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An ISO 3098 typeface for CAD projects


Some European countries require the use of a typeface that conforms to the ISO 3098 specification in CAD projects. osifont has been created to address this need with a free/libre font.


Homepage Format & features License Review reference Koji page pkgdb page
osifont TTF GPLv3 with exceptions

Style Faces Scripts
Sans Serif Other R B I BI Other Latin Greek Cyrillic Other
Variable Monospace Variable Monospace


  1. Build it from the published fontforge sources
  2. Convince upstream to publish the sources in a separate archive with makefile and detached license file

Fonts in Fedora
The Fonts SIG takes loving care of Fedora fonts. Please join this special interest group if you are interested in creating, improving, packaging, or just suggesting a font. Any help will be appreciated.