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PyCon CZ 2015 is a first PyCon in the Czech Republic. With Fedora being very Python friendly and with our Python 3 as default feature, we will present Fedora at this conference (via a booth).

When and Where

  • November 14-15 2015
  • Brno, Czech Republic

Booth Personal

We should have 4 persons in order to have always at least two persons on the booth. The organizers also limit our personal to four.

Other people have helped on the booth despide having regural tickets:


Not needed.


Only train tickets for Miro Hrončok from Prague are needed. This is 215 CZK times 2, 430 CZK (~ €16, $18). Others are in Brno.


In order to get a booth, we'll need to pay €360 (~ $408). Extra $142 for blue soft drinks to hand out will be spent as well.

The funding ticket is:



See FAD Python 3 Porting 2015.



PyConCZ 1.jpg

PyConCZ 2.jpg