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Michael Berger
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IRC nick: tideline
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I currently work for a media company in Knoxville, TN where I am a Linux System Solutions Engineer. We run a mix of RHEL and Solaris on around 400 machines (both physical and virtual). I am interested in contributing in any way I can to the fedora project. In addition to work I am pursuing a Masters of Business Administration.


  • Email:
  • IRC: tideline
  • GPG key: C01C9953
  • Fedora Account: tideline Fedora Account System

Activities within Fedora

  • I have had renewed interest in Fedora as I see a lot of what comes to RHEL working its way through the community.
  • I am very interested in elastic computing and storage and would like to work with Fedora in that capacity.
  • A lot of my daily work is related to Java application servers (currently a lot of Glassfish - BOOO) but I have began winning supports of JBoss within the company. I also plan on working with the JBoss community as much as possible as well.
  • Historically, I was active in the Ubuntu community. I started the Tennessee LoCo team.

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