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Nguyen Dai Quy

  • Name: Nguyen Dai Quy (vietnamese)
  • Linux user since 1996 and Fedora's user since FC 1.
  • Co-founder of Vietnamese Open Source Software Community (VNOSS ) and admin of VNOSS forum .
  • I'm not programmer and my job has nothing to see with CS
  • I love very much scripting languages, like Perl, Ruby

Contact info

  • Email: [[MailTo(vnpenguin AT vnoss DOT org)]
  • IRC: vnoss_, vnpenguin on (#vietlug)
  • Forum: VNOSS forum
  • Languages: Vietnamese, French and English.


  • FC-One : customized version of FC6 for desktop user with vietnamese support on only one CD
  • FC-One livecd : customized live CD of FC6 with XFCE desktop, vietnamese support and many non-free packages.