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Meeting Time


  • Again small tweaks to guidelines
    • Addition of -maven-support subpackages (name is just an example) - these would pull in requires for use in maven (from pom files)
    • List all dependencies (even if provided by transitive deps) ?
  • Fedora 16 and further plans
    • Kill maven2 package
    • Finish tomcat6 migration (not that much left to do)
    • Finish tomcat(v7) integration and start moving to it
  • Eclipse Indigo
    • SDK status
    • Plugins updates
  • Java SIG tracker bug status
  • Open floor



  • Guidelines changes have been declined and we will try to solve some of the problem with technical fixes first.
  • We have agreed to kill maven2 ASAP. Currently targetting F-16 as no packages having Rs on maven2 and really killing it for F-17.
  • Move to tomcat 7 (and servlet 3.0 apis) should start during the F-16 period.
  • Announcement from JBoss about effort starting to put JBoss AS in Fedora. All help appreciated. Look for mgoldmann if you want to help.