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Open Video Conference 2011

From the OVC website:

Open Video Conference is a summit to explore the future of video on the web. Though OVC is ultimately about building open source and open standards for online video, we grapple with some larger questions: With so much free stuff out there, how will creators get paid? Who knows what you watch? Where is the medium going? OVC is a non-profit event organized by the Open Video Alliance.

I'd like to go and explore our options for putting video on the web without compromising our Freedom Foundation. I don't think that a booth is needed or even welcome but I would like to have some swag to hand out if people are interested.

When and Where

  • October 1&2, 2010 at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. FIT is located on Seventh Avenue at W 27th Street.


There are no deadlines that I am aware of


Fedorians are creating more and more video and we don't have a real method to present this to each other or the community while keeping the Freedom Foundation standing tall. Going to this even would be an exploratory mission to see what software, methods, ideas, and processes are out there that we have not thought about. And to see the developments since ideas were last investigated.

In doing the above mentioned we may be able to form partnerships with companies/groups/people in this space that could help us in some manner.


Greyhound: $156-$214

screenshot of info from

Room: $279

screenshot of costs from

Swag: 25 CDs would be $95.73 plus shipping

I talked to Karlie about having 25 Design Spin Discs made and she quoted me $95.73 I do not see this as a must have just thought it would be cool.

Reasons for Choosing Greyhound and Hotel

I have never been to NY before and I think these choices offer the best chances of not getting me lost or hurt. Greyhound as terrible as it is would drop me off at Penn station right across the street from the Hotel Penn. The Hotel Penn is on the same street as the FIT is and is only a ~5 block walk.

If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.


Stuff that would be cool to have

  • a small run of design spin to hand out