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Distro News

2012.1.2 stable release

Mark McLoughlin pushed out stable tree (Essex) 2012.1.2 releases for nova, glance and keystone. You can drill down to the bugs and security fixes included there. Also a good way to get an indication of the stable changes coming through from lots of use and testing, is to scan the changes in the latest pending nova update for example.

openstack-nova package split

In Fedora and EPEL, the openstack-nova package was split out into sub packages to allow more granular installation.

Project News

openstack-common Project Technical Lead

Mark McLoughlin from Red Hat is now officially openstack-common PTL and member of the PPB/TC

Foundation board - Individual Member Director nominations

There were 42 candidates nominated for 8 Individual Member Director seats on the 24 person Foundation board, including Mark McLoughlin and Jim Jagielski from Red Hat

Red Hat contributions

An interview with Mark McLoughlin about his involvement with OpenStack, was published.

There is too much to track in detail the OpenStack upstream activity of Red Hat developers, but here is a link showing the latest Red Hat OpenStack upstream development

Community engagement

OpenStack community meetup, London

Daniel Berrange talked about libvirt usage wrt Nova + KVM/LXC at the OpenStack community meetup in London on July 25th. Richard Morrell from Red Hat was present and prepared a writeup including slides and podcast of Daniel P. Berrangé's talk, and a link to Daniel's own writeup of the event. The meeting proved so popular, another is organised for September.

Related projects


A video demo was created running OpenShift on OpenStack at HPCloud


CERN's adjustments to support cloud-init on RHEL5 and derivatives was released

heat API

The Heat project continues to progress quickly with V5 released and an application for OpenStack Incubation