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Here was a table for tracking the count of Python 3 porting related badges. We had it as a Wiki page so that people could add themselves to it, but extremely few people were doing that.

So, we moved the data to GitHub. To add yourself, please ping Petr or Miro (IRC is preferred, but e-mail if we don't respond). Or send a Pull Request, if you want (and have a GitHub account).

  • For the first "greened" package, you'll receive the Parselmouth I badge (unless you already have it).
  • For the first 5 "greened" packages, you'll receive the Parselmouth II badge.
  • For the first 10 "greened" packages, you'll receive the Parselmouth III badge.

Sometimes we will add you to the list as soon as the package goes green on portingdb, but we don't promise to do this perfectly, or to keep doing that forever :)

If you have any questions, ask on IRC (#fedora-python[?] on Libera) or on the python-devel mailing list.