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Fedora Nightlife Plan

This is a list of tasks that need to be completed for Fedora Nightlife:

  • Define policies around what is required for projects to join Nightlife
  • Setup test scheduler
  • Create Web page showing live statistics of Nightlife usage
  • Create development and execution plan around Nightlife/Condor for:
    • Security (SELinux, virtualization, etc)
    • Nightlife User Clients (development, packaging, installation, etc)
    • Integration with other technologies/stacks
  • Get initial set of projects to join Nightlife
  • Get beta users to donate cycles
  • Get list of requirements of non-FOSS libraries and software that research projects need and create a plan to develop FOSS alternatives (this will probably need sponsor research projects)
  • Create a better public-facing web site (FAQ, vision/mission statement, solicit users to join, etc)
  • Get a Fedora Nightlife logo and artwork
  • Address NAT Traversal (see [1])