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Meeting Time



  • Maven-3 dependencies and update status (sochotni)
    • See MavenUpdate
    • All dependencies are reviewed, we have vanilla maven-3 srpms
  • Java packages to be monitored by the SIG (sochotni)
    • See MonitoredPackages
    • Please add yours if you'd like your commits to be double-checked
  • New packaging guidelines status (akurtakov)
  • SIG wiki main page updates/rework. Low hanging fruit for newcomers etc. (cspike, sochotni)



Status updates:

  • Maven 3 - work on custom resolver is starting
    • will publish git repo on java-devel in due time
  • Packages monitored by java sig
    • List is getting longer, once semi-finished akurtakov will ask for java-sig user to be created and added to these packages for watchcommits
    • agreed that commits will be sent to java-devel
  • New guidelines are shaping up, several new improvements suggested