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Thank you for your interest in applying to be an Outreachy intern with Fedora this application period. Here are the steps for getting started with a contribution

Intial setup

You now have a copy of the sources used to build the Fedora kernel

Warm up tasks

These aren't tasks where you will submit anything but working through them will build up for future tasks

Application tasks

At a high level, the type of tasks that are good for this program are

  • Fixing a packaging bug in bugzilla in any Fedora project (bonus points for the kernel)
  • Adding a feature to any Fedora project (bonus points for the kernel)
  • Submitting a patch to turn on a Kconfig
  • Writing a script to automate something

If you can find your own task that fits into one of these categories go for it! The goal here is to get contributions across all Fedora projects. If you cannot find your own task that is okay. We ask that all applicants complete some or all of the tasks below:

  • Turn on CONFIG_DEVKMEM in the Fedora kernel. You can verify that this was successful by seeing if /dev/kmem is present on your system
  • Remove the ApplyPatch and ApplyOptionalPatch functions from kernel.spec on the rawhide branch.
  • Remove the file scripts/
  • Add a kernel patch to the rawhide tree. This can be a patch you create or one you find from the kernel community.
  • Write a script (bash preferred but will review others) to generate the perf-man tarball . Do not include the fedpkg upload in your script please!

Your output for all these tasks should be a patch that the mentors can review and apply to the Fedora kernel tree. The kernel outreachy wiki has a good overview about how to make a git commit and generate a patch which can be sent. Your patches can be sent to Laura. Do not send patches to the kernel-outreachy mailing list. Questions can also be sent to Laura or asked in IRC (#fedora-outreachy). Please be mindful of timezones (Laura runs on PST).