09
roguedaemon yeah, that wont work Mar 26 10:09
Khaytsus Whatever happened with the op info pages we talked about at one point? :) Mar 26 10:09
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Khaytsus Oh, ahem, nevermind :) Mar 26 10:09
nirik so a quick note about classes... happening again not this weekend, but weekend after. :) Please sign up for teaching if you can... we are always looking for teachers. Mar 26 10:09
nirik Classroom Mar 26 10:10
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - fedbot Mar 26 10:10
-->JSchmitt ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 26 10:10
Southern_Gentlem maybe if i am not drainbead by then Mar 26 10:10
nirik I have made a simple fedbot page with info on it... Fedbot Mar 26 10:10
vwbusguy- lol Mar 26 10:10
-->Nirmal (n=npathak@nat/redhat-in/session) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 26 10:10
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nirik feel free to add/modify or ask for more info on anything you would like to see there... Mar 26 10:10
*vwbusguy- needs to go, later. Mar 26 10:11
roguedaemon fenris02: read the freenode charter, and try hard to follow it, be your own example Mar 26 10:11
roguedaemon and our op ettiquette stuff Mar 26 10:11
Khaytsus And if you haven't been op on Freenode yet, god help you. Mar 26 10:12
nirik I would like sometime soon to play with the git version of supybot. That might allow us to do facts and such... anyone interested in helping with that see me. Mar 26 10:12
*fenris02 phears Mar 26 10:12
Khaytsus I still don't get the Freenode modes and stuff. Mar 26 10:12
Khaytsus Luckily my script does. :D Mar 26 10:12
nirik most everything you need can be done via the bot now as well... Mar 26 10:12
Khaytsus Of course there's fedbot and chanserv Mar 26 10:12
nirik ok, any further bot questions? Mar 26 10:12
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Khaytsus Will the bot call me Bill? Mar 26 10:13
roguedaemon i'm still clueless about the bot, havent been able to sit down and look at it and get used to it yet Mar 26 10:13
nirik roguedaemon: see the above page for some common commands, etc... Mar 26 10:13
roguedaemon k Mar 26 10:13
nirik Khaytsus: you could modify the code to have it do that I guess. ;) Mar 26 10:13
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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor Mar 26 10:14
*roguedaemon bookmarks Mar 26 10:14
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nirik ok, open floor. Any questions or concerns anyone would like to bring up? How's the channel been doing this last week? Mar 26 10:14
nirik oh, I forgot about stats: Mar 26 10:14
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nirik The libX11 thing was a big issue the other day. Hopefully it's fixed now in an update Mar 26 10:15
roguedaemon ops should keep composure, even while eating trolls Mar 26 10:15
nirik roguedaemon: totally agreed. Mar 26 10:15
linuxguru interesting stats over there ;) Mar 26 10:15
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nirik I was happy that #fedora could help out with the libX11 thing... we got the developer handing test builds to people seeing the issue to isolate it. Mar 26 10:16
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*vwbusguy- returns Mar 26 10:17
nirik I would love to see more of that kind of cooperation. Mar 26 10:17
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fenris02 nirik, libX11 from monday is the broken one, yes? has the newer one been pushed to -testing? Mar 26 10:17
vwbusguy- nirik, yeah, he fixed it pretty quickly too Mar 26 10:17
vwbusguy- fenris02, just got the email let me check Mar 26 10:17
jwb it's available now Mar 26 10:17
nirik fenris02: yeah, and not sure... I know it's been built. Mar 26 10:17
vwbusguy- yes Mar 26 10:17
vwbusguy- it's in updates-testing now Mar 26 10:17
jwb i pushed it today because i knew it was pissing people off Mar 26 10:17
nirik thanks jwb. ;) Mar 26 10:17
vwbusguy- just got pushed ~1h ago Mar 26 10:17
vwbusguy- very thanks jwb Mar 26 10:18
fenris02 jwb, pushed to updates, or -testing? Mar 26 10:18
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vwbusguy- -testing Mar 26 10:18
jwb to whatever the update was submitted for. -testing i think Mar 26 10:18
fenris02 jwb, Awesome. thanks Mar 26 10:18
vwbusguy- accd to fedora-test-list Mar 26 10:18
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nirik ok, anyone have anything else they want to bring up? Mar 26 10:19
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*nirik will close the meeting in a few unless someone has anything to bring up. Mar 26 10:20
EvilBob Oh Mar 26 10:21
nirik EvilBob: ? Mar 26 10:22
EvilBob We have a concept of how to vote in new ops, should there be a way to vote out existing ones? Mar 26 10:22
EvilBob Or is it once an op forever an op? Mar 26 10:22
nirik EvilBob: perhaps using the same procedure? op brings up a vote of no confidence on someone and then votes are collected and if they don't pass they are deoped? Mar 26 10:23
fenris02 non-responsive removal sort of thing you mean? Mar 26 10:23
EvilBob nirik: I would think that is fair Mar 26 10:23
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EvilBob Something to think about for anther meeting anyhow Mar 26 10:24
nirik I suppose we could look at removing the inactive ones at some point if we feel we have enough active ops to keep the channel covered all the time. Mar 26 10:24
nirik most of them were just saying they would be willing to come in and fix something if there was a problem and no regular ops are around, but we have pretty good coverage now a days. Mar 26 10:24
*nirik will close the meeting in a minute Mar 26 10:25
---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule Mar 26 10:26
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nirik thanks for coming everyone! Mar 26 10:26
roguedaemon cyaz Mar 26 10:27

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