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Distro News

Folsom Fedora 18 test days

Coinciding with the Folsom and Fedora 18 releases, we ran two Fedora Folsom test days on Sep 18th and 25th aligned around the Folsom-3 and Folsom-rc1 releases respectively. Cinder and Heat are new components compared to the last test day, and new tests have been included for quantum and swift. This is a good place to start to get a quick hands on overview of OpenStack.

OpenStack Installer

Derek Higgins has been working on an OpenStack installer, that supports distributed and scripted installs.

OpenStack side Repositories

To augment the official Fedora OpenStack packages, we've made an OpenStack side repository available giving more flexibility with which OpenStack version is installed on a particular distribution. Included there for example are the trunk chasing RPMs from the smokestack project.

Fedora OpenStack patch management

With such a vibrant project as OpenStack, efficient patch management is imperative. The Fedora OpenStack packages largely automate the patch management process through git, and this process is now documented at the landing page for fedora-openstack which is the github organisation used to share these patch management trees.

Project News

Folsom Released

Foslom was released on Sep 27th. Mark McLoughlin prepared stats on who contributed where you can drill down to details on review and bug handling stats too. Also referenced there is the pretty bitergia analysis of Folsom commits where Red Hat features prominently.

OpenStack Foundation

The OpenStack Foundation was launched on 19-09-2012 and there were a few associated elections.

OpenStack Summit

The main OpenStack conference and OpenStack design summit are coincident.

Summarised below are presentations and proposals from Red Hat employees.

Main conference presentations

Design summit proposals

  • Mark McLoughlin
    • Stable branch status and plans
    • Oslo status and plans
    • nova - making sense of the config options
    • Review of python dependencies
  • Dan Prince
    • Make PostgreSQL a first class citizen
    • SmokeStack as a multi-distro test system
  • Steven Dake
    • heat - Orchestration API - Technical discussion of openstack-specific orchestration API
    • heat - Roadmap discussion - Short (5 mins) description of current unsolved roadmap items with open brainstorm design session about future roadmap items in 2013
  • Angus Salkeld
    • Cloudwatch for OpenStack - Describe CloudWatch and how to make it a reality for OpenStack
  • Russell Bryant
    • nova - bug handling status and plans
    • nova - remove direct database access from compute nodes
  • Adam Young
    • keystone - PKI status and plans
    • keystone - LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Robert Kukura
    • quantum - Modular L2 Plugin and Agent
  • Gary Kotton
    • quantum - rosetta-plugin

Red Hat contributions

Alan Pevec and Mark McLoughlin worked on improvements to paste config, supporting less coupled config, which was added to Nova, Glance and Cinder.

Russell Bryant completed the no-db-messaging work in Nova.

Angus Salkeld has worked on merging a bunch of core service infrastructure into openstack-common.

Adam Young has been working on PKI token revocation support.

There is too much to track in detail the OpenStack upstream activity of Red Hat developers, but here is a link showing the latest Red Hat OpenStack upstream development

Stable Branch

New members from Red Hat, Debian and Suse were added to the OpenStack stable maintenance team, responsible for the stable branches.

Community engagement

OpenStack community meetup, London

The 2nd London OpenStack meeting took place on Thurs 27th Sept in the same central London location as before.

Related projects

heat API

The Heat project released V6.