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The phase for name suggestions is over. Please do not add further suggestions to the list. To everyone who added a name already, thank you for your contribution!


This page contains community suggestions for the Fedora 15 release name. All submissions must meet the guidelines for release names.

Goddard → Laughlin → <new name>? Laughlin is a <blank>, and so is <new name>.

The link between Goddard and Laughlin was "both are names of professors of physics." The link between Laughlin and the new name must be different than that link, and different from any other previous link.

General links automatically rejected
General links such as "is a word" or "is a location", while technically within the scope of the rules, will most certainly be rejected by the Fedora Board. Remember, the goal is to come up with a creative link to Laughlin. The following links will also likely be rejected:
  • Other kinds of scientists
  • Names of living people
  • Well-known trademarks
Please try to find a truly original and obscure link!

Naming Schedule

  • Name collection: 13 October through 18 October
  • List to Fedora Board: 19 October to 21 October
  • Legal Review of Board approved names: 21 October to 25 October
  • Community vote on final name: 26 October - 1 November
  • Name announced: 2 November

Name Suggestions

Please read carefully.
The instructions below will help prevent some suggestions from being eliminated early.

How to use this table

  1. Come up with a name idea. Put the name in the first column.
  2. Determine whether it passes the "is-a" test. You must be able to truthfully complete the sentence "Laughlin is a <...>, and so is <YOUR_NAME>." The link to the new name cannot be the same as the link from Goddard to Laughlin, nor any other previous link. Mark the link in the appropriate column, such as "type of chemical reaction," "deep-sea organism."
    • Don't choose obvious links, because they usually result in uninteresting names.
    • Don't choose very general names or unclear links.
    • Don't choose names of living people, or well-known trademarks.
    • Do choose obscure links to interesting things, which makes for a better name.
    • Do avoid all previous links wherever possible.
    • Do make sure there are at least a couple of ways to link out of the new name to the next name -- and they must be unique too!
  3. Use Google to search for possible trademark collisions. First search for the term itself along with "+software", and then broaden your search to include "+computer", "+hardware", "+technology", "+IT", and so on. Do not skimp on this step.
    • If you find a collision, it is best to find another name. Names that cause collisions will be eliminated by Red Hat's Legal department and thus waste their time, which is a valuable commodity for Fedora. Help us maximize their effectiveness by weeding out names that are trademarks of other entities, especially those in the IT industry.
    • If the collision is outside the IT/computing market, you can still submit the name but you should note the collision in the "Tested" column, and include a link to the site where the collision was found.
    • If you find no collisions, make that notation in the "Tested" column.
  4. Do not mark the approval columns. These are reserved for the approval authorities such as the Board and Red Hat Legal.

Suggestion Table

Name "Is a..." Tested Initial Approval Comments Themeable Board Approved Legal Approved !
Asturias Miguel Ángel Asturias is a Nobel laureate as Robert Laughlin (his mother was a teacher as Laughlin's too) None as Asturias itself, just "tpvasturias" Warning.png There's a Linux users group in Asturias, Spain that has their own distro called asturlinux. (jsmith) Mayan culture; Outreach to underprivileged (founder of Popular University); "captivating totality of nature" Ref.
Blarney Laughlin is town with a famous military instillation Laughlin Air Force Base, and so is Blarney with Blarney Castle in Ireland No conflicts found in Google +software, +computer, +hardware, +technology, +IT, +Linux (which actually seems a bit odd.) Checkmark.png Like it! :) No collisions found (mizmo) Irish, Castles, The Blarney Stone
Lovelock Laughlin is a city in Nevada, and so is Lovelock. Checkmark.png Nothing found Love and locks
Pushcart (James) Laughlin gives name to an American literacy award and so does Pushcart The word seems too common to provoke collisions Checkmark.png Laughlin is a literary award/prize, Pushcart is a literary award/prize (spot) The Pushcart prize focuses on independent press and independence is also a keyword for Linux/Fedora. The idea of a compact, convenient yet very practical vehicle that is naturally adapted by its users fits Fedora. Design could use the vehicle as well as literacy or press. Checkmark.png (spot)
Sturgis Laughlin, Nev., hosts an annual motorcycle rally and so does Sturgis, S.D. Checkmark.png Name of a city in SD and a town in SK. No computer-related collisions (ctyler) Would make for an interesting transition. Motorcycles, wind in the hair, etc. Checkmark.png (ctyler)
Vaudeville Anna Laughlin starred on Broadway as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in 1902/1903. Also, Robert B. Laughlin was born in Visalia, California. One of the vaudeville theatres was Theatre Visalia in Visalia, CA. Vaudeville is a very common cultural term. Found one PDF mentioning an IT software with a word Vaudeville in the title, from the year 2000. Couldn't find the actual software. Another one is Virtual Vaudeville, a 3D simulation of a vaudeville performance. That's all. I'd say these don't conflict...? Stop (medium size).png Fails the 'is a' test. Laughlin is an actress... Vaudeville is not an actress. (jsmith) Vaudeville was a theatrical genre of variety entertainment in the United States and Canada from the early 1880s until the early 1930s. It consisted of many diverse acts, with a rich background from many sources. At its height, vaudeville played across multiple strata of economic class and auditorium size. I can see several comparisons with the versatility of Fedora. A very rich period in history to draw inspiration from. Themes could range from actual vaudeville imagery (drama, acrobats, comedy, musicians, ordered chaos of all of them, etc.) to second industrial revolution, Gilded Age architecture, etc. Allows for everything from light and humorous to socially critical themes.
Erdős Robert B. Laughlin is a prolific professor and so is Paul Erdős[1].His contribution to math is enormous,Erdős number in math is well known. No collisions found Checkmark.png (jsmith) Paul Erdős once said his brain is open, so should be knowledge and Linux Mathematics
Curie Lauglin is a Nobel prize laureate, Marie Sklodowska-Curie too- twice Some academic cluster farms have name "Curie" Stop (medium size).png An existing Linux application library is called Curie [2] (jsmith) Marie Sklodowska-Curie have made basis for today's cancer therapy, Wikipedia Chemistry
The33Lin Laugh has 5 chars as The33. Lin for Linux No companies, ngo's or whatever. Stop (medium size).png Fails the "is a" test. (jsmith) Linux is strong and robust as the miners. Linux Version inspired in the 33 chilean rescued miners
Aleixandre Vicente Aleixandre is a Nobel prize laureate as Laughlin was Not brands nor companies: K12 public school in Madrid, a public college in Extremadura Checkmark.png (jsmith) Passion for nature, for brave people Ref
Allensworth Allen Allensworth is from Tulare County and Laughlin was born there Several companies, none on IT Warning.png Doesn't quite pass the "is a" test. More of a "is from" test. (jsmith) Escape from slavery, self taught, and founder of first African American community; military hero
André (or Andre) (Thomas James) Laughlin is a professional wrestler, and so is André ("the Giant" Roussimoff) Googled for Andre (and André) plus software, technology, hardware, IT, computer, Linux. Nothing of interest found, except for one Adobe Forums user named "Andre Linux". Checkmark.png (jsmith) found reference to an "Andre Software", possibly in South Africa, but no other details. Severl references to Andre's Hardware (HW and building supplies, not computer-related) in several cities. Reference to Andre's Technology Empire company in Washington DC. (mdomsch) There is well-known iconic imagery that could perhaps serve as a starting point for design brainstorming
Bardeen John Bardeen is a Nobel prize laureate as Laughlin was No collision found Checkmark.png (mdomsch) It's one of the inventor of transistor. And he works on the superconductivity Computer hardware, especially transistors. Superconductivity
Bechet Sidney Bechet was an american clarinetist as Tim Laughlin is. No IT related brands nor companies Checkmark.png (mdomsch) Behcet's Disease - ulcers & inflamation. Place in Romania. staffing company. Web site To the glory of a great jazzman. Furthermore, i'm sure he would have been a Fedora fan ;-)
Note : Fedora records is also a jazz label
Music, jazz, good vibes
Britannia Laughlin is american, and America was a britain colony. There appear to be a number of name collisions. There is a software product line called "Britannia ASP" - There is a Britannia Technology Center, There is a company called Britannia Computing Services (, and apparently at one point there was a hosting company that offered hosted Linux called "Britannia Host" (appears to be defunct now, though) Stop (medium size).png Fails the "is a" test. It should be in the format, "Laughlin is American, and _____ is American." for this suggestion. (mizmo) Brittania is the latin name of Great Britain. Territories or antique design, etc.
Carlin Laughlin is a town in Nevada, and so is Carlin Unfortunately there's a number of name collisions. Carlin IT services:, there is a Carlin Computer Lab at West Virginia U, there is a company called "Carlin Computers Limited" in Auckland, NZ Warning.png IT-related name collisions - but the two companies don't seem very active? I'm not sure. (mizmo) It makes a-so-is-b connection and also honors one of the great all-time comics, George Carlin Humor, 7-words, um...
Dexter Laughlin is a great scientist, so is Dexter (the little genius) It seems there's a number of software products named Dexter. There is a company called Dexter+Chaney that apparently has a very popular construction software product: - There is a sourceforge project called 'Dexter' for graph data extraction - there is a piece of software called Dexter that adds automatic code completion to Microsoft products - there's a piece of software called Dexter that organizes memory cards - Dexter is the name of health monitoring software - I could go on, there's a ton more unfortunately Stop (medium size).png Overwhelming number of software name collisions, unfortunately (mizmo) There's a link between name and computer/technology/science. Something in relation with high-tech.
Floyd Laughlin is professor at Stanford University, Robert Floyd an eminent computer scientist, Bachelor's degree in physics, and professor at Stanford. There's a software project on SourceForge called, but it seems to be a small personal project and not very active (, There's an IT consulting firm called TM Floyd (, there appears to be a (Dutch??) tech firm called Floyd ( but it's not 100% clear... there's a small tech firm called Floyd's consulting, another one called Floyd IT, there's an LGPL Linux graphics library called floyd Stop (medium size).png There's enough collisions to call concern, and the guidelines for F15 state we'd like to avoid the repetition of another scientist. (mizmo) A tribute to Robert Floyd, emminent computer scientist. Computer/sciences design.
Kannus Kannus is a city in Finland None found. Stop (medium size).png Nope. The link here is extremely weak. As far as I can tell Laughlin is not a city in Finland, so the link is Laughlin is a city and so is Kannus. Very weak. I couldn't find any name collisions though. (mizmo) Torvalds's country
Maestro Maestro, Italian word, appoint the Master, arrived with the more high degrees of his artistic practice. Stop (medium size).png I don't see the link here. (spot) Because i like this name and let my inspiration come Adapted to this distribution i think Stop (medium size).png (spot)
Malmstrom Laughlin is an Airforce base and so is Malmstrom. No IT or software related collisions that I could see. Checkmark.png (jsmith) There is a UFO conspiracy theory that surrounds the Malmstrom airforce base. Might lead to an Alien theme! (or even better, Alien themed Easter eggs!) Also, Malmstorm air force base, being a military facility, might cause a problem. (Hopefully, it won't.) Aeroplanes, evolution of aeroplanes, etc. Checkmark.png (spot)
Phosphorus Laughlin is a brain lighting, and so is the property of phosphorus. IT maybe conflict with Stop (medium size).png Laughlin is a "brain lighting"? Citation needed. Because it has atomic number 15. It is hard to find on Earth as a genius. It is found inside our DNA as the truth and genius. Very flexible for design Stop (medium size).png (spot)
Rexroth James Laughlin is an american poet who was friends with Kenneth Rexroth, also an american poet Bosch Rexroth is a German engineering firm that designs and manufactures motion and control systems for industrial and mobile equipment. E.g., pneumatics and hydraulics Stop (medium size).png While the "is/was a poet" link is valid, Kenneth Rexroth was an erotic poet. Not really sure that maps up well to Fedora. Also, Bosch Rexroth makes Linux-controlled systems. Kenneth Rexroth was a poet, translator, and critic. He translated Chinese and Japanese poetry, experimented in Haiku and Beat poetry, wrote the article on literature in the Encyclopedia-Britannica, and generally explored wide-ranging interests in music and culture. Rexroth is especially known for his love poetry, but really he had a lot of interests, so a theme could go in many different directions Stop (medium size).png (spot)
Roswell City in New Mexico (Laughlin is a city in Nevada) There are LOTS of things called "roswell", including a beta version of RHL from way back when. Stop (medium size).png (smooge) Roswell Software seems to be a small software company based in Roswell, Georgia. Also there is a precedent of not repeating names no matter how good they are. Aliens!
Shockley William Shockley is a Nobel laureate Surprisingly, I found no collisions (eugenics? -Tezcatl) Stop (medium size).png smooge While Shockley's work on transisitors was transformative, his views on 'race' and eugenics are not something I believe Fedora would want to be associated with. Computer hardware, especially transistors.
Souley Souley is the name of our french friend from fedora-fr who died this year To never forget him and for his memory ! Checkmark.png smooge No software name collisions. Due to the nature of the proposal I am willing to go with the looser connection. He was an Ambassador of french team Fedora and i think it will be a beautiful continuation to laughlin
Sparks Laughlin and Sparks are cities in Nevada at least in Germany nothing related to software or computers (according to a DPMA search) Stop (medium size).png smooge Sparks is a GPL IM client. It is also the name of several US software companies. [I would have liked the Nevada connection because of Area-51 connotations :/] electricity, fire, ... - more remote communication, fireworks, ...
Stanford Laughlin is professor at Stanford University, so is Stanford Only links with software/IT/technology branch of Stanford University. Stop (medium size).png smooge Stanford University has several trademarks on the word of Stanford that might cover this in research/education/software sections. University, school design. Or even the cardinal tree of Stanford.
Whittle Frank Whittle invented the jet engine None that I could see Warning.png Don't see the "is a" link here. Name conflicts with mine-planning software, several IT/computer repair companies. Jets- wind, steam, air flow Stop (medium size).png (ctyler)
Woody Laughlin is a Linux distribution and so is Woody Stop (medium size).png Obviously conflicts with a previous version of another Linux distribution (jsmith) Just a cheeky suggestion Stop (medium size).png (jsmith)(ctyler)
Wynn Wynn is a casino entrepreneur as is Don Laughlin. Stop (medium size).png Name of computer literacy software; name of casino company. Wynn is the name of the company that runs the casino. I don't know if this counts as a collision or not - gregbair Card suits, roulette wheels, slots, neon lights, etc. Wynn also sounds like "win." The Wynn casino itself is very technically advanced. Its the only Casino at this time that has RFID tags in every single game chip. Stop (medium size).png (ctyler)
Guerrero Chavo Guerrero was a ECW Champion as it was Thomas James "Tom" Laughlin AKA Tommy Dreamer I searched Guerrero +Computer +IT +Technology +Hardware Checkmark.png Name of a state and a municipality in Mexico. Means "warrior" in Spanish. No computer-related collisions found. Guerrero is a Spanish word that means Warrior. Warrior, battle Checkmark.png (ctyler)
Amur Amur Tigers are the biggest living cats on earth. Stop (medium size).png (jstanley) Amur Tigers are dying just ~500 cats less, this could remember some guys to save these cats ... Nature, Unique
Fortaleza Laughlin is a great tourist destination as Fortaleza. None that I could see Checkmark.png (jstanley) - nothing obvious - looks like a local computer shop, not sure. It's a city in Northeastern Brazil, very popular among travelers Also means fortress, very good for a theme
Iommi Laughlin is a metal producer, and so is Iommi None Stop (medium size).png (jstanley) living person - Jones and Laughlin Steel Company were an American Iron Company. Tony Iommi is a musician, guitarist and founding member of Black Sabbath. Music, metal, any Black Sabbath song
Iroquois Homer Laughlin is a china manufacturer, as was the Iroquois China Company I searched Iroquois +Computer +IT +Technology +Hardware Checkmark.png(mdomsch) online poker Iriquois Gas uses linux. looks OK to me Iroquois is also the name of one of the most famous helicopters in military history. Helicopters, aviation, appropriate themes from the Iroquois Nation.
NULL Laughlin means nothing to me, and so does NULL Who would be so stupid as to call their product NULL? ;-) Seriously, too many hits on Google on searching for anything related to computers/software Stop (medium size).png Not original (jsmith)
Macau Laughlin is a gaming location, and so is Macau. None found Checkmark.png Found dead/abandoned reference in US trademark search, no relevant hits on google found (jstanley) China, Nature, Gambling
Gonsalves Laughlin is a military base, and so is Gonsalves. Timothy Gonsalves (IIT) Stop (medium size).png Living person, other field of science (jstanley) Jungle, Nature
Bacon (John) Laughlin is an actor in the film Footloose, and so is (Kevin) Bacon. There is Ubuntu's Community Manager Jono Bacon Stop (medium size).png Not original, though I do like bacon (jstanley) Also, the name of a living person. Like Fedora Bacon is loved by many, unlike a fedora Bacon is delicious anything bacon-y and delicious, maybe something with pigs
Clay (Don) Laughlin was a conscientious objector (to the draft), and so was (boxer Cassius) Clay There is a "Clay Mathematics Institute", but that should not be a problem. Stop (medium size).png potential conflict found (Claytools) [3] Don Laughlin, the husband of activist Lois Laughlin: "Clay" triggers a wide range of positive associations. In particular, it is a material to make building blocks as well as pieces of art, just like Linux is.
Gutzwiller Laughlin is a famous wavefunction[4], and so is Gutzwiller[5]. It is a variational many-particle wavefunction which describes interacting particles on a rigid lattice. No collisions found Checkmark.png (spot) Meets criteria (might be hard to move forward from) Wavefunction is a mathematical tool. It's all about tools. For a free and open world. Physics, Quantum mechanics, Mathematics
Bellevue Laughlin is a chapel[[6]] (in West Virginia), so is Bellevue[[7]] (Edinburgh) Checkmark.png MAYBE Bellevue (French, meaning beautiful view), Bellevue is also the name of a Castle[[8]], a Palace[[9]] and other famous places. Castles, Palaces, Heraldic
Neruda Neruda is a Nobel Prize award winner, also is Laughlin Stop (medium size).png (mizmo) - NO Verdi Neruda is a prolog meta interpreter, Neruda Neruda Consulting is a private company categorized under Online Services Technology Consultants and located in Columbus OH ( Pablo Neruda[[10]] was a Chilean poet and Nobel laureate for Literature, also a freedom fighter Poetry, Poets, Chilean famous people ;)
Sewickey Laughlin is a city with a population of 7,076 according to the 2000 Census, and so is New Sewickley Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania Seems sane. Checkmark.png Looks good (ctyler)
Afterworld Viva Laughlin[[11]] is a US TV series from 2007 so is Afterworld[[12]] There is a russian MMO named Afterworld[[13]] Stop (medium size).png MMO conflict. (spot) science fiction, post-apocalyptic
Leuchars Laughlin is an air force base, and so is RAF Leuchars in Scotland RAF Leuchars and an airshow surprisingly called the Leuchars Airshow Checkmark.pngLooks good (jsmith) Golf, planes, aeronautics
Weizenbaum "Laughlin is a contended (physik) scientist, and so was Joseph Weizenbaum for IT Science. He died in 2008. [[14]] No conflicts found Stop (medium size).png This is the same as the previous link (physicist), so rejected (walters) Laughlin write a Book: "The Crime of Reason: And the Closing of the Scientific Mind." Joseph´s : "Computer Power and Human Reason" [[15]]
Viva Viva Laughlin is a name of a television show based on the town in navada, it was canceled early. Viva means Live!
Coltrane Laughlin (Tim) is a jazz musician, also was Coltrane (John) Wordpress 2.7's codename was "Coltrane"; sourceforge project (for differential eq calculation) Stop (medium size).png Too many conflicts I think (mizmo) John Coltrane[[16]] is an icon in the history of jazz and thus the modern American music music, abstract, spirituality
Szpilman Laughlin (Estelle) is a survivor of the Holocaust born in Warsaw, also is Szpilman No conflicts Checkmark.png Passes (walters) Wladyslaw Szpilman [[17]] was a pianist, composer, and memoirist, widely known as the protagonist of the Polánski film "The Pianist" (based on his autobiographical book) music, culture, peace, liberty, freedom
Vegas Laughlin is a city in Nevada - so is Vegas
Miklagaard Laughlin is a city and so is Miklagaard None that I could find Checkmark.png Name of ancient city (Constantinople) sacked by the Vikings Interesting ancient name Vikings, See, Boats, War, etc

Various connections that could be explored. "Laughlin is a ..."

  • professional wrestler
  • town in Nevada or California
  • US air force base
  • hockey player
  • ...

Approval Mark Legend

Approval Mark Meaning
Checkmark.png Approved
Stop (medium size).png Rejected
Warning.png Under review

Rejected Suggestions

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