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Distro News

2012.1.1 stable release

Mark McLoughlin pushed out stable tree (Essex) 2012.1.1 releases. You can drill down to the bugs and security fixes included there. All Essex packages were updated accordingly in Fedora 17 and EPEL 6

sosreport integration

Gary Kotton wrote an OpenStack plugin for sosreport to help in getting diagnostics for an OpenStack installation.

augeas integration

Dan Prince wrote a python-paste Augeas lense which allowing Augeas to manage nova and glance paste configs

Upstream News

OpenStack Grizzly

OpenStack G release is to be called "Grizzly" with the Grizzly design summit being held in San Diego, CA, October 15-19.

folsom milestone 2 released

The folsom-2 development milestone was released on July 5th, and you can drill down there to the bugs and blueprints targetted.

Bug Squashing day

Following the last very successful Bug Squashing day another is scheduled for Thursday July 12th

Red Hat contributions

Dan Prince is working on multi-tenant support for the Glance swift store

There is too much to track in detail the OpenStack upstream activity of Red Hat developers, but here is a link showing the latest Red Hat OpenStack upstream development

Red Hat summit

Community engagement

OpenStack community meetup, Boston

Bob Kukura spoke about "Preparing OpenStack Quantum for the Data Center" at an OpenStack community meetup in Boston on June 21st

SouthEast LinuxFest, Charlotte, NC

Russell Bryant spoke about OpenStack on Fedora at the SouthEast LinuxFest

EuroPython, Florence, Italy

Pádraig Brady presented on OpenStack Overview - Operational details of a large python project

OSCON, Portland, OR

There are a large number of OpenStack talks at OSCON 2012 in July

OpenStack community meetup, Boston

Adam Young will talk about Openstack Keystone at an OpenStack community meetup in Boston on July 24th

OpenStack community meetup, London

Daniel Berrange will talk about libvirt usage wrt Nova + KVM/LXC at an OpenStack community meetup in London on July 25th

Related projects


Krishna Raman compiled instructions for setting up the OpenShift PaaS on OpenStack IaaS


cloud-init for RHEL (derivatives) was released and has received successful testing. Also progressing in parallel is a significant cloud-init rework (374 commits as of 27 June) focusing on Red Hat consumability.

heat API

Heat V4 was released and preparations are being made for OpenStack incubation