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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Init process. May 14 10:30
nirik who all is here for the meeting? May 14 10:30
-->kc8hfi (i=9db6b4cc@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #fedora-meeting May 14 10:30
*Southern_Gentlem May 14 10:30
*thomasj May 14 10:30
*zless (zcat) here on lappy May 14 10:31
*linuxguru is partially here May 14 10:31
-->maxamillion ( has joined #fedora-meeting May 14 10:32
nirik ok, I guess we can go ahead and get started. May 14 10:32
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - F11 May 14 10:32
nirik I would like to change the topic and start doing f11 support instead of pointing people at qa. May 14 10:32
nirik proposed topic: May 14 10:33
-->sgodsell (n=sgodsell@unaffiliated/sgodsell) has joined #fedora-meeting May 14 10:33
nirik F9 & F10 & F11(RC) Fedora End User Support | | | Be polite. Poll and be banned. | Get involved: | Offtopic -> #Fedora-social | F11 release: 2009-05-26 May 14 10:33
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Southern_Gentlem +1 May 14 10:33
thomasj +1 here May 14 10:33
linuxguru +1 May 14 10:33
zless +1 May 14 10:33
nirik or we could just say "F11" since if we say rc we are going to get peopel asking how to get the rc. May 14 10:33
thomasj hehe, yeah May 14 10:33
Southern_Gentlem PR May 14 10:34
nirik yeah, could say PR tooo. May 14 10:34
sgodsell how do you get the rc nirik  ;-) May 14 10:34
nirik or just F11... I guess we will get questions either way. May 14 10:34
nirik sgodsell: well, currently you don't, as there isn't one. ;) May 14 10:34
thomasj f11 +1 May 14 10:34
sgodsell I was just kidding May 14 10:34
-->fenris02 (n=dj@fedora/fenris02) has joined #fedora-meeting May 14 10:34
---stickster_food is now known as stickster May 14 10:35
Southern_Gentlem f11 pr or we get question who to get it before the release May 14 10:35
nirik ok, how about just F11 then? May 14 10:35
<--kulll_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) May 14 10:35
nirik ok, we can do PR. May 14 10:35
thomasj they will ask anyways May 14 10:35
*nirik shrugs May 14 10:35
nirik lets see how PR does and change as needed? May 14 10:36
*thomasj shrugs May 14 10:36
nirik ok, any other prep for F11 anyone can think of that we need to do? May 14 10:36
Southern_Gentlem seed the torrents May 14 10:37
sgodsell a good theme song is needed for F11 May 14 10:37
zless ati borkage in topic? May 14 10:38
che my openwrt router will seed all day long :) May 14 10:38
Southern_Gentlem sgodsell, the lion sleeps tonight May 14 10:38
nirik zless: yeah, possibly. I'm not clear whats going on there. we should ask and clarify at least May 14 10:38
sgodsell thats a good one Southern_Gentlem May 14 10:38
nirik I know the old one fails, but I thought they got the catalyst (?) version working? May 14 10:38
che just got a box today with a firegl May 14 10:39
thomasj not really yet.. May 14 10:39
che it looked like the open source drivers atleast for some cards are quite good already. May 14 10:39
*thomasj will ask kwizsrt and firewing later May 14 10:39
sgodsell Southern_Gentlem, have that as the default login song  ;-) May 14 10:39
<--kulll has quit (Connection timed out) May 14 10:39
thomasj gnah.. kwizart rather May 14 10:39
nirik ok, moving on unless someone has further on this topic May 14 10:40
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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Classroom May 14 10:40
nirik just a quick note that there is a classroom mailing list now... going to try and figure out classes and such moving forward. May 14 10:41
nirik feel free to join the list. May 14 10:41
nirik May 14 10:41
---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Stats May 14 10:41
-->MadBus (n=scott@fedora/vwbusguy) has joined #Fedora-meeting May 14 10:41
nirik as always. May 14 10:41
sgodsell oh, I should make a note here. On the aspire one or eeepc when I boot and install F11 to run off the sdhc card (/ root on the card). It wont run. May 14 10:42
sgodsell has anyone tried that May 14 10:42
nirik sgodsell: nope... I can tho... I have one with a sdhc in it... May 14 10:42
sgodsell good May 14 10:43
nirik so, nothing too exciting in stats... looks like a busier week than we have had in a while. May 14 10:43
nirik it's likely to just ramp up for f11 release. May 14 10:43
*sgodsell breaks out the whip May 14 10:43
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---nirik has changed the topic to: IRC Support SIG meeting - Open Floor May 14 10:44
nirik I didn't have much more. Anything anyone would like to bring up, suggest or comment on? May 14 10:44
Southern_Gentlem sgodsell, May 14 10:44
*zless just wants to note he won't be kicking anyone linking to f11 "leaks" next week(end). other ops may. May 14 10:44
MadBus Southern_Gentlem, that two screens spanned? May 14 10:45
nirik no, we agreed we shouldn't kick people for that I thought... but we should note that people should check sha and gpg carefully before installing from any such mirror. May 14 10:45
<--delhage has quit ( May 14 10:45
fenris02 sha256 now May 14 10:45
nirik yeah. May 14 10:46
EvilBob I have a comment May 14 10:46
kc8hfi oh, its sha256 now? May 14 10:46
MadBus yes May 14 10:46
sgodsell very nice May 14 10:46
nirik anyone object to that? unless people are disruptive repasting links or bothering people. May 14 10:46
nirik EvilBob: fire away. May 14 10:46
MadBus nirik, sounds good to me May 14 10:46
fenris02 need to update the verify-your-media pages May 14 10:46
MadBus nirik, I think it'd be great if there were plenty of seeders ready to release May 14 10:47
EvilBob Earlier this week XXXXX stopped in, some still have a target on his back, I think it is BS. Let it go, let him screw up then deal with it. May 14 10:47
-->delhage ( has joined #fedora-meeting May 14 10:47
EvilBob I think that should go for any "past problem" May 14 10:47
Sonar_Guy EvilBob: +1 May 14 10:47
nirik EvilBob: I completely agree. He's welcome as long as he's not disruptive or breaking any rules anyone else has to follow. May 14 10:47
MadBus works for me May 14 10:47
*thomasj has no problem with XXXXX back in #fedora May 14 10:47
EvilBob Let Khay... what ever know the policy if there is one May 14 10:48
*nirik notes that EvilBob broke the rule talking about specific users. ;) May 14 10:48
MadBus twice May 14 10:48
MadBus lol May 14 10:48
sgodsell when is the time to bring up something new to add into fedora. Like a new feature May 14 10:48
nirik in any case. I think it's fine people come back. We might want to watch them more closely if they have had issues in the past, but everyone is welcome. May 14 10:48
fenris02 sgodsell, when you think of it, file an RFE May 14 10:49
sgodsell ok May 14 10:49
EvilBob sgodsell: Fedora or #Fedora? May 14 10:49
sgodsell EvilBob, for Fedora May 14 10:49
sgodsell not the channel May 14 10:50
EvilBob sgodsell: May 14 10:50
Southern_Gentlem EvilBob, when i was in the channel with that person i said hi to him and i didnt see anyone else giving him a hard time May 14 10:50
nirik if it's an enhancement/improvement/change of a feature already in, yeah, file a RFE. If it's something you personally are willing to work on, contact the people who would be affected and make a feature page. May 14 10:50
thomasj New feature for fedora isn't a RFE IIRC, but i suffer on bad memory May 14 10:50
nirik ok, anyone have anything further to bring up? May 14 10:50
EvilBob Southern_Gentlem: it was not in channel it was in -ops that it was going on. May 14 10:50
MadBus if it's something you want to contribute, Review: May 14 10:51
fenris02 thomasj, there's a trac page for some items too ... but horribly inconsistent ime May 14 10:51
thomasj trac page was it, thanks May 14 10:51
MadBus if it's some feature you would like to see, but not a specific added package necessarily, RFE May 14 10:51
<--mbacovsk has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 14 10:53
EvilBob Ok this is OT for the meeting can we move on or out? May 14 10:53
*nirik will close the meeting in 30sec unless someone else has something. May 14 10:54
EvilBob Thanks All for what you do. May 14 10:54
-->drago01 ( has joined #fedora-meeting May 14 10:54
*MadBus reads back to May 9th May 14 10:54
MadBus this was late at night May 14 10:55
---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule May 14 10:55
MadBus err, maybe not late May 14 10:55
nirik thanks for coming folks! May 14 10:55

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