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The Fedora Mentors New Year's Challenge

Happy Holidays from the Fedora Mentors team! We want to bring in the new year with the Fedora Project in an awesome way. We want to boost the Fedora contributor base just in time to help us shove Fedora Core 5 out the door. Here is the Fedora Mentors New Year's Challenge:

Fedora Fans

So you've enjoyed using Fedora, or have had a little trouble and gotten help from the Fedora Community, but have you ever thought about how you can make a significant contribution to this great project? You might be surprised as to just how many ways there are for you to contribute. Our challenge for you is simple: get started as a Fedora contributor. As a subscriber to this list, you've already taken the first steps. The Fedora Mentors program is here to help you go the rest of the way! For starters, visit our HelpWanted page to get some ideas as to how you can help us. Once you know what you want to do, you can visit the Fedora Mentors home to learn how you can get guidance for every step of you journey with Fedora. Complete this challenge and be part of something grand!

Fedora Contributors

Thanks for helping us out. We're glad to have every contributor as part of the team. That said, we can never have enough people helping to drive Fedora forward. That is why our challenge for you is to select someone and help them join the Fedora Project as a contributor. It doesn't matter who you select; it can be someone in one of Fedora's end-user channels, a friend, family member, or someone in your community who is curious about open source and Fedora. All you have to do is help them to see just how they can make a difference in our project. Help to guide them in selecting a Fedora project to work with. Help them establish first contact, and help them through their first tasks to become a contributor. You've been through this process yourself, so you shouldn't have any trouble guiding them in getting started. If you need any help, we're here to back you up! Stop on by the Fedora Mentors home for information on how we can help you or your new contributor with whatever questions you might have. If this seems like a program you think you can help out with, join us! We would be happy to welcome new Fedora Mentors, and you can easily be a mentor without it interfering with your other Fedora contributions. It's easy work! Complete this challenge and you can be truly proud of your accomplishments with the Fedora Project!