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Community Operations Projects

Project IRC Channel Web Page Mentor(s) Notes
Community Operations (CommOps) #fedora-commops CommOps Wiki Remy DeCausemaker (decause) The rise of DevOps has been swift. Sysadmins are increasingly instrumenting and integrating automated systems to stand up and maintain their infrastructure. This same approach can be taken to support community infrastructure in a distributed and automated fashion, that doesn't force people to choose between using their precious volunteer time to "build things" or "build communities that build things." The community operations team works across numerous technologies, and interest areas in Fedora, including Messaging, Storytelling, Fedora Badges, Fedora Hubs, Wiki, Culture, Metrics, Voting, and other miscellaneous topics. It is important to note that CommOps team members are generalists, and the strengths and interests of individual applicants will determine the precise nature of your work. Technical skill, though desirable, is not the primary selection criteria. Enthusiasm for FOSS culture and community organization, and effective communication skills are most important. Your internship with this project could involve any or all of the following:
  • Web testing and bug reporting / triaging
  • Content development and syndication
  • Writing for the web and print
  • Collaboration with Fedora Council and Leadership on Project Objectives and Initiatives
  • Volunteer Coordination and Organizing
  • Campaign development and implementation
  • Advocacy and Messaging


  • Effective Communication Skills; written and verbal, synchronous and asynchronous.
  • Passion for Free/Open Source Software and Free Culture
  • Self-directed and Curious nature
  • Experience writing for the web (Content only is ok, HTML/CSS even better)
  • Experience publishing and/or syndicating content via Social Media
  • Experience working in teams, or community organizing

Bonus Skills:

  • Basic multimedia development skills
  • Web development/design skills
  • Sysadmin/Devops skills
  • programming/scripting skills

Development Projects

Project IRC Channel Web Page Mentor(s) Notes
Fedora Infrastructure Web Application Development: Fedora Hubs #fedora-hubs

Fedora has been in the process of creating a new web presence for all of the Fedora users, subprojects, and communities. We also plan to integrate some of the features of this system with the prototype of the Fedora Developer Portal, which is targeted at helping general developers use Fedora. While the Hubs project itself is aimed at Fedora contributor circles, the reusable features will allow the Portal to use this work to speak to general developers who may not have an interest in working in the Fedora community, but want to connect with community members for advice, best practices, or to generate interest in their upstream project.

Several of the principal app developers in the Fedora Engineering team will be working together with you on this project during the Outreachy term. You'll participate directly with team members daily on core features of Hubs as well as integration with the Portal. This is a great opportunity both for regular mentorship and for being deeply involved in an exciting and fast-moving project with the Fedora team.

Working on this project could involve any of the following:

  • Adding new features to the web frontend
  • Adding new capabilities to the backend
  • Writing and deploying new widgets
  • Triaging and processing new widget ideas submitted by the community at large.
  • Implementing existing (and thoroughly detailed) mockups from previous UI/UX interns and team members.


  • HTML/Javascript/CSS
  • Basic Python a plus
  • Bonus: Experience with Bootstrap, jinja templates, Fedmsg, datanommer/grepper, or other fedora infrastructure projects a HUGE plus.

When applying to this project, it may be useful to review the designers' blogs about the projects' design here:

Fedora Developer Portal

Fedora Hubs

A video overview of the Hubs project is available here:

Fedora Kernel Tooling Project #fedora-kernel Kernel wiki Laura Abbott (labbott)

The kernel is a key component of the Fedora distribution. The packaging and tooling surrounding it has grown organically and could use a lot of cleanup. This project will involve improving the packaging and scripts associated with the kernel to make it more manageable. This internship does not require any knowledge of kernel internals beforehand. You will get a solid background in how the kernel is built and how RPM packaging works.

Sample tasks

  • Adding additional scripts to the scripts directory to automate tasks
  • Reworking how kernel options are selected
  • Adding new functionality to the kernel spec file


  • Basic Linux command line skills
  • git (can add file, make a commit, apply a patch)
  • Shell scripting
  • basic regular expressions
  • Bonus: experience building kernels, make, packaging rpms, python