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Openfest 2011

When and Where

9-10 April 2010 - Athens, Greece

Openfest 2011 site (mostly in Greek)


We have submitted a request for one talk (possibly on Fedora 15) and one workshop (possibly on Fedora Optimization)

We will also have the biggest booth with a lot of new and cool goodies.

Items to Bring

  • Demo laptops
    • MacBookAir 3,1 with Fedora 14 (pap)
  • Swag
    • ?? LiveCDs (pap)
    • Stickers (pap)
    • Flyers
      • Support Flyers (gkon) (pap)
        • Need to be finished!
      • A4 3-folded flyers (pap)
    • ?? buttons (pap)
    • two vertical banners (pap)

  • other
    • 1 netbook (DiMi)
    • portable recorder (DiMi)
    • Camera :P (th)

Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Pierros Papadeas X X X X Event Owner & Booth & Logistics & Workshop
Dimitris Glaros X X X X Booth
George Chatzipapas X X Booth
Nikos Roussos X X X X Booth
Thalia Papoutsaki ? X X X Araxti @ Booth
Kostas Antonakoglou X X X X Talk , booth
Dimitris Tomaras ? X X X booth



  • to be posted after the event