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The Fedora Project is happy to work with the press by providing information, answering questions, accepting feedback, reviewing materials, and taking care of other requests from members of the press. We also encourage members of the press to get involved. Here, we provide some basic information to help members of the press get what they need.

Press contact
If you are a journalist or reporter, feel free to contact the Fedora press team. The "press" email address is inundated with spam; at this time, the best approach is to contact the Fedora Project Leader directly (or, if you have existing press contacts with Red Hat, work through them to contact us).

Our Press Contacts

Are you with a print, online, or broadcast journalism outlet? Help us keep your magazine or site on our list of publications.

Press Archives

Press Releases and archive - Official Press Releases from Fedora Project and press Coverages from Third Party

Speaking about The Fedora Project

Are you arranging a convention or public speaking event? Are you a journalist that has questions about The Fedora Project? Contact the Fedora Ambassadors to find a local speaker and to arrange for Fedora to have a presence at your event.

Interested in Fedora's electronic hardware design platform, Fedora Electronic Lab? Read its talking points and press releases.

Guidelines for Third-Party Press Releases

Where the Fedora Project has collaborated with an external entity (such as a company cooperating with Fedora to improve hardware support, or a non-profit cooperating with Fedora to implement a new internet specification, for example) it may be mutually beneficial to provide a press release publicising that collaboration. However, inappropriate use of the Fedora Project's name in such releases may damage the project. Any press release mentioning the Fedora Project should:

  • Either describe work that has been completed or is being actively developed (new software in a release or ongoing hardware enablement, eg), or make it clear that such work is planned and discuss the resources that will be allocated (developers will be made available to integrate new software in a future release, documentation will be made available to perform hardware enablement, eg)
  • Relate to an entity that is broadly aligned with the aims of the Fedora Project (is positive with respect to the goals of Free Software, does not primarily promote proprietary software, is not engaged in license violations)
  • Ensure that quotes attributed to members of the Fedora community are sourced from people actively involved in either relevant areas of development (eg, don't quote someone working on identity management when discussing hardware enablement) or in a position of overall responsibility within the project (eg, the FPL is entitled to discuss any area of the project)

Any such press release should be forwarded to the Fedora Board for approval at least 24 hours before publication. As such releases are often time critical, in the absence of explicit disapproval from the board the FPL shall be entitled to grant approval.

LiveUSB Review Sheets

These are reduced press materials for journalists to preview our releases, they are intended to be distributed with a LiveUSB or LiveCD. There are instructions for editing and preparing the review materials.

As of Fedora 17, we are now sending only the 64-bit version on the USB key to press contacts.

There are also instructions for updating USB press review sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

We already provide easy answers for questions frequently asked by many journalists and marketing professionals: