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FOSS Day - Discussion Table

Stop (medium size).png The event is currently Suspended due to lack of resources. I'll shape it later according to my resources, Inshah-Allah.

What: FOSS Day

When: Sunday 23rd December, 2007

Why: To educate people about FOSS and how it is playing vital role in Global IT.

Target Audience: Students

Origin: I thought about organizing a FOSS Day at my university at the start of November. I was expecting to gather 5 to 10 or 20 folks in a room at my university.

Turning Point: After that I post the idea at Fedora Ambassadors list. NayyarAhmad an ex-Pakistani ambassador encouraged me and told that he's coming back to Pakistan in the last week of December and he offered his services. Thanks a lot NayyarAhmad.

So, I've decided to change the pattern of the event. I didn't have any previous event organization experience so trying my best by catching ideas from mega Linux event and keeping the ground realities in mind.

How you can participate? There are a lot of ways you can participate in building this event.

  • If you have event organizing experience you can point out our planning errors and share your tips to make it more fruitful for audience.
  • You can suggest ideas to shape our speech in better way.
  • If you are a good speaker then you can play your part.

Idea.png Just put your ideas with you wiki name.No matter where ever you want in this page but it should be clearly defined. In case you didn't have wiki edit access you can send me your kind suggestions at alajal at gmail dot com


Idea.png This section needs comprehensive improvement.

Ideas marked as Note.png needs more attention to make them powerful.
  • FOSS Day
  • What is meant by freedom?
  • Value of freedom in our life.
  • Freedom with the aspect of IT.
  • In Software Engineering & Usage What should "meant to be free"?
  • How FSF is working towards Freedom.
  • What are the hurdles in the way to Freedom. Note.png
  • Software Patents
  • Piracy
  • People's un-awareness
  • FOSS is not actually Open Source.
  • FOSS's Implementation at
  • Home
  • Institutes
  • Business
  • World famous and stable FOSS projects.
  • Apache
  • Bind
  • Linux
  • Introduction to Fedora and it's usage.
  • Introduction to Fedora Project.
  • How one can play his/her role for freedom? Note.png
  • Recent innovations and development in FOSS world Note.png
  • Noooxml : Why and how to stop Microsoft to make their format an ISO standard.

  • How much Fedora is gonna embed? Should we talking on what Fedora is doing on Xen, SELinux .. bla bla..?
  • As decided at start our target audience are newbies so, we have to give them a gentle support hand to dive in FOSS with the help of Fedora so, it wouldn't be fine to burst the all tech. material on them
  • NayyarAhmad kindly breif us here that what people should expect to hear from you.


I will try to place the invitation posters at every university at Lahore.


Yet to be finalized.

Required Equipment

The following equipment is required

  • Mic n Speakers
  • Projector

Required Material

  • Invitation Posters for publicity.
  • Informative brochures to distribute at event.
  • Free Linux CDs/DVDs.

Other options