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Unless otherwise mentioned, no attributes are supported


supported through the formatter text_book


pagename is taken as title


supported through the IncludeChapter-macro


generated from wikipage sections



generated to wrap an image


created for images


created for storing image information
fileref-attribute is got from the src-attribute


created from the alt text of the image

Formatting Tags


generated automagically by the parser


generated from bulleted list


generated from numbered list
supports the numeration-atribute


generated for each bulleted or numbered item in a list


supports role-attribute including bold, italics and stricethrough

Not supported


  • &copyright; - Includes the copyright chapter
  • &disclaimer; - Includes the legal disclaimer chapter
  • &legalnotice; - Includes legal notices
  • &publisher; - Includes publisher info


  • <filename> - Makes enclosed text mono-spaced, good for file names
  • <command> - Encloses and boldifies text that is to be typed by the user
  • <menuchoice> - Starts an example menu toolbar. <guimenu> and <guimenuitem> branch off from this
  • <guimenu> - Starts a GUI menu click example, e.g., File->Open, File->Save, Edit->Copy
  • <guimenuitem> - Creates an item under a <guimenu> tag
  • <accel> - Can be used to bold/underline text. This is good in combination with the guimenu tags to accel the first character of entries
  • <mousebutton> - Encloses words such as "click", "double-click", "right-click", "middle-click"
  • <keysym> - Encloses keyboard shortcuts such as "Ctrl+N"
  • <screenshot>


These will get support through some table magic, or possibly a macro?

  • <note> - A note presents interesting, sometimes technical, pieces of information related to the surrounding discussion
  • <tip> - A tip offers advice or an easier way of doing something
  • <caution> - A caution alerts the reader to potential problems and helps avoid them
  • <warning> - A warning advises the reader of a hazard condition that may arise in a given scenario

Includeable blocks

These could get supported through a macro called IncludeAs. It would take two parameters, the name of the wrapping element, and the name of the page

  • <abstract> - Good for including a quick abstract of the book
  • <preface> - The preface of the book
  • <appendix> - will be supported
  • <glossary> - will be supported
  • <colophon> - will be supported

Passthrough blocks

See MoinDocBookProject/PassThroughBlocks for how to support these:

  • <bookinfo> - Hidden section for info such as revisions and author?
  • <revision> - Denotes a revision
  • <revnumber> - A revision number within a revision tag
  • <date> - Date of the revision
  • <authorinitials> - Author's initials