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Try to install and use Jenkins plugins.


  1. ensure that Jenkins is running
  2. this test case depends on freestyle project test case

How to test

  1. go to http://localhost:8080/pluginManager/available and mark following plugins for installation:
    • Matrix Project Plugin
    • Maven Project Plugin
    • Git Plugin
    • ChuckNorris Plugin
    • SSH Slaves plugin
      • note we will not really need "Matrix Project Plugin", but it's a dependency of some other plugins and it should be installed by default (see rhbz#1147838)
  2. click on "Download now and install after restart" button
  3. while Jenkins is downloading the plugins, check "Restart Jenkins when installation is complete and no jobs are running"
  4. wait until Jenkins is up and running again
  5. go to http://localhost:8080/job/project1/configure and from "Add post-build action" drop-down menu choose "Activate Chuck Norris"
    • note you may need to adjust the URL, if the name of your existing project is not "project1"
  6. click "Save"
    • you should see a Chuck Norris joke under the "Disable Project" button on the right side of your screen

Expected Results

  1. there shouldn't be any stacktraces or error messages printed on a screen, everything should work as described
  2. "jenkins-cli -s http://localhost:8080/ list-plugins" should print, among others, also "Matrix Project Plugin", "Maven Project Plugin", "Git Plugin", "SSH Slaves plugin" and "ChuckNorris Plugin"