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Distro News

Folsom in EPEL

We ran a test day on 26 Oct for Folsom on EPEL based on this side repo, and a couple of buglets were identified before releasing to the official EPEL repo. This side repo provided earler access to these packages, due to it's more flexible dependency requirements.

Folsom was then released to EPEL testing on Nov 2nd.

The existing Essex packages were migrated to the Essex EPEL side repository

OpenStack Installer (packstack)

Derek Higgins has been finalizing the multinode, scriptable OpenStack installer, now known as "packstack".

  • It currently supports EPEL (but please avoid the facter update in updates-testing)
  • Fedora support is problematic currently just to puppet and ruby version incompatibilities
  • OpenStack Essex is fully supported
  • OpenStack Folsom is mostly supported, but is waiting on upstream puppet to merge changes for cinder and swift.

Essex stable releases

The lastest stable Essex release 2012.1.3 was released upstream for nova, keystone, horizon, and this was integrated into Fedora 17 and EPEL.

Project News

OpenStack Summit

The OpenStack summit in San Diego was a big success with up to 1300 attendees over the 4 days.

Lots of OpenStack Grizzly design notes were recorded from the coincident design summit.

Heat project granted Incubation status

Providing it access to additional OpenStack common resources, including tapping into CI, QA and Release management teams.

Red Hat contributions

Dan Prince has wired up OpenvSwitch testing with SmokeStack on Fedora 17.

Adam Young has been finalizing the last few issues with keystone PKI tokens, and it's now the upstream default method.

Russell Bryant is continuing with the large effort in removing direct DB access from nova-compute, and has outlined the latest plan and status

Eoghan Glynn and Angus Salkeld are now core members of the ceilometer project.

Dan Radez presented initial work and a video demo of Thermal, an interface to heat in horizon.

There is too much to track in detail the OpenStack upstream activity of Red Hat developers, but here is a link showing the latest Red Hat OpenStack upstream development

Community engagement

Pádraig Brady gave a talk at pycon ireland

Steve Hardy gave two OpenStack presentations at the London Red Hat developer day:

  • Introduction to OpenStack
  • Building on OpenStack: Demonstrating its Elastic Capabilities with Heat and OpenShift

Mark McLoughlin is giving a talk at KVM world / oVirt workship on:

Mo Morsi prepared on online demo using automated tools to:

Related projects


Alan Pevec has been looking at updating cloud-init to 0.7.0 in EPEL. He's provided a patch and scratch build

There is a pending issue with default users.