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Exam: Saturday, November 11th from 09:00 a.m. to 11:40 a.m.


It will be held at UNI (National University of Engineering).

Event Description

After our last experience as a group with the GNOME PERU CHALLENGE, members of our community can do a better job in this new program called “Peru in the way of GSoC 2018”.

Now, the idea is to select 12 Peruvian students students to offer a special technical training during six Sundays during November and December 2017 to apply to the next round of the GSoC through the GNOME and the Fedora project. We are considering C and Javascript o participate with Fedora in the GSoC, and GTK with C and python to apply to GNOME.

* Participating in this program will NOT guarantee a GSoC slot or even necessarily provide preference.

Event Owners

Event Schedule

This is an overview of the training which includes Linux, C, JavaScript and Python topics. Schedule.png

We are planning to spread this idea to apply to the program in many Lima universities. Our meetings are going to be on Sundays (9am -6pm) at the university and each session will be documented in a personal blog and in the git account of each student.

Questions of the previous exam

The exam will let us filter the best candidates, and will cover these topics:

4 questions about History of GNU/Linux, 2 questions of Fedora and 2 about GNOME, based on this video, GNOME wiki and Fedora Website. 5 questions regarded Linux basic commands in terminal including VI, based on the Backtrackacademy online course. 4 questions related to C pointers and structure, based on the C tutorial. 5 questions Python basic functions and class based on videos. 5 questions of Javascript, based on this link.

3 questions of concepts of programming, based on the MIT introduction course.

Please register yourself here to take the exam ->

Fedora can pay for snacks during the program. An estimated of $100 is asked. (according to

Peruvian Onsite Trainers

Our trainers:

  • Martin Vuelta (MV) who has more than six years of experiences in programming more than 8 programming languages and he is instructor in HackSpacePeru is going to be in charge of the C training.
  • Randy Real (RR) who was one of the instructor of the previous challenge organized by the Linux at UNI group is going to in charge of Python.
  • Gerson Garrido (GG) who is also a developer with a year of experience and assistant of a profesor at UNI with NodeJS, is going to be in charge of JavaScript
  • Julita Inca (JI) with more than 7 years of experience as a Linux Admin is going to be in charge of the Linux sessions.



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