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Distro News

Folsom update for Fedora 18 and EPEL

Stable Folsom 2012.2.1 releases for Nova, Glance, Keystone, Cinder, Quantum and Horizon were released to F18 and EPEL6 in first week of December, and a follow up 2012.2.2 release for Nova a week later.

Grizzly Milestone 1 for Rawhide and RHEL (derivatives)

Grizzly milestone 1 packages were released to rawhide in first week of December, and also made available for RHEL derivatives at this side repository

Thierry Carrez blogged about what to expect from Grizzly-1 milestone

The future of OpenStack in EPEL

There has been discussion on how to handle OpenStack in EPEL going forward with the plan to detach OpenStack from EPEL and make it available through additional repositories.

Project News

The future of Incubation and Core

Mark McLoughlin summarizes the ongoing discussion to define the future of Incubation and Core.

Red Hat Upstream contributions

Dan Berrangé has been improving libvirt and libguestfs integration in nova.

Mark McLoughlin continued work on the oslo and OpenStack stable releases.

Nikola Đipanov has been improving boot from volume

There is too much to track in detail the OpenStack upstream activity of Red Hat developers, but here is a link showing the latest Red Hat OpenStack upstream development

Community Engagement

The SICSR in Pune India, has run an OpenStack workshop using Essex on Fedora 17.

Etsuji Nakai prepared slides with detailed diagrams on How Quantum configures Virtual Networks under the Hood

Daniel Berrangé documented details of running OpenStack on Fedora 17 using DevStack

Martyn Taylor and Steven Hardy have prepared a screencast demoing an Image Building Service for OpenStack

Derek Higgins introduces packstack, the OpenStack installer

Related Projects

Vincent Untz has started working on openSUSE support in smokestack/firestack