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Guidelines for New Initiatives in Fedora

There are already guidelines in place for the addition of a single package to Fedora.

This document is for a different case -- the addition of a new, large, perhaps multi-package codebase into the Fedora Project with the intention that this code would not simply be packages that are available in the Fedora repositories, but also that it would carry the "Fedora" name (for example, Fedora Directory Server ).

1. There must be a compelling reason why this code should carry with it the Fedora name, rather than be an independent upstream that is simply built into the Fedora distribution. 1. The code's upstream should be with Fedora Hosted . 1. There is a public roadmap showing the packaging strategy and how the code will be brought into Koji and the Fedora repositories. 1. The maintainers of the code have Fedora accounts and CVS access, and have identified volunteers within the Fedora Project who agree to be mentors and helpers to the new maintainers. 1. The Fedora Project Board must be presented with the idea, and vote in favor of it.