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OLPC Software Development Kit

The aim of the SDK is to bundle together the typical tools a developer will need to create, debug, test & package applications for deployment on the OLPC platform. At this time it is expected that the SDK will include:

  • Laptop simulator - since many developers will not have direct access to the real laptop hardware, the simulator provides a way to test both the OS platform images, and applications on a normal desktop PC.
  • ABI verifier - a testing tool to verify that an application is only linking against libraries belonging to the officially supported public API/ABI .
  • Packager - a tool for packaging an application into a self contained bundle suitable for deployment on the OLPC platform. As discussed on the goals page this will not be RPM, but a higher level tool, akin to Klik or 0Install .
  • Compiler - a compiler & associated toolchain for building applications. Since the target AMD Geode CPU/chipset is just an x86 variant, a regular GCC toolchain will likely be provided.