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Not official
This is not a official list by Fedora. Listing a package here does not mean Fedora Project dislikes the software in any way. Typically any free and open source software without legal issues is welcome in Fedora and including a software in the Fedora repository is not a endorsement of it. It is upto individuals to decide whether to use them or not

Fedora distributes thousands of packages in the repository for convenience of Fedora users. However, a few packages may be offensive to some users, who may wish to avoid them. This list may be an aid to those users. To exclude packages, add their names to an exclude directive in the /etc/yum.conf file, separated by spaces:

exclude=foobar frobozz

Offensive Language

Fedora does not ban offensive language in packages.

  • Gestikk -- A mouse gesture program that contains swearing


Fedora does not allow the direct packaging of pornographic material but software used for such purposes is permitted.

  • Gnaughty -- An application designed to download pornography (movies and images). The application downloads such content off the Internet and does not include any such content by itself.


openarena -- A Quake III game that contains violence, may not be suitable for minors.


Some software is religious in nature and other religious groups may dislike them. Individual discretion is advised.


  • bibletime
  • kio_sword
  • sword
  • xiphos


  • minbar
  • libitl