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rnorwood mizmo: is there a websites meeting today? 16:18
mizmo it looks like not 16:19
mizmo it was supposed to be 17 min ago 16:19
mizmo i have maybe 15 minutes before i have to go to anothe rmeeting 16:19
mizmo do we want to do a quick run through? 16:19
ianweller we could. 16:19
rnorwood mizmo: k - I just told markg85 that there was one today, is all. :-) 16:19
* ianweller goes into meeting mode 16:19
mizmo markg85, you around? 16:19
* rnorwood takes a big step back 16:20
* ricky is here, but not stable enough to lead a meeting 16:20
mizmo so lets see 16:20
mizmo no juank_prada to give status on get fedora 16:20
mizmo Craig Thomas isn't in the hosue is he? 16:20
mizmo (what's his nick?) 16:20
ricky giarc 16:20
ricky He's not here :-/ 16:21
mizmo spins.fpo - i can tell you no progress since last meeting 16:21
mizmo it's a bit on the back burner for me now since i've been working on my fedora 16:21
mizmo although the templates i'm writing for my fedora should be usable for spins as well 16:21
mizmo ill give an update on my fedora later on 16:21
mizmo ricky, you're next :) 16:21
ricky What's the topic again? :-) 16:21
* ricky has to go in a minute or two 16:21
mizmo "We need a sitemap for www.fp.o and subdomains. What kind of release process should we have?" <= websites infrastructure 16:21
mizmo ricky, any progress on that? 16:22
ricky Nothing yet, sorry :-( 16:22
mizmo it's all good 16:22
mizmo common look and feel - docs.fpo 16:22
mizmo tw2113, any progress to report? 16:22
* ricky hibernates 16:22
mizmo lol thanks ricky 16:22
mizmo tw2113, if you come back let us know 16:23
ylynfatt sorry I'm late 16:23
tw2113 nothign since last time 16:23
tw2113 last i knew, i was going to push what i had live 16:23
mizmo tw2113, anything holding you up? 16:23
tw2113 once i got in the cvs group 16:23
mizmo tw2113, that can be helped with? 16:23
mizmo are you still waiting on that tw2113 ? 16:23
tw2113 lemme check quick 16:23
mizmo okie 16:23
tw2113 yeah, still pending 16:24
tw2113 which is understandable with the infrastructure stuff lately 16:24
ylynfatt fp.o/contact is still pending as well. 16:24
tw2113 i'll look into getting this stuff pushed soon 16:24
mizmo ylynfatt, are you held up by waiting on account permissions right now? 16:24
ylynfatt mizmo: nope. Sorry I meant, it's still haven't finished it yet 16:25
mizmo ylynfatt, oh okay cool 16:25
ylynfatt needed to check on something 16:26
ylynfatt It seems there is a Contact page on the wiki 16:26
mizmo ylynfatt, you're looking to build a static one? 16:26
ylynfatt that's what I thought was required 16:26
ianweller do we really need a static one? 16:26
mizmo (i haven't been to a meeting in a while so forgive my not knowing) 16:26
ylynfatt but ianweller was wondering if we should just redirect it to the wiki page 16:26
ianweller oh yeah i did post that to the list. 16:27
ylynfatt hehe actually I think you just sent it to me ian 16:27
mizmo so we need to make a decision on that 16:27
ylynfatt unless you sent it out today. 16:27
ylynfatt mizmo: yeah 16:27
mizmo maybe if it only went private mail forward it to the whole list for discussion? 16:27
mizmo can you do that ylynfatt ? 16:27
ylynfatt just a sec let me check 16:28
ylynfatt hmm...I'd have to resend later when I get home. Seems my email is down at the moment. 16:29
* quaid blows in rather late, btw, sorry 16:29
mizmo ylynfatt, okay 16:30
mizmo the other thing i wanted to bring up 16:30
mizmo that im adding to the list of tasks is the my fedora project 16:30
mizmo its something J5 has been working on for a while 16:30
quaid +1 16:30
mizmo eve and i started helping him out a couple weeks ago with mockups and stuff 16:30
mizmo i've been meaning to do a full post on it on the websites list, hoping to have that done by end of tomorrow 16:31
mizmo here's our mockups: 16:31
mizmo MyFedora/Mockups 16:31
mizmo right now our scope is that we are focusing on making current package maintainer processes more streamlined 16:32
mizmo later on, we'll expand to make it easier for new packagers to get up to speed 16:32
mizmo and beyond packagers/developers to more folks within the community 16:32
mizmo also 16:32
mizmo as part of the project i've been creating css styles that could be used in any fedora-related application 16:32
mizmo that matches our new fpo template 16:33
mizmo for an example you can see 16:33
mizmo 16:33
mizmo trying to define the css in layers - so it inherits in this order: 16:33
mizmo fpo main css => fpo application chrome css => my fedora css 16:33
ylynfatt looks good 16:33
mizmo so any fedora app you want to write can go fpo main css => fpo application chrome => custom style sheet 16:33
mizmo so 16:33
mizmo i gotta run, i have a 4:30 meeting 16:33
ylynfatt mizmo: k take care. 16:34
mizmo if you folks want to continue go on ahead :) 16:34
mizmo can anyone copy/paste the minutes and send to fedora-websites-list? it would be really helpful 16:34
mizmo later! 16:34
*** mizmo is now known as mizmo-afk 16:34
tw2113 i have nothing to add at all 16:34
ylynfatt nothing else from me at the moment. 16:35
*** CB6 has joined #fedora-websites 16:35
quaid would we say that _any_ web application, from CRUD code to design and CSS, is in the purview of Websites? 16:35
quaid just curious .... 16:35
CB6 hey guys is there a meeting this afternoon? 16:35
tw2113 another straggler 16:35
CB6 :O 16:35
quaid Infra has said , iirc, that they don't really want to be in the business of writing apps 16:36
ianweller whaaaat 16:36
quaid which is a classic IT split -- infra over here, web developers right next to them, and in this case, people on all the same team 16:36
ylynfatt yeah I'd think so quaid, but I'm a newbie, so I dunno what usually classifies as web vs. infrastructure. 16:36
quaid ianweller: I'm not saying it right 16:36
quaid what I'm wondering is 16:36
quaid there are a lot of apps being worked on, maybe 16:36
quaid should those be tracked in the Websites/Tasks? 16:36
quaid e.g. My Fedora, has it's own feature page, etc., but 16:37
quaid well, just wondering :) 16:37
quaid ianweller: did I shock ya? 16:37
CB6 he's half asleep apparently lol 16:37
ylynfatt quaid: I always thought all of the apps were being done by the websites team. 16:38
quaid I know Infra has been behind a bunch of app writing, that's not what I mean either 16:38
quaid any SIG/sub-project can potentially write their own web apps, etc. 16:38
* ianweller is doing 80 different things at once. 16:38
quaid it's more that ... well, what is the "coordinating entity"? 16:38
quaid is that Websites? 16:39
ianweller infra runs the websites 16:39
ianweller docs puts content on the websites, iirc 16:39
quaid I'm wondering if more people want the benefits of that coordinating entity, but don't know it's here. 16:39
ianweller websites designs the websites 16:39
ianweller that's what i understand. 16:39
quaid ianweller: graphical? or code? 16:39
quaid I don't see any "codes the websites" in there 16:40
CB6 shouldn't there be a joint meeting between websites and docs at least once a month? 16:40
quaid run, document, design 16:40
tw2113 feel free to organize one adam 16:40
quaid CB6: there could be, but we have such personnel bleed over that I don't know if a regular one would do the same thing as our regular interaction. 16:40
ianweller quaid: oh yeah, coding, too. 16:40
quaid would have to find out 16:40
ianweller art team does a little bit of design too i guess 16:40
quaid ianweller: right, and that often 16:40
ianweller it's all a giant mesh 16:40
quaid ianweller: comes from all over, diff. SIGs 16:41
CB6 quaid just wondering what kind of interaction with docs is since we compliment each other and their suggestions would be valued 16:41
quaid so where is the coordinating entity? does there need to be one beyond the Feature process? 16:41
quaid CB6: +1 for sure 16:41
CB6 it's a conglomerate project so a few voices from other top team leaders would be cool 16:41
* quaid qualifies to speak for/with Docs, fwiw :) 16:42
ianweller one thing that i see about things not getting done is that i don't know if there's a set jurisdiction between the different sub-projects. 16:42
CB6 You know how there's always someone on another team in major companies going, "I don't know why they didn't fix it." It's because THEY didn't communicate :P 16:42
ianweller and it's especially more confusing when there are people on all the different teams 16:42
quaid ianweller: there are a lot of people across sub-projects, but jurisdiction 16:43
quaid there are some intuited jurisdictions 16:43
quaid and within each group, a goal/mission statement that makes stuff clear(er) 16:43
CB6 perhaps a form from the other teams specifying their needs or concerns on a monthly basis? 16:43
quaid but Docs isn't in charge of producing all documentation 16:43
quaid that's insane :) 16:43
ylynfatt lol, I'm already confused. :P 16:43
quaid sorry, I hoped it was a straightforward question 16:44
CB6 ylynfatt it's really actually not as bad as it sounds... we're trying to streamline the communication channels :P 16:44
quaid ianweller: there is more jursidiction than we realize 16:44
ianweller yeah it's implied. 16:44
* tw2113 thinks there's slightly too many topics being discussed at one time 16:44
ianweller but what i'm saying is that sometimes it gets bent 16:44
ianweller tw2113: possibly! 16:44
quaid CB6: so far there aren't the sorts of problems within Fedora that you see in a big institution, but that might be a factor of our size; good to keep in mind as we grow to ensure that some process exists so that people can take a vaction. 16:45
CB6 Essentially websites job is to get the voice of Fedora out there effectively to get points across 16:45
quaid tw2113: +1 16:45
quaid I can take mine to the list 16:45
CB6 Scaling is never that bad 16:45
quaid ianweller: that is a good topic f-a-b 16:46
CB6 I believe that's why CMS is so significant as it implies scaling 16:46
quaid ianweller: a sort of jurisdictional chart 16:46
tw2113 docs does the talking, websites makes the talking sound and look pretty, infrastructure makes it possible to do the talking 16:46
ylynfatt CB6: yeah I understand what we are trying to do, what I was a little confused about was who is responsible for what, since we seem to have a bit of overlapping (unless I'm mistaken)? 16:46
CB6 +1 on chart 16:46
ylynfatt but I guess tw2113 is clearing that up now. 16:46
ylynfatt +1 on chart as well 16:46
CB6 ylynfatt absolutely and since it is overlapping I believe the communication barriers should be dropped 16:47
tw2113 to me, there aren't a huge amount of barriors 16:47
tw2113 ers* 16:47
ylynfatt CB6: k 16:47
tw2113 a lot of the docs people are also helping with the websites stuff 16:47
tw2113 many people wear many hats here in Fedora 16:47
* CB6 wears the clown hat 16:47
tw2113 your hat has a maple leaf on it 16:48
ianweller we definitely need a chart though. 16:48
ianweller but this is maddening for a websites meeting. 16:48
CB6 When I look at the current pages for each team the jurisdiction or coverage of what is done is rather bland 16:48
* ianweller blames himself for bringing it up 16:48
CB6 The Chart would solidify things 16:48
quaid ok 16:48
quaid we moved all the topics aside 16:48
quaid I think 16:48
quaid and found them homes 16:49
ianweller CB6: the chart also must display where different subprojects collaborate. 16:49
quaid so is there any _Websites_ topics 16:49
quaid as we understand that mission to be :) 16:49
CB6 +1 on that ian 16:49
ianweller hehe 16:49
tw2113 i think the websites meeting tasks are done for this week quaid 16:49
quaid ok\ 16:49
CB6 quaid what are we missing? 16:49
tw2113 pretty quick meeting like last time, if i recall 16:49
* ianweller motions to close 16:50
quaid CB6: just making sure we have the meeting finished so the random discussion can be on-topic in a random channel :) 16:50
quaid +1 to closing 16:50
tw2113 3rd'd 16:50
ianweller </meeting> 16:50

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