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Fedora Events: OpenRheinRuhr 2010 - Oberhausen, Germany

About OpenRheinRuhr

OpenRheinRuhr is a new free software trade show with conference and exhibition in the Rhine-Ruhr region, the largest metropolitan area in Germany. For more information please visit the OpenRheinRuhr website (German).

To be kept up to date or to keep others up to date you can also join the OpenRheinRuhr group. OpenRheinRuhr is also on Twitter.

Date & Location


Name Booth service Attendance on Saturday Attendance on Sunday Hotel room from Friday to Saturday Hotel room from Saturday to Sunday Hotel Confirmed comments
Michael Spahn Sponsoring?
Dominic Hopf
Christoph Wickert
Julian Aloofi (Event owner)


  • install media (CD/DVD): Christoph/Felix; I'll bring 200 empty discs and all spins on HD, will burn some before the event and then on-demand - Julian
  • stickers, posters, etc: I'll print one or two big posters, and a smaller LiveUSB Station poster. EMEA Ambassadors is out of SWAG. - Julian
  • a PC/laptop with Fedora: We could use my Lenovo - Michael. I'll also bring my laptop for the LiveUSB station and burning of media during the event. - Julian

Exhibitor Tickets

I'll give out our Exhibitor tickets on Friday when we build up the booth.--Julian 15:39, 10 November 2010 (UTC)


Taken care of everyone now.

Social Event

There will be a social event on Saturday evening (starting 18:00) right in the lobby of the exhibition hall. Food and drinks will be supplied by the organizers.