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Minimal Spin


A bare minimal install of Fedora with networking support.


Detailed Description

This is a minimal Fedora installation which just include the minimal core package group, corresponding to the minimal package group install option in Anaconda. It is intended for users who want to easily do smaller custom installations by hand or developers who need a minimal environment for development and testing, etc.

Benefit to Fedora

This spin provides an simple alternative to minimal net installs, and because of the small number of packages contained hopefully should be more stable during the development cycle than larger spins.

It often happens in Rawhide that breakage prevents larger spins from composing or booting: hopefully this minimal spin will be available more of the time during the development cycle, allowing for more testing of Rawhide early on.

Kickstart File

This is derived from fedora-live-base.ks, which can now be simplified by including this kickstart file.

ISO Name / FS Label

ISO name: Fedora-17-$(arch)-Minimal FS-Label: Fedora-17-$(arch)-Minimal.



Scope / Testing

No special requirements

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The smallest Fedora Spin.

Spin description

A minimal installation of Fedora useful for customization by hand and development work. It provides a self-contained alternative to doing a minimal net installation.



Download tab

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Support tab

Same as for standard spins.

Custom branding

Can work with Branding team on this.

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