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themayor This is the Fedora Marketing Meeting 22:01
herlo .fas herlo 22:01
zodbot herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <> 22:01
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themayor anyone else joining us? 22:02
* GeroldKa wants if allowed 22:02
themayor hmmm, yanstadel and e1luca are supposed to be here 22:02
spevack i'm here 22:03
themayor hey mac 22:03
GeroldKa yes, but only because you hung up the phone :-) Max 22:03
spevack heh 22:03
GeroldKa Oh, MacMax 22:03
themayor Mad Max 22:03
GeroldKa wasn't it MAD Max 22:04
GeroldKa *bg* 22:04
spevack Going Mad 22:04
GeroldKa it's a kind of metamorphose :-P 22:04
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spevack themayor: let's roll 22:06
spevack i guess 22:06
spevack ianweller: ping 22:06
themayor yup 22:06
themayor okay 22:06
themayor so next week is the rc meeting 22:06
moixs (please reload Marketing_F11_schedule, I just updated some points) 22:06
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moixs And what are you going to discuss themayor, who is attending? 22:08
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themayor one second ill paste the list 22:08
spevack themayor: weren't you planning on some additional meetings w/ art team and docs to coordinate? 22:08
themayor Ambassadors -- David Nalley 22:08
themayor Artwork/Design -- Máirín Duffy 22:08
themayor Documentation -- Eric Christensen 22:08
themayor FESCo -- Jon Stanley 22:08
themayor Fedora Engineering Manager -- Tom "Spot" Callaway 22:08
themayor Fedora Project Leader -- Paul Frields 22:08
themayor Infrastructure -- Mike McGrath 22:08
themayor Marketing -- Jack Aboutboul 22:09
themayor Quality -- James Laska 22:09
spevack it would be a good idea to do that before the RC meeting 22:09
themayor Release Engineering -- Jesse Keating 22:09
themayor Translation -- Diego Búrigo Zacarão 22:09
themayor Websites -- Ricky Zhou 22:09
themayor Facilitator -- John Poelstra 22:09
themayor yes i already spoke to diego a couple of times 22:10
themayor its been hard getting mo to find free time 22:10
themayor but i will talk to her by then 22:10
themayor the truth, i might go to westford 22:10
themayor because we also need pics for the picture book 22:10
* moixs still needs to upload one 22:11
themayor yes please do 22:11
themayor anyway 22:11
themayor lets move quick 22:11
themayor so the meeting is next week 22:11
themayor basically what happens at the meeting is we try and see if anyone has any big blockers 22:12
themayor and if any team is waiting on another team 22:12
themayor we arent waiting on anyone for release stuff 22:12
themayor and i dont think anyone is waiting on us 22:12
moixs okay, seems reasonable :) 22:12
themayor the big thing i really wanted to talk about was the release announcement 22:13
themayor and the press kits 22:13
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themayor i would like to have them finalized in the next couple of weeks and passed on to translation 22:13
themayor and have art look them over 22:13
moixs For the final release you mean? 22:13
themayor yes 22:13
themayor this is all for final 22:14
themayor anyway, would like to see US work on the release announcement and related stuff this time 22:14
themayor i think that is our responsibility and we shouldnt have to chuck it on other groups 22:14
moixs okay, I already made a release announcement, but in FR as usual. I meade 2 of them in fact...technical and non technical. 22:14
themayor also thats the fun stuff to do 22:14
themayor well the release announcement isnt supposed to be technical too much 22:15
themayor just like all the other ones 22:15
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moixs yes, it's moderatly technical :p 22:15
moixs yes 22:15
themayor yeah moderately 22:15
themayor spevack: doesnt jesse do them now? 22:15
spevack no 22:16
spevack docs writes them 22:16
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spevack jesse just adds a little blurb on the top 22:16
moixs yep, they did for beta 22:16
spevack that is how it was for F11 beta, f13 can confirm 22:16
themayor yeah okay good, thats what i thought 22:16
spevack f13 gets to do the fun part :) 22:16
themayor lucky bashterd 22:16
f13 I gotta get some perks 22:16
f13 being up at 4~am sucks 22:17
themayor hahaha, sorry 22:17
themayor anyway 22:17
moixs Btw, it's perfectly fine for docs to do these, if they communicate witht the translation teams. 22:18
themayor i think much like the talking points, we need to have a one pager like "What You Need to Know About F11" 22:18
moixs We "just" have to activate the NDN at the end 22:18
themayor okay so is that what we want to do 22:18
themayor yes 22:18
themayor last time we did well 22:18
moixs yep 22:18
themayor we need to meet with everyone the day before the release 22:18
moixs I faced one problem for the beta 22:19
moixs I wasn't completely aware which translations were made, so the portuguese translated the text 2 times... 22:19
themayor okay so maybe we should add a checklist 22:19
moixs So it would be nice to have links to all the translations 2-3 days before :D 22:19
moixs lesson learned :D 22:20
themayor okay so how about we set a 1 week deadline 22:20
moixs you should really handle it in the RC meeting 22:20
moixs I think 22:20
themayor no im saying 1 week before the release to have everything 22:20
moixs ah, 2-3 days is enough 22:21
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themayor and yes, i will talk with diego before the RC meeting 22:21
moixs (k) 22:21
themayor moixs: yeah if we say 1 week itll happen 2-3 days before right 22:21
moixs :D 22:21
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moixs What we need is 22:22
themayor okay 22:22
themayor yeah 22:22
themayor go ahead 22:22
moixs 1) When the docs produce the release announcement 22:22
moixs 2) If translation can provide all the NDN languages in time 22:23
moixs and that's about it 22:23
themayor okay i will talk to diego on friday about it 22:23
themayor and art 22:23
themayor idk art seems to be hard to get in touch with 22:23
themayor they are soooo busy with stuff 22:24
moixs yup, for the press kit we need some form of "finalized" art 22:24
moixs and for the screenshots page :p 22:24
themayor we need them to go over what we come up with to make sure we are using the logo properly, etc 22:24
moixs too 22:24
themayor okay so right now, lets make a task list of thing we are working on need to get done 22:25
themayor moixs: you want to go first? 22:25
moixs okay 22:25
moixs The most urgent thing are the press kits IMO. As you have probably seen, there are some available in FR 22:26
moixs There is also one in EN 22:26
themayor correct 22:27
moixs Somehow, we need to mix them and translate the lot :D 22:27
themayor okay 22:27
themayor so you sent me the press kits today 22:27
moixs First question I see: which format? 22:27
themayor pdf and on the web 22:27
moixs yep, to you and herlo, so you het an idea how they look like 22:27
* herlo is looking forward to them 22:28
themayor okay, i have the pdf of the stuff 22:28
themayor i will get those translated 22:28
themayor and merged in with what we have 22:28
themayor im going to be working on the press kit this weekend 22:28
moixs If we want to print them, we need some weeks (print + distribution to the right people) 22:28
themayor i hope to have the first solid "beta" next week 22:29
moixs so the delay is quite short 22:29
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themayor okay anything else from you 22:30
moixs Do you want to taky my design for the printed kits and yours for the web kits? 22:30
moixs I'm done :) 22:30
themayor yeah sounds good 22:30
themayor anyway what we are working on is standard page layout 22:31
moixs I'll provide the SVG files as soon as I have them 22:31
themayor yours is more complex but better to hand out 22:31
themayor okay i look forward to seeing them 22:31
moixs yes, it was designed only for that 22:31
themayor other than the press kits, is there anything else of importance? 22:32
themayor thats a big focus as it should well be 22:32
themayor i was hoping yanstadel would be here to talk about what he is doing with the faces of fedora stuff too but he isnt 22:32
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* herlo has one thing to mention 22:33
themayor yeah b ro 22:33
herlo but it's not really related to release stuff 22:33
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herlo it's about Fedora Classroom, and a request for promotion from Marketing. 22:33
themayor okay go 22:33
herlo we're going to be changing the way it works from two sessions scheduled to a whole day of presentations, once a month 22:34
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herlo the goal is to focus on those who are less familiar with the tools in Fedora. We've been looking at #fedora and as our main focus. 22:34
herlo this is so we can bring more contributors (hopefully) through that channel 22:35
herlo but we were wondering if there was a good way to promote this easily and through the same distribution channels used by Fedora Marketing. 22:35
herlo thoughts? 22:35
moixs You want to find people to give classes, right? 22:35
herlo and people to attend, yes 22:36
herlo we're looking to the Linux community at large here, at least I think that's where we want to go 22:36
herlo currently, it's more of a limited scope. It'd be a perfect op to get new contributors excited about certain topics 22:36
moixs I think that your best bet would be to contact different community Fedora websites (I can handle it for fedora-fr) 22:37
moixs and ask them to post a news 22:37
moixs or put a sticky on the forums 22:37
herlo yeah, that could work. 22:37
moixs But it doesn't really fit the standard distribution channels 22:38
moixs (I think) 22:38
herlo I'm hoping that this wouldn't just be for Fedora Classroom, however. I can see this being a more general approach to marketing Fedora overall. Think about all the services we provide and maybe we could do a spotlight or something once a month/quarter in Fedora classroom. 22:38
herlo anyway, it's just a thought, I'd like to leave it like thsi for now, and get some people mulling it over and talk next time 22:39
moixs Oh yes, this isn't a problem...for these kind of things we can use the NDN 22:39
herlo thanks themayor 22:39
herlo thanks moixs 22:39
themayor herlo: its good 22:39
herlo :) I'm glad you guys like the idea... 22:40
themayor i think also doing something on marketing once a month is a good idea if people want to hear it 22:40
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moixs But we need a complete "story" about the classrooms then, to make interesting :D 22:40
herlo moixs: I agree 22:41
* herlo will be working on that 22:41
themayor okay so herlo you want to work on that end of things and put something up on the wiki by next meeting? 22:41
moixs herlo: fine, for the distribution it needs to be in the next 12 weeks or 2-3 weeks after the F11 release. Too much stress on the media otherwise :p 22:42
herlo I will do my best yes 22:42
moixs 1-2, not 12 22:42
herlo moixs: yeah, just putting the seeds in now, to get started 22:42
themayor yes, but for now its good to start planting some seeds on the wiki 22:43
themayor herlo: exactly :) 22:43
herlo yep 22:43
* herlo has a general plan in mind, so I'll start with Fedora Classroom as an example. 22:44
moixs Ok, next point? 22:44
moixs I want to release the "(Wiki) Own, clean, revitalize UserTestimonials" task. I picked it up to discuss its usefulness with my class during the last weeks. 22:45
moixs We discussed about it :) 22:45
moixs And considered it useless with our current manpower (or lack of) 22:45
moixs Any comments? 22:45
themayor yes 22:46
themayor i think we should go ahead and do it 22:46
themayor i started getting testimonials 22:47
moixs can you take ownership of it? 22:47
themayor so put it under my name 22:47
moixs ok, I'll change it on the wiki, thanks :) 22:47
themayor no problem 22:48
moixs done 22:48
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themayor okay thats fine 22:49
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themayor alright, i guess the main overbearing things are press kits and we have part of that done already 22:49
moixs I also added you for the press kit task 22:50
moixs yep 22:50
moixs looks like we are done for this meeting? 22:50
themayor yup, alright, im going to aim for next week to have them at a solid beta point looking for people to overlook them 22:50
themayor and then we can move from there to post-release tasks 22:50
themayor it sounds good 22:50