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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - init process. Apr 30 09:30
nirik who all is here for the meeting? Apr 30 09:30
*thomasj Apr 30 09:30
*linuxguru is here Apr 30 09:31
*zcat Apr 30 09:31
*fenris02 Apr 30 09:31
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nirik ok, I guess we can get started... Apr 30 09:32
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Meeting time Apr 30 09:32
-->che (n=che@redhat/che) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 09:32
nirik It was pointed out that we just moved with DST... is this time still good with everyone? Or should we shift an hour? Apr 30 09:33
---mbonnet_ is now known as mbonnet Apr 30 09:33
*nirik is fine with now, or an hour from now most days. Apr 30 09:33
-->leigh123linux (n=leigh123@ has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 09:33
linuxguru shifting an hour will be good for me. Apr 30 09:34
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nirik linuxguru: +1 hour or -1 hour? Apr 30 09:34
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linuxguru +1 nirik Apr 30 09:34
nirik thats fine with me... anyone else? Apr 30 09:34
linuxguru its 9:03 pm here right now. Apr 30 09:34
*thomasj is fine with both Apr 30 09:34
linuxguru and i am mostly free at 10pm. Apr 30 09:34
-->spoleeba (n=one@fedora/Jef) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 09:35
nirik ok. Would be good to hear from more folks before moving, but then some of them might not be here now. ;) Apr 30 09:35
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nirik How about I try and poll folks over the next week as I see them and we move/don't move next week based on feedback from more people/ Apr 30 09:36
fenris02 either works equally well for me. (thu not being an ideal day) Apr 30 09:36
zcat toss up here. 10:30 or 11:30. ... 15:30 UTC Apr 30 09:36
nirik Southern_Gentlem / Sonar_Guy ? Apr 30 09:37
thomasj We just need to fix the 16:30 to 15:30 utc in -ops /topic for now. Confused me the last time :) Apr 30 09:37
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nirik thomasj: or just move to 16:30. ;) Apr 30 09:37
-->icarus-c (n=icarus-c@ has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 09:37
thomasj heh, or that :D Apr 30 09:37
fenris02 oh, so my cal was correct afterall? good to know Apr 30 09:38
nirik it sounds like most people are fine either way, but linuxguru would be happy with +1. Apr 30 09:38
nirik shall we try and just move next week and see how it works out? Apr 30 09:38
thomasj fenris02, yep Apr 30 09:38
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thomasj nirik, +1 Apr 30 09:38
linuxguru nirik, +1 Apr 30 09:38
nirik ok, lets give that a go then. Apr 30 09:39
nirik anything more on meeting time, or shall we move on? Apr 30 09:39
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linuxguru move++ Apr 30 09:39
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Classroom this weekend Apr 30 09:39
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nirik typical plug for classroom sessions this weekend... on saturday. Apr 30 09:40
zcat isn't class closed on account of the baconlung? :) Apr 30 09:40
nirik We are doing things a bit different this time. Basically the sessions can be any time saturday. Apr 30 09:40
nirik sign up for whatever time works for you for teaching. ;) Apr 30 09:40
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icarus-c nirik: that sounds cool Apr 30 09:41
<--kwizart (n=kwizart@fedora/kwizart) has left #fedora-meeting ("Quitte") Apr 30 09:41
nirik Classroom Apr 30 09:41
nirik well, I guess 2nd and 3rd... either day. Apr 30 09:41
nirik anyhow, if anyone wants to teach something, please sign up. Apr 30 09:42
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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - root irc users redirect Apr 30 09:42
nirik we are now redirect banning root irc users. They go to ##Dont-login-as-root. Apr 30 09:43
nirik this is a bit nicer than the normal ban before... Apr 30 09:43
fenris02 auto redirect for ?=root@* ? works nicely Apr 30 09:43
nirik anyone have any objections to doing this instead of the regular ban? Apr 30 09:43
linuxguru it's great thing actually IMO. Apr 30 09:44
thomasj nope Apr 30 09:44
zcat aye. LjL pointed out you just have to append "!#channel" to the banmask to have users redirected on rejoin Apr 30 09:44
zcat might help for persistent trolls too. speshul bans. Apr 30 09:44
thomasj nope == no objections Apr 30 09:44
thomasj zcat, would be nice, but trolls tend to use different ip's all the time.. sadly.. Apr 30 09:45
nirik ok, just wanted to note it and make sure no one saw any problem. Apr 30 09:45
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - F11 prep Apr 30 09:45
nirik mether has been working up some nice pages on the wiki about the upcoming release we should all be aware of/point users at when they are ready. Apr 30 09:46
nirik Fedora_11_FAQ Apr 30 09:46
nirik Ext4_in_Fedora_11 Apr 30 09:46
nirik and of course we have the always popular: Upgrading_from_pre-release_to_final Apr 30 09:46
linuxguru useful links , really. Apr 30 09:47
nirik I think we will start getting more questions on f11 as we get closer to release. Apr 30 09:47
linuxguru yeah. Apr 30 09:48
thomasj At what point should we start to support it? Final release-time or a bit earlier? Apr 30 09:48
nirik good question... Apr 30 09:48
linuxguru till now we are mostly re-directing traffic to #fedora-qa Apr 30 09:48
*thomasj is impressed how good F11 is at this stage Apr 30 09:48
nirik I think it might be a gradual thing... as we get closer to release we can try and answer more of the basic questions, etc... Apr 30 09:49
thomasj And preupgrade worked the first time awesome here :D Apr 30 09:49
nirik or we could do the cut over when the new fedora-release package comes out saying it's f11. Apr 30 09:49
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Southern_Gentlem i think we leave it up to the ones in the channel helping if they can help after the RC is released then they can otherwise send to #fedora-qa Apr 30 09:49
-->cassmodiah (n=cass@fedora/cassmodiah) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 09:50
nirik sounds reasonable. If you know/would like to assist, go for it... otherwise point to qa. Apr 30 09:50
thomasj +1 Apr 30 09:50
<--mintos has quit ("Leaving") Apr 30 09:50
linuxguru yeah , i agree. Apr 30 09:51
Southern_Gentlem +1 Apr 30 09:51
nirik ok, anything else we can do to prep for f11? Apr 30 09:51
thomasj get some valium i guess Apr 30 09:51
fenris02 there is one more release to go before final Apr 30 09:52
Southern_Gentlem i wont be here for release day Apr 30 09:52
nirik fenris02: well, rc's are not generally public... so not sure if there is any more releases before final Apr 30 09:52
linuxguru Southern_Gentlem, why? Apr 30 09:52
fenris02 ok Apr 30 09:52
linuxguru Southern_Gentlem, i believe you usually not prefer release days instead wait till the first re-spin , things get pretty stabilize by then Apr 30 09:52
Southern_Gentlem linuxguru, I am a state officer in my lodge and we are having our statewide convention that week Apr 30 09:52
Southern_Gentlem linuxguru, ope i will not install untill unity does a respin Apr 30 09:53
nirik ok, shall we move on? Apr 30 09:53
Southern_Gentlem nope Apr 30 09:53
Southern_Gentlem please Apr 30 09:53
linuxguru heh , okay. Apr 30 09:54
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - ops channel Apr 30 09:54
nirik so, did we ever decide any policy on the ops channel? who can idle there, etc? Or we just left it kinda open... Apr 30 09:54
Southern_Gentlem i am for keeping it open unless we need to have an "ops Court" situation Apr 30 09:55
linuxguru IMO not anyone should be idling in the ops channel Apr 30 09:55
zcat i think we left it at thomasj-is-still-the-bouncer Apr 30 09:55
-->LjL (n=ljl@unaffiliated/ljl) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 09:55
*thomasj is the alien Apr 30 09:55
-->smooge ( has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 09:56
nirik I personally don't care much... it's a bit rude to kick people who just want to see whats going on... but we don't want difficult people from the main channel hanging out (of course they could be kicked on a case by case basis) Apr 30 09:56
zcat i certainly won't kick anyone for idling there, but it would suck much more to have the channel invite only or password protected. Apr 30 09:57
thomasj Channel open is fine. Whats a reason to idle in there? Apr 30 09:58
nirik ok, how about we go to: anyone allowed, but if they cause issues, or if they are associated with an ip/nick that causes issues in #fedora they can be kicked/banned. Apr 30 09:58
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zcat # options for fiddling with freenode channels. invite exemptions, etc. Apr 30 09:59
nirik thomasj: just to see what ops talk about? Apr 30 09:59
*thomasj is still the alien and thinks -1 Apr 30 09:59
thomasj nirik, not a reason for me :) Apr 30 09:59
zcat temporary visa++ Apr 30 09:59
linuxguru i think if someone gets kicked or banned he can ask about it in -ops , or no? Apr 30 10:00
thomasj yes Apr 30 10:00
nirik thomasj: I can't see that it would be very interesting, but not sure why we should care if they want to watch Apr 30 10:00
nirik linuxguru: yep. Apr 30 10:00
linuxguru okay Apr 30 10:01
nirik anyone else want to chime in? Apr 30 10:01
Southern_Gentlem +1 Apr 30 10:01
thomasj nirik, we get channel the full more and more.. But i see it more like if i go into the boss office and sit down and idle, just to see what they talk about. Apr 30 10:01
thomasj Boss office is maybe not the best metapher. Apr 30 10:01
-->warren (n=warren@redhat/wombat/warren) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 10:01
thomasj *the channel Apr 30 10:02
linuxguru taking it on case by case basis sounds reasonable to me. nirik Apr 30 10:02
*thomasj should type slow Apr 30 10:02
Southern_Gentlem thomasj, my point is if we kick one person for parking we have to them all Apr 30 10:03
thomasj Southern_Gentlem, not to me, but i know what you mean. Apr 30 10:03
Southern_Gentlem at the moment we have 33 people in the channel if it gets over 50 we readdress this issue Apr 30 10:03
thomasj Southern_Gentlem, i would rather stop kicking people out, before we have to miss some of the non-ops. Apr 30 10:03
linuxguru Southern_Gentlem, or we can take it on case by case basis as suggested Apr 30 10:04
nirik case by case is fine, but the real question is what case is acceptable... 'I just want to idle here and see whats going on' is that acceptable? Apr 30 10:04
thomasj nirik, what is about a difference about "known" and "unknown" people? Like the one i kicked and banned lately. Hew was totally unknown and with a bad reason. Apr 30 10:05
thomasj *He Apr 30 10:05
nirik well, known by who? vouched for by someone? or ? Apr 30 10:05
thomasj nirik, at least known, by some of us? Apr 30 10:05
<--fbijlsma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Apr 30 10:06
linuxguru heh a regular on #fedora-social , #fedora maybe? Apr 30 10:06
thomasj like that Apr 30 10:06
thomasj Not a easy topic, just because of me.. Apr 30 10:07
nirik hum... well, I could see that perhaps... but someone who is unknown to us all might be a nice person who isn't causing any problems, etc. ;) Apr 30 10:07
linuxguru maybe in that case we can discuss with him his intentions. Apr 30 10:07
nirik we could try it I suppose... just make it that they have at least one person willing to vouch for them. Apr 30 10:08
linuxguru and judge according to that and our wisdom Apr 30 10:08
nirik yeah. Apr 30 10:08
<--sdziallas has quit ("Ex-Chat") Apr 30 10:08
thomasj one of us, to vouch for them Apr 30 10:08
nirik proposal: anyone is allowed as long as at least one op vouches for them. Apr 30 10:08
linuxguru +1 Apr 30 10:09
thomasj alright Apr 30 10:09
thomasj That leaves at least the zombies out Apr 30 10:09
zcat +1 if it comes to that Apr 30 10:09
thomasj +1 for that Apr 30 10:09
*nirik gets a nice container of brains to attract the zombies. Apr 30 10:10
<--ankit has quit ("Off for the day !!!") Apr 30 10:10
Sonar_Guy +0 Apr 30 10:10
Sonar_Guy sorry for being late Apr 30 10:10
linuxguru hi Sonar_Guy Apr 30 10:10
nirik no worries. :) Perhaps an hour later will work better for you next week? Apr 30 10:10
Sonar_Guy Nah just had a meeting that ran 2 hours longer than expected. Apr 30 10:11
nirik ok, anything more on this topic? or have we beaten it to death yet? Apr 30 10:11
thomasj ouch Apr 30 10:11
linuxguru nirik, heh. move++ ; Apr 30 10:11
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - stats Apr 30 10:11
nirik Apr 30 10:11
thomasj Since you got me, i guess it's death now ;P Apr 30 10:12
nirik a bit busier this week. Apr 30 10:12
nirik rute was popular. Apr 30 10:12
nirik does anyone know if there is anything like a second edition/updated rute? Apr 30 10:13
*linuxguru love stats Apr 30 10:13
Southern_Gentlem nirik, been looking for years it dont exist (at least as open source) Apr 30 10:13
nirik too bad. Someone should update it. Apr 30 10:13
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor Apr 30 10:14
linuxguru nirik, i guess we have a group in FAS? Apr 30 10:14
nirik anything anyone else would like to bring up? how have things been running? Apr 30 10:14
nirik linuxguru: yep. Well, for ops. Apr 30 10:14
linuxguru nirik, i am awaiting a approval :-) Apr 30 10:14
nirik oops. I thought I did that. let me fix that now. Apr 30 10:15
nirik linuxguru: whats your fas account name? Apr 30 10:16
linuxguru deepsa Apr 30 10:16
linuxguru .fasinfo deepsa Apr 30 10:16
zodbot linuxguru: User: deepsa, Name: Deependra Singh Shekhawat, email:, Creation: 2007-06-28, IRC Nick: linuxguru, jeevan_ullas, Timezone: Asia/Calcutta, Locale: en, Extension: 5101926, GPG key ID: 483B234C, Status: active Apr 30 10:16
zodbot linuxguru: Approved Groups: cla_done fedorabugs cla_fedora Apr 30 10:16
zodbot linuxguru: Unapproved Groups: irc-support-operators Apr 30 10:16
<--Sparks has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Apr 30 10:16
nirik got it. Apr 30 10:16
nirik ok, anything else for open floor? or shall we close out this week? Apr 30 10:17
-->openpercept (n=openperc@unaffiliated/openpercept) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 30 10:18
*nirik will close the meeting in 30sec if no one speaks up Apr 30 10:18
nirik thanks for coming everyone. Remember meeting will be 1 hour later next week! Apr 30 10:19
linuxguru thanks nirik Apr 30 10:19
---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule Apr 30 10:19

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