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Distro News

Fedora 18 released

Fedora 18 was released on Jan 15th and includes the Folsom OpenStack release. In conjunction Fedora cloud images were also released in raw and qcow2 format. These can be used directly with OpenStack etc. and include cloud-init.

Grizzly Milestone 2 for Rawhide and RHEL (derivatives)

Grizzly milestone 2 packages were released to rawhide in the second week of January, and also made available for RHEL derivatives at this side repository

Grizzly for Fedora 19

The OpenStack Grizzly in Fedora 19 feature has been proposed, to document and detail this update.

Project News

OpenStack Summit

The OpenStack Summit in portland has been announced for April 15th to 18th. These twice annual summits cater for developers, users and administrators.

OpenStack Foundation End-of-Year Update

The OpenStack Foundation summary for 2012 was posted, detailing income and expenses etc.

Red Hat Upstream contributions

Dan Prince has added support to the upstream OpenStack Continuous Integration infrastructure for running unit tests on RHEL instances:

Dan Berrangé has continued to improve libvirt integration in nova.

John Bresnahan has been investigating an image transfers service for OpenStack and has merged a change to nova to directly copy a file URL from glance.

Gary Kotton has continued to fix many issues in quantum.

There is too much to track in detail the OpenStack upstream activity of Red Hat developers, but here is a link showing the latest Red Hat OpenStack upstream development

Community Engagement

Anton Beloglazov has recently updated a Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying OpenStack on CentOS Using KVM and GlusterFS

Kyle Mestery blogs on setting up a Multi-node OpenStack Folsom Fedora setup, using devstack with VXLANs

John Bresnahan blogs about Setting up OpenStack on Fedora 17

Etsuji Nakai details setting up Folsom on Fedora 18 with Quantum OVS plugin using VLAN 2013

The OpenStack Miniconf is taking place on Jan. 29th, with many talks, including:

At 14:35, Angus Salkeld will introduce the The celiometer project


The Cloud dev room on Sunday Feb 3rd has many OpenStack presentations, including:

At 10:00, Mark McLoughlin’s talks on OpenStack: 21st Century App Architecture and Cloud Operations
where he will expose how OpenStack is built with the same resilience and automation principles as highly-scalable cloud applications.

At 13:30 Martyn Taylor will demonstrate OpenStack Horizon in conjunction with Aeolus Image Factory

At 15:30, Tomas Sedovic will introduce Orchestrating complex deployments on OpenStack using Heat
The Heat project is in OpenStack incubation currently so this is a great opportunity to learn more about it.

At 16:30, Nick Barcet, Eoghan Glynn and Julien Danjou will introduce the other OpenStack project currently in incubation Measuring OpenStack: the Ceilometer Project

Related Projects

packstack on stackforge

The packstack OpenStack installer has started to use stackforge infrastructure for development.