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This page is deprecated
All Fedora Modularity Documentation has moved to the new Fedora Modularity Documentation website with source hosted alongside the code in the Fedora Modularity website git repository. Especially ignore any mention of Taiga on this page, we don't use it anymore.


Work planning and execution is expected to take place in Taiga in the Modularity project.


All Fedora members are welcome to join the Taiga board. We plan to use two week sprints to deliver our work, with sprint planning, backlog refinement, and demos around the sprints. We will add the meetings to fedocal as soon as they are scheduled. We will use the sprint planning meeting to promote cards to "In progress" and allow people to take on cards.

  • When creating a story, please leave it as type "New' so that it can be evaluated to be promoted to "Ready"
  • To add a user story to the project, please be sure to use this format:
    As a <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason>

    Acceptance Criteria:

        Verify that <some test>
        Verify that <some test>
        Verify that <some test>
  • If you think "issue" is a more appropriate term for an item, feel free to add those as well.
  • In order to model epics, user stories bigger than one sprint, we use the convention of "Epic:" at the beginning of the name of the card. We also give the epic a "short name" by putting it in "[]". We then tie stories to epics by including the "short epic name" at the end of the name of the story. This probably makes more sense if you look at the board for examples :).