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You can install [Mint][1] menu on fedora. First of all you should download this package from here.Then open a terminal,go to where that package is there and execute this command:

su -c "yum --nogpgcheck localinstall mintmenu-4.9.1-6.fc12.noarch.rpm "

Now you can easily add mint menu in a panel. If thereisn't Mintmenu in add to panel window,simply refresh panels by this command:

killall gnome-panel

You can easily do this 3 steps by one command:

wget -c && su -c "yum --nogpgcheck localinstall mintmenu-4.9.1-6.fc12.noarch.rpm " && killall gnome-panel

this is mintmenu on my fedora12.

valent: These aren't complete instructions, this only installs mintmanu package but doesn't add it to Gnome panel. Do you have instructions or a script that removes Gnome app menu and replaces it with MintMenu?