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OpenStack Essex was pushed to EPEL

After a couple of weeks testing in preview repos and epel-testing, the Essex group of OpenStack packages were added to EPEL as a single update on May 4th.

The Getting started with OpenStack EPEL documentation continues to be updated with simplified instructions as the packages evolve and helper utilities become available.

Thanks to all those testing these packages, and for informing others of their availability

OpenStack Essex was pushed to Fedora 17

Fedora 17 is now frozen for release, which since May 1st includes the Essex OpenStack release.

The Getting started with OpenStack on Fedora 17 documentation is being updated in conjunction with the EPEL documentation referenced above.

Security Fixes

The above releases include these security fixes:


Adam Young continued to work on running OpenStack in httpd (supporting SSL etc.) and proposed a consistent URL naming scheme for the various services

Adam has also started looking at packaging the noVNC web browser to vnc proxy

Russell Bryant who had been deeply involved in the Fedora OpenStack releases has been added to the upstream OpenStack docs-core, common-core and nova-core teams

Russell also blogged about his Folsom design summit experience and impending upstream work

Gary Kotton has started looking into Quantum and oVirt integration

Chris Wright and Mark Atwood created a great presentation at The open cloud conference, on integrating OpenShift and OpenStack

Derek Higgins and Dan Prince continue to update the puppet modules supporting OpenStack on Fedora

OpenStack wiki category

All OpenStack Fedora wiki entries can now be seen at the OpenStack Category