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ianweller #startmeeting Fedora Marketing 20:01
ianweller #chair themayor 20:02
ianweller :) 20:02
ianweller where's the list of people themayor usually pings lol 20:04
themayor im here 20:04
themayor i usually ping moixs, mizmo, herlo, err who else 20:04
themayor inode0: ping 20:05
themayor jds2001: ping 20:05
themayor anyway 20:06
themayor lets just get started 20:06
themayor okay so basically i wanted to discuss as a follow up from last weeks meeting 20:08
themayor there has been some action on foobar 20:08
mizmo yoyo 20:08
themayor rahul and some others have been working on news.fp.o, or they were actually and there was no traction for a while 20:08
themayor so after some confusion, rahul sort of agreed we should ditch that 20:09
ianweller is foobar the name or just the codename we're working with 20:09
themayor just the codename 20:09
ianweller ok 20:09
themayor we havent picked a name yet, but as you can see many have been offered 20:09
themayor i dont think its important to pick a name right now, before we start getting things together, maybe next week we can spend time picking a name 20:10
themayor mizmo: have you seen the wiki page 20:10
ianweller understood 20:10
mizmo themayor: last week i did im guessing theres more content since then? 20:10
themayor some, i dont know when you looked at it 20:10
themayor anyway so basically jonrob, you are back in action? 20:11
JonRob i'm on summer vacation now, yeah :) 20:11
ianweller #topic foobar 20:11
themayor okay, great, and i take it you intend to help with project foobar then? 20:12
JonRob i would love to 20:12
JonRob i worked pretty hard and long for news.fp.o, so if we can get its natural successor up and running, i'd be very happy 20:12
themayor awesome alright 20:12
themayor yeah i think this new project has alot of potentiak 20:13
themayor okay so all that being said, i think we should try and do 2 things today 20:13
themayor first, see if we want to add anything to the goals, or direction of the project while we are still in the early phases 20:14
themayor and then second, lets start figuring out some action items and gettting the ball rolling 20:14
themayor sound good? 20:14
ianweller sure 20:15
mizmo themayor: i want a rawhide weather report lol 20:16
themayor we can do that 20:16
themayor lol 20:17
themayor something to talk to jesse about 20:17
ianweller that's one of the proposals i think 20:17
ianweller determining how rainy rawhide is 20:17
themayor the project is great because i think each sub group can manage their own thing too 20:17
themayor okay so first up, everyone pull up the wiki page and tell me if you think we need to add anything" 20:17
themayor ? 20:17
JonRob Some kind of editorial role to ensure quality of content? 20:18
JonRob if this is to be the face of fedora to the outside world, everything needs to be spot on 20:18
themayor yes sort of 20:18
ianweller how are we going to increase the amount of video/audio production 20:19
themayor i think what we will have is an editorial board responsible for monitoring each section, and the respective team 20:19
themayor ianweller: i am going to work alot on content production 20:19
JonRob themayor: yeah, exactly 20:19
themayor and we will get others 20:19
themayor we already have people doing it 20:20
themayor and when people see this flourish they will be interested in jumping on board 20:20
JonRob i wouldn't underestimate how hard getting enough content will be 20:20
JonRob i've been involved with both fedora tv and news.fp.o 20:21
themayor JonRob: thats why i suggested a journal style 20:21
JonRob and both struggled with that side of things 20:21
JonRob as did RHM 20:21
JonRob what do you mean by journal, and how do you think that will help? 20:21
themayor because it gives us a fairly large windows to aggregate and/or produce larger pieces 20:21
themayor hrm, journal, i think mizmo described it best in the meeting, mo do you remember what you said that day? 20:22
JonRob oh, you mean like a monthly magazine? 20:22
themayor something like that 20:22
JonRob ok i see what you mean by that 20:22
themayor like big pieces less often and smaller pieces more often 20:22
themayor so for example 20:22
themayor fedora weekly news, that continues as is 20:22
themayor or whatever the news team ends up wanting to do with it 20:22
mizmo well one thing i remember mentioning in the meeting is that there might be a regular schedule for things 20:23
themayor yes 20:23
themayor so for example every week we have weekly news 20:23
mizmo like the 1st week of each month is 'contributor interview week' 20:23
ianweller "planet fridays" 20:23
mizmo we pick a contributor and do an interview 20:23
themayor on a week 1 we have some audio 20:23
themayor yes exactly 20:23
themayor and its all just flows together 20:23
JonRob this is more or less the plan we had for news.fp.o, except spacing it out into weeks instead of days is a good idea! 20:23
themayor i wont lie, it will take probably 2-3 months to seed alot of stuff on there 20:23
themayor but at that point we will be on all cylinders 20:24
themayor if we set up things on a schedule and we have a month to prepare them, it takes alot of pressure off 20:24
themayor and it helps organize things 20:25
themayor i think alot of the issues now are we know what we need to do, but not always by when, and we often end up doing things a 2-3 days before we need them when we could easily expand that timetable which would aid us tremendously 20:25
themayor also aggregating pieces while distributing editorial control helps alleviate a "managerial" burden of producing/distributing stuff and also gives that specific team more control 20:26
JonRob themayor, have you asked rhm team about their experiences? 20:27
JonRob enquired if they were interested in getting involved? 20:27
themayor JonRob: honestly no because many of them are busy and they have a certain focus 20:28
themayor i dont want to distract them 20:28
themayor and they have responsibilities to that 20:28
themayor we can always let them get involved after 20:29
JonRob ok that's fair, i guess it's for each person to come to the project themselves 20:29
themayor and right now, we are building infrastructure and setting up, i would rather not tack more onto their workload 20:29
themayor people are already overloaded 20:29
themayor anyway so with regard to goals stuff we are solid on that right? 20:31
themayor no one wants to add anything 20:31
themayor you guys with me? am i talking too fast lol? 20:32
JonRob all is good 20:32
themayor okay so now action plan 20:32
mizmo i think im good 20:32
themayor what do we do this with? 20:33
themayor wordpress, drupal 20:33
ianweller drupal has really iffy security. 20:33
themayor we can do all this in wordpress i think? 20:33
ianweller yes 20:33
mizmo wordpress++ 20:33
themayor didnt we look at wordpress for news.fp.o 20:33
JonRob yeah 20:33
JonRob and wordpress is probs the best way to go 20:33
ianweller be sure to check with infrastructure. 20:33
JonRob has a big advantage being pre-packaged, a requirement of the infra team 20:34
ianweller we need to work with them every step of the way 20:34
themayor back then it wasnt mature and we tried a few time to do things with what was the open source hosted wordpress think ibiblio did called 20:34
ianweller so that they don't get surprised at the last minute 20:34
JonRob and they've already been experimenting with deployments 20:34
themayor yeah okay so lets set out what we need 20:34
ianweller JonRob: they're presently experimenting with a blogs.fp.o using wordpress-mu 20:34
JonRob might also be worth investigating working with docs et al on zicular 20:34
themayor isnt it zikula? 20:35
JonRob ianweller: and we had many different test instances up for news.fp.o 20:35
JonRob themayor, perhaps, it's a strange word i don't know how to spell! 20:35
themayor yeah im pretty sure its zikula lol ;) 20:35
JonRob if we worked with docs 20:36
ianweller zikula <-- that 20:36
JonRob it would lighten the load on us, docs and infra 20:36
themayor yes we are going to 20:36
themayor i spoke to sparks a couple of times 20:36
ianweller (fwiw i'm working on a relatively similar project at my school's newspaper with their website) 20:36
themayor ianweller: can we see? 20:36
ianweller well the html is about 5% complete so no :) 20:36
ianweller it'll be new as of uhhh hopefully late august 20:37
ianweller running wordpress. 20:37
themayor hahaha 20:37
themayor okay 20:37
abadger1999 wordpress or zikula... I'm really loving the zikula devs lately (they are very open to making changes to satisfy packaging guidelines and helping the docs team with custom plugins) 20:37
themayor well we need 3-4 things to happen then 20:38
themayor 1. talks to infrastructure about what platform to use 20:38
mizmo wordpress has a nice podcast plugin thingy that makes it easy to do podcast posts 20:38
mizmo but i dont know anything about zikula 20:38
themayor thats why we have infrastructure 20:38
themayor 2. we need to talk to news and figure out who they want to tie in to all this 20:39
themayor 3. we need to talk to docs and figure out a publication list and fit that into a schedule 20:40
themayor and 4. i forgot but im sure someone else can think of something 20:40
ianweller 4. donuts 20:42
themayor lol 20:42
ianweller thought of something ^_^ 20:42
themayor anyway, does anyone want to talk to infrastrtucture about platform 20:42
themayor whoa, an asian girl just showed up on my screen after ian's last line 20:43
themayor whoa 20:43
* ianweller ctcp versions themayor 20:43
ianweller oh, that would explain it 20:43
ianweller mac os x, how could you?! :P 20:43
themayor haha, i missed the button when i booted, so i just let it go, lol 20:44
ianweller lol 20:44
themayor JonRob: how close are you with the fedora weekly news guys 20:44
JonRob i lost touch after tchung pulled out, don't really know pascal etc 20:44
JonRob would be happy to drop by, although all my approaches in the past have fallen on death ears 20:45
JonRob deaf* 20:45
themayor ah, okay, well either way, would you wanna be responsible for talking to the news team and laying the plan out and seeing what they say 20:45
JonRob i will happily do so 20:45
themayor okay 20:46
themayor so ianweller you wanna talk to infrastructure guys and ill cover docs? 20:46
ianweller sure 20:46
themayor also ianweller whats going on with the metrics, how are we going to tie that into this? 20:46
ianweller what's currently going on is i'm hacking with fedora community/moksha 20:46
ianweller and attempting to grok it 20:46
themayor okay, so are we trying to build something new or using some existing tools? 20:47
ianweller kinda both. 20:47
ianweller we're going to integrate it as a new 'statistics' tab in fedora community 20:47
ianweller a lot of new code is going to need to be written, preferrably in python-fedora 20:47
ianweller i'll expand python-fedora a ton to handle things like the wiki, mailing lists, and perhaps web serverl ogs 20:48
themayor okay, so what is it going to do, like give each individual person a breakdown of stats that they are looking for? 20:48
ianweller which is where the integration with foobar comes in 20:48
ianweller themayor: there will be a relatively large stats section. on the right side of the page there will be different parts of fedora infrastructure that you can look at 20:48
ianweller in the current pre-alpha code there's 'wiki' and 'updates' 20:49
themayor do you have any mickups? 20:49
themayor mockups? 20:49
ianweller yeah hold on 20:49
ianweller i have a screenshot of lmacken's work 20:49
ianweller 20:49
themayor also, when are you going to be talking to max about things, because i also dont want us to reinvent the wheel for this, from marketings perspective 20:49
ianweller running locally 20:49
themayor ah i see 20:50
ianweller so theoretically you could have 'foobar' on the right and you could see whatever metrics we code for. 20:50
ianweller (which would most likely be grokking the access logs on log1) 20:50
ianweller ((which means i have to write an api for that, blugh) 20:50
ianweller ) 20:50
ianweller themayor: i'll talk to max about it whenever he wants me to. 20:50
ianweller if he has questions o 20:50
ianweller blugh 20:51
ianweller if he has questions i'll answer 'em 20:51
ianweller i don't really have anything cohesive yet other than that :P 20:51
themayor okay i just saw the email exchange he had with you and he mentioned we will do it on the list, you did a fair bit of talking to him already about what he wants right? 20:51
ianweller yeah 20:51
themayor okay 20:53
themayor well lets see how things roll out, JonRob and ian, can we each try and take care of our action item by thurs/fri and report back to the list? 20:53
JonRob i'm writing the e-mail right now 20:53
ianweller sure 20:54
themayor awesome 20:54
themayor ill talk to sparks when i catch him today or tomorrow 20:54
themayor and then we can all report back, figure out what directions things are going in and move forward, hopefully next week we can start making a decision on platform 20:55
themayor make sure to reference foobar in stuff you post to the list, i set up a special filter ;) 20:55
themayor ^_^ 20:56
themayor i like that one 20:56
* ianweller hits themayor 20:57
themayor lol 20:57
themayor alright sounds good 20:57
themayor so lets call it a meeting and get cracking 20:58
* ianweller notes that themayor wants to use the command #endmeeting 20:58
themayor #endmeeting 20:59