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This content and the entirety of the project are now maintained directly through the Moin Moin Wiki at [1]
This content is no longer maintained on this Wiki. The Moin DocBook pages are canonical.

Please add any bugs you find to this page. Also feature requests should be added here. Also provide a link to the complete problem description.

If a bug has been fixed, I'll add a (./) to it, and move it to the end of the list

Bugs with macros

As macros will probably need to be special cased handling, not all macros will be automatically supported. If you feel you want support for a macro, please add it to the list.

(./) Include macro doesn't work (details ), partially fixed, and implemented Insert macro which works better.

(./) FootNote macro confuses the docbook formatter, and should be special cased for docbooks to save the semantic value

(./) MailTo-macro emits text past the docbook formatter

Invalid output from single page

Any single page that doesn't contain macros should render as valid Docbook without losing any information. If this is not the case with some page, please add the bug here.

(./) All generated links should have absolute paths.

(./) Output encoding information missing in generated file (details )

(./) DOCTYPE tag missing (details )

(./) Generated <listitems> might have textnodes. Text should be contained in a <para>-tag (details)

(./) Table code is a mess, and doesn't output valid docbook

(./) Syntax highlighting of a code-area randomly produces invalid docbook.

(./) Support for non-bulleted and non-numbered items in a bullet/numbered list added

(./) Lists and glossaries mixed in, will produce invalid docbook

(./) Render URLs without text content if possible; i.e. a link to should render as <ulink url=""/>, while a link with different text would use the form <ulink url="">Some text</ulink>.

(./) DOCTYPE tag should use the right FPI "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.4//EN" (don't forget the "XML")