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moixs So, let's switch to here for the marketing meeting :) 22:02
ianweller themayor: hi 22:02
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themayor hey 22:02
themayor were in here now? 22:03
stickster yup 22:03
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themayor okay that works 22:03
themayor thanks stickster for setting it up 22:03
* lcafiero has been here 22:03
mizmo hi 22:03
moixs Can someone else log the meeting too? I usually get disconnected at 23h (in 1h) because my room mate goes to bed and cuts the wifi ;) 22:03
moixs Just in case :) 22:04
ianweller zodbot also keeps logs 22:04
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MostafaDaneshvar hey 22:04
r0xc0rp Hey, I'm logging this too if it helps 22:05
moixs fine ;) 22:05
themayor okay are we all here? 22:06
ianweller (raise your hand if you're not here) 22:06
spevack Max 22:06
themayor roll call please 22:06
moixs Steven Moix 22:06
r0xc0rp Tiago Vieira 22:06
MostafaDaneshvar Mostafa Daneshvar 22:06
themayor okay so i assume thats that 22:07
* stickster . 22:07
themayor let me pull up the schedule 22:08
ianweller and mizmo is here too 22:08
mizmo yo 22:08
themayor Marketing_F11_schedule 22:08
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themayor im gonna give a brief go about my stuff and then follow up with people on theirs 22:09
themayor the talking points are done 22:09
themayor F11_Talking_Points 22:09
themayor stickster: you looked over these, anyone have any feedback? 22:10
* moixs is looking at them right now 22:10
stickster themayor: Did you fix the points I discussed with you Friday night? 22:11
moixs The separation between different types of users is fine 22:11
themayor stickster: yeah some of them i think, is there anything i missed? 22:11
* ianweller has read them and likes them 22:12
themayor anyone else? 22:13
spevack how much has actually changed since the Alpha version of them? 22:13
themayor or are people reading 22:13
* spevack consults the page history 22:13
themayor spevack: bits and pieces, i also added some stuff that i spoke to sticster about 22:13
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spevack stickster: do you want to follow up with jack post-meeting about any additional comments, so we can lock this page down for beta? 22:15
stickster spevack: Yeah, that sounds fine 22:15
stickster I don't want to block the rest of the agenda 22:15
stickster There's much to do! 22:15
stickster Jack, let's get together later on 22:15
themayor okay 22:15
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themayor okay ian, any updates on the banners and stuff? 22:17
themayor wanna tell everyone whats going on with them 22:17
ianweller for the pbook? 22:17
ianweller or something else 22:17
ianweller i'll assume picture book since that's the only thing i actually own on that page 22:18
themayor yeah 22:18
themayor the banner 22:18
ianweller banner has been imported into fedora-web.git and it's on the fp.o chrome 22:18
ianweller it has about a 1/3 probability of showing up 22:18
stickster ianweller: I saw that change go into git, awesome 22:18
ianweller the other 2/3rds is f10 and f11 alpha. so we'll leave those ;) 22:18
themayor havent seen one yet 22:18
ianweller s/is/are/ 22:18
stickster ianweller: Yeah, *somebody* will want that stuff too, maybe 22:19
themayor oooh i just saw 22:19
ianweller themayor: :D 22:19
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ianweller and picture book submissinos are now open. 22:19
ianweller i haven't checked the pictures category yet 22:19
themayor the three folders or envelope or whatever 22:19
ianweller but mdomsch has asked us to take a look at a couple of photos 22:19
ianweller they're on the talk page of that submitting page 22:19
themayor awesome 22:20
themayor so we are well on our way 22:20
ianweller yup 22:20
themayor please who ever hasnt blogged about it yet, please do so 22:20
ianweller yeah 22:20
ianweller flood the planet 22:20
themayor i will do one tonight 22:21
ianweller i'll also be lurking the upload log 22:21
ianweller see if any get in without adding the right categories 22:21
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themayor awesome 22:22
themayor let jus know 22:22
ianweller now we await as many pictures as possible 22:22
ianweller brno will bring quite a few in 22:23
ianweller also, we changed the submission policy slightly 22:23
themayor okay so we have on the schedule update the user testimonials 22:23
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* ianweller will wait until pbook comes up again ;) 22:23
themayor ianweller: ssorry go ahead, its good that it should be in the log 22:23
ianweller oh. ok 22:23
ianweller nicu and i were discussing the submission policy 22:23
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ianweller ther'es now a route for uploading an image if you don't have a release form, and if we would really like to use the photo, we'll ask the photographer to get one 22:24
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moixs (please refresh the schedule page, I made some changes) 22:24
ianweller this would be used for photos taken before the release forms existed 22:24
ianweller so that the photographer wouldn't have to get a form signed unless we were fairly certain that the photo was going in the book. 22:24
ianweller that's all i changed since spevack's changes shortly after the meeting last week 22:25
themayor okay great 22:25
ianweller we could still use mockups 22:25
ianweller :) 22:25
* ianweller hands the floor back to themayor 22:25
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* herlo is here 22:26
themayor okay so one of the tasks is to update the usertestimonials 22:26
spevack more specifically 22:26
spevack to give the page a fresh outlook 22:26
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spevack and either try to make it something current and maintainable 22:26
spevack or to retire it completely and Archive: it 22:27
spevack this came up last week 22:27
spevack but there is no owner 22:27
moixs As I said last week...too much work for too little right now. We are already lagging behind in this cycle and I don't see it as time well invested. 22:27
themayor yeah 22:27
moixs other opinions are welcome, but pick it up then :p 22:27
themayor i was wondering if anyone was interested 22:28
* spevack agrees that it is a lower priority, but wonders why we haven't tried to get someone to pick it up on the mailing list 22:28
themayor but if not we will move on 22:28
spevack an email with a vision for what we want the page to be, asking for volunteers 22:28
moixs I have a suggestion about this 22:28
spevack go ahead 22:28
moixs As I quickly told you last week, we are going to work on Fedora's positioning and marketing at school (confirmed today) 22:29
* spevack remembers 22:29
moixs I can pick up this task there, and discuss what the purpose of this page should be 22:29
moixs come up with ideas etc 22:30
moixs This can already help to clarify what it should be, before searching an owner 22:30
themayor moixs: do you want to do that one the list and see if anyone wants to help you with it 22:30
moixs themayor: at the moment, I'd like to keep it silent, for the next 3 weeks or so. 22:31
themayor okay so shall we move it down on the schedule 22:32
moixs themayor: but I can temporary take ownership of it 22:32
themayor okay so i am moving it into the next step 22:32
themayor err, nect phase 22:32
themayor and putting your name on it 22:32
moixs done 22:32
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themayor okay great 22:32
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moixs themayor: I added a last point to the beta phase 22:33
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themayor okay great 22:33
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=-= che__ is now known as che 22:33
themayor next topic 22:33
themayor the in depth feature focus 22:33
* spevack perks up 22:34
spevack F11_in-depth_features 22:34
themayor yes 22:34
spevack sorry to interrupt, carry on :) 22:34
themayor thanks max for putting them up 22:34
themayor stickster has already started work on one of them 22:35
themayor i should have a decent version of the kernel mode setting stuff tomorrow aftrenoon 22:35
stickster PackageKit_in_Fedora_11 22:35
themayor i was hoping to have it to day but kristian was too busy 22:35
* stickster put his interview on the wiki and hughsie will finish it when he's got time 22:35
themayor okay so there are a few that are not picked up yet 22:36
themayor volume control 22:36
themayor and virt improved console 22:37
themayor we should really be on top of these 22:37
stickster themayor: I think what's needed is email to the list to explain to people what exactly we want them to do to pick up a featue. 22:37
stickster *feature 22:37
spevack was there any discussion of these on the list between last week and tonight? 22:37
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themayor aside from the brief thing on friday based on what i sent out in the weekend thing no 22:38
themayor you want me to send out something? 22:38
* spevack thought we talked about that on thursday 22:38
spevack so... yeah 22:38
themayor no we said i was going to work on mine 22:39
themayor we didnt say send something to the list 22:39
themayor at least not that i recall 22:39
themayor sorry if im mistaken 22:39
spevack well, let's get some list discussion 22:39
themayor okay ill send that out after the meeting then 22:39
spevack themayor: i think the idea was to get started on yours, and use that as a template to generate some discussion on the list and hopefully get other people to see "oh, I can do one too!" 22:39
spevack kind of like what stickster did 22:39
themayor yeah i asked kristian for some time 22:40
stickster I'm not saying my page is perfect, but if you think mine works OK, it's up for using as a template. 22:40
stickster In fact, if anyone has some ideas for how to improve mine, I would love to do so 22:40
themayor its good its a start 22:40
spevack ok, so we need an email to the list that shows the main f11 in-depth feature page, stickster's example page showing a work in progress that has just started, and asking for volunteers for the others 22:40
themayor sure 22:41
themayor and i will post my page tomorrow right after the readiness meeting 22:41
moixs Be sure to explain the difference between the talking points and the in-depth pages in the e-mail. It's not obvious right now. 22:41
spevack brilliant 22:41
spevack moixs: that is true, as evidenced by the thread last week on the list, i think Rahul started it, and stickster and i chimed in 22:42
themayor moixs: absolutely, weve spoke about it before but i will do so again 22:42
moixs Are we done with the short-term task list? 22:43
themayor one last quick thing 22:43
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* herlo suggests we put these pages into a category so we can all pick and choose from them in one central place 22:44
themayor tomorrow, we are having the beta readiness meeting 22:44
themayor herlo: the in depth features? 22:44
herlo yes 22:44
herlo themayor: it's simple, a category will help those who want to take one but don't know what's there to take. 22:44
stickster herlo: That's funny, I was thinking the same thing 22:44
herlo like me 22:44
herlo :) 22:45
themayor stickster: are you game for doing that or do you need some help? 22:45
stickster herlo: Maybe I can move that page properly. Let me try. 22:45
herlo well, it just needs a [Category:F11 In Depth Feature]] (or similar) tag at the bottom 22:45
themayor yeah 22:45
themayor and then each page needs one as is created 22:45
herlo then everyone can go to /wiki/Category:F11_In_Depth_Feature and see the list 22:46
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herlo themayor: yes, and if you make dummy pages with nothing on them, it's easy to find and create content for those who want to help 22:46
themayor yup 22:47
* herlo missed most of last week's meeting, but wants to help. Where's the list of features to work through? 22:47
themayor herlo: whats left is volume control 22:48
themayor and virt improved console 22:48
herlo oh 22:48
herlo is there a list? 22:48
themayor yes 22:48
spevack F11_in-depth_features 22:48
herlo I can go through and update the pages iwth the category on them really quick 22:48
themayor F11_in-depth_features 22:48
themayor thanks spevack 22:48
stickster herlo: OK,done 22:48
stickster 22:49
herlo stickster: sweet! 22:49
* herlo also wants to point out that it seems like double effort to create a page with that info and have a category page, since category pages can have content too 22:50
herlo I wonder if anyone would be opposed to moving the content from the F11_in-depth_features page to the F11_in-depth_features category page? 22:50
spevack whatever works 22:50
herlo well, it's already done this time, so I don't want to step on anyone's toes 22:50
stickster herlo: Already eon 22:50
stickster *done 22:51
* herlo double looks 22:51
herlo so it is 22:51
* herlo missed that point before, even though he looked at it 22:51
herlo okay, ignore me, I'll go and make those pages show up on the category page... 22:51
themayor okay 22:52
themayor so next 22:52
themayor the beta readiness meeting is tomorrow 22:52
themayor does anyone want me to bring up anything 22:53
moixs not really on my side 22:53
themayor this is going to be an opportunity to talk with art and docs also about anything we need to coordinate 22:54
themayor thats really what i hope to get out of it 22:54
stickster themayor: Exactly, it's not just "are we ready," but "are we missing anything that we need from some other team, or are they missing something from us" 22:54
themayor yup 22:54
=-= mizmo is now known as mizmo-out 22:55
stickster OK, sounds like that's a big silence == "no" 22:56
themayor yeah 22:57
themayor alright 22:57
themayor so other than that, lets talk about the picture book real quick, although we really got everything in 22:57
ianweller PICTURE! 22:57
stickster BOOK! 22:57
ianweller ,,, 22:58
ianweller oh ok you got it 22:58
ianweller umm i think i talked everything i needed to earlier in the meeting. any questions? 22:58
themayor we also have things for next week, we should make sure people have their names by them 22:59
stickster What's up for next week? 22:59
moixs On the task list you mean? We are pretty much set. 23:00
* stickster looks at schedule 23:00
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moixs On a quick note, I asked people who subscribed to the news dis. network to update Marketing_press_publications 23:00
moixs i have to kick the germans, hindis and spanish. I'll do it tomorrow 23:00
moixs For the other languages, the list is pretty good 23:01
moixs eof 23:01
themayor brief famsco on stuff 23:01
themayor who here goes to the famsco meetings? 23:01
stickster I think spevack is usually at them 23:01
themayor max can you pick that up then? 23:02
themayor i think he left 23:03
themayor anyway 23:04
themayor we are over time already 23:04
moixs ok, let's call it a day then :) 23:04
themayor lets call it a day, we have stuff to do for next week 23:05