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FOSDEM'08 Fedora presentations: Olivier Cleynen

Getting one million to know Linux: why it matters and how we do it


The "GNU/Linux Matters" community wants an extra million people to know Linux in 2008. Where are these people to be found, and how do we communicate with them? The conference will show the relevance of down-to-earth communication and basic market-thinking for free software and Linux. Olivier will relate experience gained from the trenches of the Linux internet advocacy, developing the GNU/Linux Matters non-profit organization.


The talk is for developers, translators, and any kind of participant to the FLOSS community. In order to feel comfortable in this conference, participants can bring along a good understanding of the notion of free software and its community, and perhaps a mug of coffee.

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Olivier Cleynen is originally from the aerospace engineering and product design sector. He is passionate about advocacy for free software and co-founded GNU/Linux Matters, the non-profit behind An enthusiastic participant in the community, he also enjoys walking, windsurfing, photography, and riding old bicycles very fast in traffic.