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Here is the procedure for proposing changes to the guidelines. Simply commenting here may not do any good.


Broken internal links

Exceptions is used as an id to an <a> tag twice, and as a result, the two different links to #Exceptions (which should be different) do not work properly.

Typo fix: Packaging:NamingGuidelines#Package_Versioning should be used instead of Packaging:NamingGuidelines#Package_Version

Look for string ",so" and change it to ".so".

libs subpackages

Should there be some info on naming / reasons for having -libs subpackages in here somewhere?

Layout update.

In "Packaging Static Libraries" Could we get a layout update so that the points 1 and 2 both start on new lines.

Patch Upstream Status

Is this a Guideline? I guess so, because it is in the Packaging Namespace, but it is only linked from PackageMaintainers/CreatingPackageHowTo

Packaging/PatchUpstreamStatus --Till 10:40, 8 August 2008 (UTC)

Noticed Packaging/Guidelines#tags has 2 broken links to

Versioned Requires

Guideline states Second, the Epoch must be listed when adding a versioned dependency to achieve robust epoch-version-release comparison. A quick way to check the Epoch of package foo is to run:

rpm --query --qf "%{EPOCH}\n" packagename 

However, if this returns (null), the package has no epoch. Therefore Requires: cannot include an epoch.

Combine 'Manpages' and 'Man Pages' sections

Can someone merge sections 1.23 Manpages, and 1.56 Man pages

I can't seem to edit this page.

sed -e

s/is executed in the %setup/is executed in the %prep/


Please just link to from somewhere on the general Packaging:Guidelines page.

Please do not use these discussion pages

FPC does not read these discussion pages. Please open tickets at to request changes.